Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Captured you

Samantha loves that darn bunny. It's yellow and on the front of it, it says My first Easter. Ever since we have got her on a schedule where she sleeps through the night, she has taken her easter bunny (bun bun) as her sleepin buddy. It never fails, if she is getting tired, she will look all over for her bunny and use the little ears to rub her eyes with. She does this in her crib to get herself to sleep to. Now, sometimes she will leave the bunny in her crib and then she will find anything fluffy and soft to rest her head on to let me know she's ready for sleep. I love that. The picture above was taken right before bedtime. :)


  1. oh that's so precious! don't kids do the cutest things?

  2. Adorable pic and story! That's a LO ready for paper!!

  3. OMGoodness! What a sweetheart! You need to scrap that!


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