Thursday, February 1, 2007

food = YUMMY!!!!!!!

I love food.
Chatty threw out a challenge to get our bloggin' booties moving to update.
5 foods I love... I'm turning it into 5 meals I love!!
  1. Cheeseburgers & Fries
  2. Lemon chicken w/gravy over rice
  3. Pot Roast w/ potatoes & carrots in a mushroom gravy
  4. cube steak w/ mashed taters, gravy, & fried green beans
  5. Liver w/ onions, hungarian potatoes, corn on the cob (I rarely ever get this!!!)

5 foods I hate

  • Sushi (No I have never tried it... I would puke before I got it in my mouth)
  • (thinking.. do i have 5 I hate?)
  • eggs benedict
  • sweet potato casserole

either i like a lot of food.. or my brain isn't working too well right now. (i think it may be a combo!) ;)

I've been busy as all get out on the homefront. Last weekend Doug and I switched the sunroom and front room around. We bought a new desk for Doug, he brought home a desk, credenza, and 2 drawer storage unit from work they were throwing out for me. It's in excellent shape. Now we have all 3 computers in the front room along with my scrapping stuff. I had my friend Stacy over yesterday and we broke the room in and scrapped. It was nice.

Funny thing.
Last night on the 11pm newscast, we had a 100% chance of precipitation. 1-4 inches of snow starting by 6am, ending by 7am friday. Our school system closed the schools. It is now 2:50 pm (20 minutes after DD would be home from school) and we still have NOT seen ANY snow! What a waste of a school day. You just have to laugh... or cry.

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