Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy 8 years!

Yesterday was Doug and I's anniversary. Married for 8 years now... and why is it I always think I have to put we've been together for such n such as a whole? (going on 15 since you were wondering.) ;) I don't know... lol
Doug decided to take a PTO day and just schlep at home with me n the munchkins. For the most part it was a quiet day.  I was thrilled to be able to glance over at him while I worked on scrappy stuff. 

We would take breaks and go watch 30 Rock. We're in season 2 right.. wondering why we waited so long to watch that show? It is so funny!!  I absolutely LOVE the pageboy Kenneth Parcell... he reminds me oddly enough of Pee Wee Herman.. it may be the reason why Doug hasn't 'made up his mind' about that character yet.  Gotta love Alec Baldwin too... he's so good on TV!

Back up a bit to Monday night.. we decided to get a quick meal out to bring home since it was late once we started thinking about dinner. While we were gone, Katelyn made a from scratch anniversary cake for us.
From scratch!!!!
It tasted wonderful. I'm so proud of her. We all stayed up until 10pm to eat it. lol (I told ya it was late. lol) She kept telling us, no you can't put S & C to bed yet.... ok. Then she surprised us with the cake.
Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?
Flip back to yesterday evening, Doug and I had plans to go out all by ourselves, (which we never do) and enjoy a quiet dinner together, but as we were getting ready the tears started flowing from Thing #2. (That's Samantha) Then Thing #3 started in (That's Cameron) with the don't leave us, we wanna spend time with you... my heart was breaking a little bit.. lol I'm so mushy. By the time we decided to leave the house, the kids were no longer sad, and seemed ok with mommy and daddy leaving for a bit without them. Doug and I decided to surprise the kids. We ordered take out from Olive Garden and brought it home. We all ate on the bed together and watched more 30 Rock. It was a good day. :)

Here's a layout I finished up yesterday. I crocheted around the edge of the layout, and used the cake topper from Thing 2 and Thing 3's birthday as a huge embellishment. I love it. It's hanging up right now in the foyer. It's so bright and cheery, and evokes the party theme perfectly. :) This is also for the challenge that is at Timeless Daydreams right now for Round 2.
Did I mention I have some news to share reallllly soon?
*squeals with delight*

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Monday, March 29, 2010

OMW... today has been SO fun.
I was lucky enough to be chosen as GDT over at Timeless Daydreams.
If you've not checked out their site yet, you should. Michele & Dolores have created a wonderful community, as well as gorgeous kits. Here, check out the March Butterfly kisses kit.
There are more pictures on their website, nice close ups... it's absolutely dreamy though. I whipped out three layouts using the kit today, and I love every single layout.

Isn't that cardstock delish?... and I LOVE the flowers in the kit. and the Prima paper.. ok, i loved it all!
This is my cousin Amy and my Aunt at my cuz's wedding. She was a beautiful bride!

Costume beauties
This is Shannon & Shelly, Amy's sisters and their twins. They were all decked out for Halloween, and yet the kit worked fabulously with this photo.

Love united
Another wedding layout of my cousin and her hubby.

I got to talk with Dolores on the phone tonight.. it was so fun, great chatting with you lady!!
Time to put the kidlets in bed.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

leave me some love :)

I've been meaning to show you how quick and easy it is to leave a comment via my new comment system here, and finally got around to it this afternoon. If you've wanted to leave a comment, but were unsure of how to do so, you can find the directions HERE... or always beneath my banner at the top.
Oh.. I don't think I got a chance to share this layout yet. My little puggles Ooxie being spoiled at the kids party a few weeks back.  Pretty sure I used March's Treasured Scrapbooking kit for this one.  The layout was for a color challenge over @ Scrapperie. :)
Hope your day is fabulous!!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is here...

and I genuinely forgot how much my allergies and Spring don't mix well together.
I've had a headache the last three days upon waking, and it just doesn't go away easily. Ouch.
The pretty weather is worth it though.  I need to start thinking about what I'll be putting in the garden this year. We have a LOT of work to do out there... I'm too embarrassed to show a photo.. it's horrid, Truly.

Doug called the police department on Tuesday to inquire about the hit and run investigation. After he was redirected three times, he was finally able to speak with the lead H&R investigator only to find out that he had NEVER heard about our case before Tuesday. WTH? Argh. Then he goes on to explain since Jan. '10 he's had over 300 cases because of all the illegals in the area. Basically all they have to do is take an electric bill into DMV with their name on it, and they can gets a car registered in their name. Isn't that silly? geesh. So then, they take their cool new registration, steal plates or however they obtain them, and Look legal. I digress...
Just right now I have the bestest daughter in the whole world.  She made cookies and brought me a few on a plate all nice n warm with a glass of milk. *smooch* so sweet.

This weeks challenge over @ Treasured Erin talked about balance and symmetry. Oy.. and we had to describe the symmetry used on our layout, etc. eeks.. so not good at that sort of thing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly! Here's my layout.
I mixed some old and new on here.. old elsie and rusty pickle with new from Treasured's march kit.

