Monday, January 16, 2006

Woo to the hoooooo

Yes I am feeling quite silly this morning. My list has helped tremendously... it has actually motivated Doug and I to get our booties in gear and get our house in order. Sunday we spent the morning at my mom's playing aggravation until Katelyn came home from church. The bus picks her up over there each Sunday.

We come home around 1pm and get moving. I think something may have crawled up our butts to be honest with you. I got Samantha in the High Chair and had her start lunch. I vacuumed the front room again, and started shampooing the carpet.

Samantha was pretty mad she couldn't get down on the floor and help me, she LOVES the vacuum and hasn't had a chance to play with the shampooer yet . I think I will let her help me in the dining room later this week. My sciatic nerve is all wonky from the carpet cleaning, but I don't care how much pain I am in now... I love having a clean carpet!!

YES! We are motivated, and that's not all. Doug decided not to put his pool table back up in this house. He's going to wait until we move in the next year or two so we can buy a house that will actually fit our family. We had no idea we would have 2 more babies in 2 1/2 years when we bought this place *S* it makes me happy though.

So, Doug offered Katelyn the option of having the whole basement to herself with a wide open floor plan, or wait two more months and get a bedroom built with walls and have it sectioned off for more privacy. She likes the open floor idea... so they started moving her bed, dresser, night stand, desk, and toys down last night. She's proud as can be. She worked right alongside daddy last night, and has been down there all morning organizing and making it her own. We still will have to buy an armoir or make a closet for hanging up school clothes. For now, she can continue to use the closet in her old bedroom until we figure something out.

Getting this started has eased a lot of worry off my shoulders.... not all, but a lot!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I made a list

I always have the hardest time doing things around the house without a list. I mentally keep track in my head what needs to be done, but as a born procrastinater I can talk myself out of doing the thing(s) that need done. Then, I am really great at nagging myself and driving myself a bit batty in the process, therein lies my need for a list. Once the list is made up and in hand, I feel like I can accomplish what's on there.

So is it bad it's around 24 lines long? A lot of the list is Doug's to do, but he's as bad or worse than I am about getting things finished up, so I make his lists too. We still need to put the molding around the attic stairs that we put in place back in November, move Katie downstairs, buy things for little man, get the nursery complete... I could seriously go on and on.

I took Katelyn to the dentist today, she was a little nervous about going. It's a new dentist for us, but I have to say I love how they made us feel at ease immediately. I picked them out over the phone last month for Doug to go to, and he loved them. They pulled all of his wisdom teeth, and even though he's a bit sore yet, he still raved about them.

So the technician talks to us out in the lobby, and Katelyn decided she would go in there on her own. Back out in 30 minutes to the great news of NO cavities :) I'm so proud of her for taking care of her teeth.

Her uncle Bubby (he's 12 and an uncle by marriage only) has had 3 teeth pulled due to cavities. My mom is actually married to his dad, and as bad as it is, they BOTH wear dentures, are in the 50's (his dad in his early 40's) and don't make him brush his teeth. Considering they both have lost their natural teeth due not taking care of them, you would think they would instill the knowledge and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Who am I kidding anyways? My mom NEVER took me to a dentist as a kid growing up. My husband has basically taught me the skills needed in order to keep my teeth healthy. I am going to the dentist for the 1st time in April after I have little man. I'm so nervous about going. I'm sure I will have a zillion cavities, have to have root canals, and basically have them tell me I am better off without my real teeth. :( Ack! I so need to stop worrying about that as it's month away from now.

Katelyn and Doug went out to Dairy Queen a little over 40 minutes ago, I hope they didn't get lost. I see both cell phones sitting next to me on the table, so no chance Doug can call me to find out where he needs to be, LOL (he is so not good at finding his way around, and after living here 10 years already, lol)

I have my list, gonna check it twice and chow for now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Up to my ears in



Actually my littlest DD has diahrrea. She has had it for almost two weeks.
I took her to the Doctor yesterday, (not our normal doctor he was out of the office) and he said, could just be the bug hasn't left he body yet (we were sick right after christmas) or she could have a parasite?

So to see what's happening with her bowels, we are having to get some stool samples. Did I mention I am almost 35 weeks pregnant, with a weak stomach? *gag*
I can't stand doing this!

I thought I would be able to pass this disgusting chore off on daddy, but everytime she has went in the last 24 hours, I'm the only one home :( Can you see me pouting now?
I have 1 more sample to get then I can take it into the lab and see if they find anything.

Today I had my obgyn visit with an ultra sound. Was a pretty quick appointment. Ultra sound showed little man to be weighing in at 5 lbs 9 oz. He's due Feb 17th.
I will get another U/S next week. I like when you get to the weekly appointments, it just shows you HOW CLOSE you are to meeting your little one.

I met with my Physical Therapist today real quick. She ordered me a prenatal cradle to wear to try to help with my sciatic nerve pain. I hope it helps some. It feels pretty weird... I guess we will see if it was worth the $40.

Here's a couple of pictures I took last week that melt my heart.
Samantha and I were playing, so I snapped this one.

