Sunday, April 2, 2006

Spring forward

Ahh spring. I love it, just hate losing that one hour of sleep. I must be getting old, because I didn't try to play any pranks on anyone. I refuse to believe that though, it must be the NO SLEEP deal... and me being sick yesterday. Repeat after me, I am not old! I am not old! I am not old!

Doug's boss called him last night and played a prank on him. He is so easy, I will have to remember to get him next year. They had lost two hard drives on the server friday, and his boss had been there all night with IT trying to replace/restore information. The prank... Bossman told Doug that a virus had got into a hardrive and wiped everything losing months of work.. or something like that. Doug fell for it. He was going off on the phone, OMG.. OMG! *snort* Good going Steve!

I was up late last night after our game of marbles with my aunt & uncle, so I made a layout. I fixed the journaling on it but did not retake the shot. Samantha loves to walk up to Cam and give him kisses. She will say, "awwww braboo" then kiss him.

more kissing.. she can't get enough of it... LOL


  1. great blog, and an even cuter baby!

  2. Oh, cute layout! And cute kisses too.

  3. Awww.... love the layout and the kisses!!!!


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