Psssttt... Scrapper is having a CROP this weekend starting tomorrow! Hope you'll join in the fun! I can't wait for all the challenges!

Eeks.. and I almost forgot. Samantha lost her first tooth last night! OMG.. isn't 5 too young?  She's got a well check up Monday at the Dr's so I will definitely inquire there... she didn't hit her mouth or anything, just looked up last night and said.. momma, my tooth isn't in the right spot!  Thank GOD for Doug.. I hate dealing/looking at/messing with teeth.
Samantha was thrilled when she woke up this morning and noticed the tooth fairy brought her 'two green dollars!!!!' ;)

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun day outside

The weather was nice outside... warm with a breeze, overcast with gray clouds and just a bit of blue peeking though, almost chilly, but not if you kept moving.
You know it's time to put up the shovel for Spring when you see THIS in there.
Worms.. haha, I asked Cameron if he wanted to pick one up and eat it.
His expression was so cute.. we see this one a lot when he's thinking about something, or trying to be funny.  He said noooooooo!
We pulled out the chalks we got from Grandma, and drew pokemon and rainbows.
Samantha hard at work drawing a Pikachu ;)
I'm pretty sure you didn't know it, but this is the largest pokemon ever... the tail is almost as long as the porch is... :)
This was one of like three moments Cameron sat still long enough to grab a photo.  He was drawing me a rainbow to chase the rain away.
Most photos were blurry with him on the run
and like this
We had to investigate the moss and tulips coming up around the tree
And then I realized just how long we'd been out there enjoying the sun when I saw how much chalk Samantha was wearing on her jeans and funky lil denim boots.
Oh yes, and the bestest part besides the cute photos?
I convinced my sweet Doug to take down the Christmas lights.

I'm pretty certain we're not redneck.. but just in case
Here's your sign! ;-)
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life lessons revisted

Last night like any other typical middle of the week night... we wait too late to start dinner and decide we would rather go out instead to grab a quick bite to bring home. 1 minute from the house I realized we left both phones at home.. Katelyn had no way to contact us in case of an emergency. What we realized tonight as parents, we had no way to contact HER either. 4 minutes from the house, waiting at a stop light, we were rear ended. Thankfully, we weren't hurt, and the children weren't with us. Doug puts on the flashers, hops out of the car, he gets to the end of our car nearing the car who hit us, and the driver took off. I heard Doug scream HEY and saw the car race by us. HIT and RUN! Jokes on that sucker though, cuz I got his license plate #.

A good Samaritan asked us if we were ok, I said yes, and did he have a phone we could borrow? He pulled off to the side of the road, we followed. Our car isn't damaged that badly, two holes in the bumper. We spoke to the police and said they would send a car out to us. 15 minutes later, another car pulled near us. It wasn't the police, but another good Samaritan. This uber cool momma saw what happened and followed the car who hit us. She got the license plate number, make/model of the car, and tried to give us a description. She said he was speeding the entire time she was following him. I'm so thankful there are still good people out in the world... I guess the only weird part is you can't look at someone and tell if their a good soul or not. She confirmed the plate number we had given to police on the phone. We were hopeful it wouldn't take too long for the police to arrive, maybe 45 minutes? Ha. Guess there was a lot of crime in town at 6:36 last night, because it took them over 1 hour 20 minutes to arrive. I was so worried about the kids. I knew Katelyn had probably started to worry, and realized there were several lessons in life I had revisited and learned from again last night.

1. Never leave the house without your shoes on. I just felt vulnerable.
2. Never leave the house without your friggin CELL phone. I couldn't contact anybody!!!!!
3. Make sure your current auto insurance information is in the glove compartment, and not just in your purse. I left my purse at home since Doug was driving.
4. Never leave home without your purse.
5. There ARE still good people in this world.  It's easy to forget about the kind souls that are willing to help out in an emergency. We had four tonight ask us if we needed help, and two of them assisted us. I'm so thankful for those angels last night.

I had a lot to think about in those quiet moments while we were waiting on the police officer to arrive... I'm sure half of the lessons I learned last night didn't end up in this post. I really hope they catch the guy who sped off. Thank the good Lord above he didn't hurt somebody, and hopefully he didn't on his way to wherever he was. The police said they have an in house unit that deals specifically with hit and runs. Really? I never knew that. I wonder how big/small their department is?

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toot Toot!!

Taryn Stothart is opening up her own kit club called Top Shelf Memories... the website should be up in a few days... and guess what? I made the Design Team!!! I'm SO excited! I'm honored to have been chosen, and can't wait to work alongside the rest of the team that was announced:

A big huge congratulations to:
Juliann Marchant
Leah Crowe
Annette Graham
Susan Alton
Lindsey Krauss

and Kim Hurst, our first Guest Designer!
Happy dance is on me!
Here's a layout I created for a challenge over @ Treasured... monochromatic green.  It photographed funny, my paper is not crooked.. lol
Off to make the kidlings and hubster dinner.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Samantha!

