Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fun with HTV

This little man turned 8 on Thursday!

I repurposed his stained white shirt with a minecraft shirt using HTV and Cammy my Silhouette Cameo. He was thrilled! The stains on the shirt are from him "mining" while pretend playing minecraft. :)

Cammy also helped with his cake, which Cameron loved!
He's attacking the creeper on top.. hehe

Which inspired a flux of projects this week.
Amanda's friend Russel had his baby girl this week, so I made some custom bibs, 
blanket, and a travel wipes case.

The B in her name is bugging me a little.. it got messed up during the weed and I didn't realize until after I had it on the wipe case. 

this one cracks me up..
and this one kinda melts my heart a little bit. :)
Hopefully, the new parents will like their gift.

While I was at it, I vinyled Samantha's new recorder for school, and her little ring. :)

That's what I've been up to this week.
I have some cute pics coming from Cameron and his sisters at the skating rink!
Have a great weekend! :)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

February Fancy Album

Ok.. y'all know me.. I don't really do fancy and sophisticated..
but this album included in the February CME (Creating Made Easy) kit club this month paired with the Teresa Collins papers made me feel as if I did do something kinda fancy!

aww my hubs n puggy ;)

I explain more about how I created the album on the CME blog here.
And I am going to link this album up to Paper Issues linky party going on.

Now i have to rush off to the store.. we have a big snow storm forecasted for Wednesday!!
Bring it on I say!! :)

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentines boxes

I love love LUVVV to create little 3d projects with the help of my Cameo!
If you follow my instagram you may have seen this sweet valentines mailbox already... but I love it so much, I'm posting it on here as well. I LOVE pretty much everything Lori Whitlock creates, so lots of my silhouette purchases are spent towards her files. :)
This is file #54153 in the silhouette store
the little owl and banner are print n cuts from the store as well.. but i didn't keep track of them. I think Echo Park made the banner. so cute.
and the lid comes off to retrieve your little valentines.
Lori's files just make sense in how they go together.. very rarely do I have to go check out her tutorials.. but IF I do.. they are in video format, and so easy to follow along with. I LOVE that!

This guy.. I fell in heart with in the shop as well... but when I opened the file.. it was a hot mess... at least for me. I went looking for a tutorial and found one.. full of pics and everything.. but I couldn't follow it. I almost admitted defeat until I pulled hubs into the madness. Between the both of us, we couldn't follow the pics or written instruction, but based off the designers photo, we were able to assemble this cutie.

I am not trying to badmouth the designer.. I will happily buy from them again, and own several of their files... I just happen to need more detailed instructions I guess. :)
This little guy is file #54794 in the silhouette shop, and I do think the time invested was worth it for the huge smiles I received when giving it to my son. :) He loveddd that minecraft look to the heart, and how his robot tummy opens for retrieving valentines.

ETA: I linked this post to the current link party at Paper Issues - Fill 'er up!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You are my happy

Good afternoon bloggy peeps!!
Creating Made Easy kit for February features Teresa Collins gorgeous paper line You are my happy! The kit club is pocket book friendly and jam packed with loveliness!

I'm up on the CME (Creating Made Easy) blog today if you wanted to pop over..
As always, I'll be sharing here as well. :)

Doug and I have been married 12 years come March 30th, and together 19 years come November. In our 19 years together, we have become best friends. I have heard people say nothing ruins a marriage as quick as you telling your significant other all your dirty little secrets. I say I think we're doing just fine as BFF's and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

With those years also come little bumps in the road... sometimes we aren't as tuned in and focused on our marriage as we should, and we start to bicker more and pull away from each other. It's in one of those mad moments that we usually realize how silly we are being, and we take a few moments for us as a couple and reconnect. I love this man with every fiber of my soul and I know he knows this... I just hope one day when he looks back at this, the feelings of my love rush back to him and he FEELS it too!

Right now.. all he sees is a goofy expression on his face and awww with the XOXO & hearts. I'm saying all this because I'm feeling the love for my honey, and I want to share it with the world.

ok.. mush fest over... or is it? hehe

I love the send it clear cards.. the heart is one of my favorites!!


Chock full of I love you's and hearts.. it's right up my alley!!
The papers are GORJ!!
To see more projects with this fabulous kit, check out the CME Blog here. We have posts daily through the 15th every month!

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