After we tired each other out, she decided to grab daddies favorite blanket so she could take a rest.

Cute isn't she? She turned 10 months yesterday. I can't believe how fast she has grown and how the time has flown by with this pregnancy.

With some sad news in mind, my grandfather in Michigan is pretty much on his deathbed. We went and visited with him in July. He got to meet both of the girls since he hadn't before. He fell in love with them.

He has leukemia and it has pretty much spread throughout his body. His organs are starting to shut down, and he's not producing anymore plasma/blood. I know they were giving him platelets every day, but I'm thinking they have stopped doing that. I'm worried I won't be able to get permission to go to his funeral if he passes next week. I have the 'go ahead' right now if I have an U/S and get a copy of my medical records before going. I'm hoping he hangs on a lot longer. I would love to be able to introduce him to his great grandson and be able to actually say goodbye to him.

Sigh, this is too much right now...

Saturday, January 7, 2006

I cooked

Today was a good day.

Katelyn and Samantha both slept in. I actually had a cup of coffee, and a pretty fun day on the couch watching old movies. I dabbled on the computer and played with Sam during commercials. Doug did the same thing. Katelyn took a day for herself and visited with us a few times throughout the day. It was n i c e.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was on. I had forgotten a lot of that movie, and am glad I caught it. Then Annie came on. Can't believe Doug let me watch these movies without pitching a fit. He said he actually watched Annie when he was a kid. I sang the songs to Samantha and she just giggled and snuggled closer to me. She chimed in here and there too, which was sweet.

Oh yeah, and we watched Dukes of Hazzard tonight.
I was a bit dissapointed in their choice of actors for the movie. All in all it was ok, and I may watch it again at a later time. I think the actor for Roscoe was a bit large, and that Boss Hog wasn't large enough.

Between commercials Doug and I worked together to get the kitchen back in order. It's almost clean again! I have let the house go for the last couple of months, and am starting to get that nesting thing going on. It's a bit early, so hopefully that isn't a sign 'little man' is coming early.

I fixed this great dinner tonight. I used hungry jack potatoes, fried some boneless chicken breasts, and steamed broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots. Mixed it all together with sour cream and topped it with shredded cheese, then baked it. Yummy!
It's the first meal I can remember being proud of in a month or so.

So yes, I cooked and we had a great day.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Yep, I'm alive!

Let's play catch up.

Thanksgiving. It was great.
I made a pumpkin roll for the first time, and it was a huge hit. I should have made more than one considering how quickly it went. We celebrated at my aunt's house because I was too damn tired to do it. Plus with the sciatic nerve pain I have been having it makes it almost impossible to walk some days. I have a real good time trying to keep up with Samantha.

We had turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed taters, deviled eggs, fried green beans, yams, sweet potato casserole (was ok, a bit too sweet for my liking though), homemade rolls, lime salad, watergate salad, broccoli casserole, and a couple more things I can't think of.

We always make too much to eat. The best time is when we play aggravation. It's a board game played with marbles and dice. My uncle made a homemade board for 4 players (more like the old original board) and we play on teams. It's great fun and we are all pretty competitive when we play it. The kids run around screaming and having a good time... no worries, except for the next person in the bathroom hurries the heck up so we all can get a chance to go too ;)

Christmas = wonderful!!

I had so much fun buying for Doug this year, not to mention it was Samantha's first Christmas. Let me just say, it was one of the best ever. I bought pretty much everything Doug wanted, plus what he didn't even think of. I love that we make lists to give to each other. Makes things easier. Katelyn is my oldest, she's 9 and still believes in Santa Claus. It was a little harder this year shopping. Although I did most of it online, things like stocking stuffers were bought with her around for Samantha, and I had to hide that stuff too. I hope she didn't catch on. She did question me about a couple of things in her own stocking, so I told her moms & dads were allowed to throw a few things in them if we wanted to.

She got an air hockey table & mario party dance dance revolution from Santa. She was ecstatic, I love seeing her face light up! Samantha got this cute little square blocky thing, I don't know the name of it, but Sam like's it... so Santa did good ;) Samantha actually opened several of her gifts up by herself, and she liked the bows better than anything. *S*

Darlin Doug got me a Canon Digital Rebel XT. It's the only thing I really wanted, and honestly am surprised I got it. He bought me a tripod to go with it, a huge memory card, some diffusion filters, oh I feel bad I can't remember it all... lol My goal is to learn how to start using this sucker in manual mode for better exposure's. I have the Bryan Peterson book Understand Exposure, and I have been dabbling with it. I still don't understand much, but am hoping one of these days it will just click.

A sweet pea from 2peas (StephStanley) has set up a weekly thread/blog where she teaches us different parts of capturing our photo's. Right now we are trying to learn focus. I have to keep trying, as I am not seeing much difference. What exactly does recompose mean anyways? I have to remember to ask Steph this soon!

Well, I am sufficiently updated for the major holidays, so I will try to keep up here more regularly and fill in some of the other things that happened between the holidays I didn't mention..... later!

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