This little princess turns 5 today.
Pay no attention to the spoiled pug. ;)

Right now Samantha is playing with her new legos she received from the birthday party this past weekend.
Her special birthday breakfast request was for eggs and bacon (I'm surprised it wasn't for Green eggs & ham as much as I have been reading that to them lately... I've *almost* got it memorized!) unfortunately the bacon had spoiled, so I substituted with pancakes. She had a "babycake" which is the smallest pancake made, and ALL the eggs with cheese. lol

I think we'll be going to TRU today so they can spend their "green dollars" that Papaw Crowe sent in their birthday cards.
Her lunch request is ravioli and shell cheese, and I *think* dinner will be fried chicken legs from mama, and KFC will provide the mashed taters and mac n cheese. (She doesn't like mama's taters.. haha)

Gotta run so I can play with sweetcheeks :)
I don't know WHO she gets it from ;)

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


So I have been getting plagued with daily spammers. Crap in a language I can't read, crap in a language I can read and DON'T support, crap that has nada to do with my posts.. you know... spam. I've installed a new comment form on here, and here's hoping it works now. I've heard good reviews of it... hoping I tweaked it right this time. *grins*

Oh.. here's a layout I did for the WLOM (We love our members) Treasured contest. A fun contest focusing on different elements/design used in scrapbooking. I used the March kit for this... gorgeous kit!! Happy I have it :)
You can click on it to see details better. :)
My oldest came home a lil bit ago from a basketball game.. iCarly just went off and it's time to get these young ones in bed for the night.

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The long awaited party finally came!!

Doug and I left the house yesterday about an hour before the party was to start so we could run to Sam's and pick up the birthday cake, run to captain party for the balloons, and run to Kroger for the ice cream. When we left the house, the kids were bursting at the seams with excitement! *grins* I love seeing them so happy!
I LOVE this cake.. $32 for a huge cake surrounded by vanilla & chocolate cupcakes.
One side was for Samantha's candles, and the other side was for Cameron's candles.
We kept them guessing about the cake, and absolutely would NOT let them see it before it was time to make a wish... it was driving them nuts. I must admit, it was fun to return the favor a little bit! ;-)
So.. we opened presents first!
It was *almost* like Christmas again with the amount of goodies they received.
Having their party combined though was actually cheaper! For some reason I was shocked to learn this once I sat down to figure out the numbers. They each got 3 new outfits from us, and some learning/fun toys all for under $300... including the cake! I normally budget around $200 for birthdays, including cake and balloons. 
(Shannon & Grandma)
Their cousin Nick came over with their Great Aunt Pat & Uncle Dale, along with their cousin Shannon (who've not seen in two years.. wth not?? eeks.. we're getting SO bad about seeing everyone!) and of course Grandma & Papaw Hensley. Papaw Crowe in Ky sent birthday cards filled with $20 and lotsa love, and we'll be going to spend their money at TRU in the next couple of days with a $3 coupon compliments from Geoffrey and the birthday club. :)
Big sis handed out the prezzies... then we went for cake.
We forgot to grab any candles while we were out, thankfully I had one 10 pack of magical candles.. you know the kind. you can't blow them out on the first try.. haha. We had Nick and Katelyn join in to help.

We played until 10:30 last night with all the new stuff.. tried on clothes and walked the cat walk (this includes twirling around and jumping up and down) and played with the new legos.
Samantha & Cameron decided they wanted a sleepover in Samantha's room. She has a twin size bed so it would accommodate both of them nicely along with their bed pals Domino & Ooxie.

It was a ^GREAT^ day.
In two more days Samantha will officially turn FIVE. :)

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

These crazy critters of mine..

 ...aka the babies are having their birthday celebration today!!
The fun thing about having them so close together, is they are the same age for a little over 2 weeks.
In this photo, they are both FOUR!!!
They both love to play with legos.
They love to scrapbook.
They love to have made up stories at bedtime.
Samantha loves ANYTHING with noodles in it.
Cameron prefers TV Dinners lately... especially the ones with a brownie.

Samantha thinks she is the boss.
Cameron needs "help" when cleaning up his room.
Daddy is the best thing since cheese pizza.
Their big sister is their favorite playmate.
And at this very moment, they are both overwhelmed with excitement for the shared birthday party!
Only 3 hours to go :)
I can't wait until they see their birthday cake.. it's pretty cool.
Happy Birthday party day you sweet ones!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Color me Friday

Aren't these colors the best?????
I loved them!!!
We would LOVE to see join in over @ Scrapperie!
Wednesday night bingo is back... and our challenges have changed a bit too.. to read all about it, head over there and let them know you heard it from me!

Here's my layout with these colors!
Prince pretty kitty in a bag.
Off to shower and get ready for the party!

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