Monday, October 30, 2006

drastic changes

time for us to pony up and deal with the bleak reality that we aren't the Joneses and to start living under our means. it finally hit me today - this morning actually.

christmas is less than 60 days away and we haven't put a penny back for our children. D being out of work topped with our poor spending choices in the last year has left us fighting to stay above the water. we've been reading a book by dave ramsey called the total money makeover. i can really see this concept working.

i pray we stay on track and don't lose focus in a few months.

we're going to be working the envie system which means no more credit/debit cards to be used!
go us!

here's a couple of pics i took while we were in the car today.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lazy, windy Saturday

Ahh, lazy do nothing Saturday.
Take care of the kids
feed them
play with them
give 'em naps

That's pretty much it.
Cam slept beautifully last night.. til 6:45 this morning!
*insert shocked smiley face here*


Here's a layout I created using the My Favorite Memories October kit.
I also used a transparency from Transparent touches & Tags.

Totally love those AC Thickers!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

NO school yesterday

means more to do today, and yet I don't feel like doing a thing. The basics is fine with me... feed the babies, clean up the trays... feed the babies, feed me, clean up the trays... More sleeping issues with Cam last night.. poor lil guy wet through at 4:10 am and we were up til 9... thank goodness he took a decent nap and that Samantha still takes daily naps... I closed my eyes and napped restlessly a little until lil man got up.... count each and every lil blessing ;)

I feel it. I feel a scrappy design coming on today. I think it's going to rear it scrappy head in altered form!! Maybe a Santa... ooh, or a snowman.. hey a pumpkin... Hmmmm

Let's see what I do!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Poor little guy

All Cameron wants to do is cry when we put him in bed. He can sleep through the night, but hasn't learned how to coddle himself upon waking too early. We played the scream it out game... I just sat in his bedroom at 4 this morning until he laid down at 5. I covered him up and he slept another hour, which is wake-up time. He fought sleep hard for his second nap... cried what seemed like forever, finally laid down and slept.. guess how long?

30 minutes. Ughhh... really long day here in the Crowe household. Bad Karma must be making it's rounds... won't go into details, but it just stinks.

We took Katelyn to the roller rink to try out her new inlines she got for her birthday. We were there about an hour, she doesn't really like the skates yet because their not broke in. I told her, "Hey, that's your job... to break 'em in!" ;) Here are some pics from yesterday.

I love Cam's expression in the first one.. "oooooooooh" ;)

Sam running toward the play place... she loves playing in there, but it's expensive at $4 *yikes*

Oh yeah.. Katelyn won a free small soft drink while she was there skating... she was so happy for that since we weren't springing for snacks there!! LOL

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