Monday, February 27, 2012

Farewell, Nuts!

My post titles tend to be a bit cheesy.. this one made me think of vasectomies... especially since my cousin in law is consulting with doctors now about this. ;)
Ahem. back to the real subject.
Nuts about sketches.
Fantastic sketches!!!
This is my last layout as a member of this last six month term. I did not reapply because spring is on its way and I don't want to let Shawn down by not having enough time to commit to her fabulous sketches. 
Go join her site here, and like her here on Facebook.
this weeks sketch #202
I rotated to the left
here's my take
This is the first layout I've made in over a month.. felt a bit rusty going into this one... I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the circles, the right border, and the large pennant.

Yummy Websters Pages sparklers.. i love these!
Paper is a mix of Imaginisce and Cosmo Cricket.
Hope your Monday is off to a great start!!
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I love vinyl!!

Happy Birthday day!!!
Today is the day the irish twins (Samantha & Cameron) have
been longing for. We held their combined party today from 2-4.
It was fun to hang with family.. all cousins, but we never get to see them that
often, so it was good. We had hotdogs n chips n soda n cupcake n icecream. :)
I have been working my Cameo Silhouette to the bone! In the last 24 hours it has made 8 aluminum vinyl water bottles from the dollar store. Made 8 goody boxes by printing and cutting. Made pencil toppers. (although a little too large.. so I have no photos of them)
Made birthday hats and
Personal cupcake stands.
and it has been FUN!

 The graphics I used on these water bottles came from Clip Art Designs Copyright Graphics Factory. 
Having a membership there made putting these water bottles together a snap.

Not shown are Samantha, Cameron's, and Katelyn's bottles.
All the kids loved their water bottles.

I used Easter grass for the tops of the party hats!

 Me putting out the chips. :)
I love all the balloons hanging from the ceiling.
Aren't those cupcake stands darling??
I found those in the silhouette store. (cupcake stand)
They actually held up well with just medium weight pattern paper and put together using my Scotch ATG.

 Don't ask what these two were doing.. hehe
Sweet baby Morgan and Doug. :)
The little birthday darlings made out like little bandits.
It was a great day! Thanks to everyone who made it to the party!
I'm soooo looking forward to some down time tonight and tomorrow. :)
Have a happy crafty weekend!
PS. I'm linking up to WIP here. :)
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm back online!!

What a busy last few days I've had. You are in for lots of pictures, and probably a bit of rambling as I pack it all in to one post. <grins>

Let's see. I was up all night Thursday night with excruciating tooth pain.. tooth #17 had to go as it was being a complete jerk in my mouth. Thankfully, I was able to get in late afternoon to the dentist Friday to have that sucker pulled. 

Speaking of teeth.. Samantha lost 2 more teeth over the weekend. 1 at school on friday and another one (makes 8 gone now) in the middle of the night sunday morning.

Saturday, we kept hearing about the chance of snow for Sunday afternoon. It's like 4 weeks til Spring.. I didn't think we would see anything except for snow flurries... what is the norm here in Virginia is it starts off as rain/sleet and turns to freezing rain.. IF it's cold enough.. we've been experiencing mid 50 temps lately. I was expecting rain.
(Boy, was I wrong!!)

Saturday I lounged around starting to feel better from the extraction Friday. Sunday morning I wake Doug up so we could hit walmart to buy a quick gift for Cameron. He turned SIX (where'd my little guy go??) on Monday. Cameron and Samantha are having a shared birthday party on Feb. 25th. That means I have TWO six year olds for the next two weeks. I love it... my irish twins I call them. :) :) :)

Back to Sunday... we finish up shopping at walmart and we come outside to see flurries starting. Around 9:30am. 

Wow.. looks promising, but it wasn't that cold. Doug drove me to Michael's so I could use up a gift card. I got watercolor paints and a calligraphy set to play around with. I come back outside, and bam... I see snow trying to start sticking to parked cars. The sky darkened for a snow look and we decided it was about time we head home.

 A couple hours later on Sunday, this is what we had. The kids were begging to go out and play in it, so Doug told them to get on outta here.. heehee We figured with highs in the upper 40's come Monday, there wouldn't be much snow left...

while the kids played outside, I made this for Cameron's birthday the next day
I'm taking a class with Joanne Sharpe called Letter Love.
Cam man hung it up on his bedroom door.. he really liked it all except that I didn't color his name in.. lol

Monday morning we woke up with 7.5" of snow.

I told Cameron that Mother Nature gave him a present of lots of snow..he liked the idea!
Uh yeah.. we didn't cover the pool this year.. we're bad about that. ;)
The kids rushed right out to go play!

woohoo no school!
 It turns out Samantha is really good at snowboarding.

While Katelyn and Cameron... not so much. ;)

Smiles all around though!!
When Doug got home from work we let little man open a couple of gifts.
I love these smiles of his... *squish*
 and some team birthday spankings to last a year.. hehe
The weather warmed up nicely Monday afternoon, so Cameron was actually able to ride his bike outside with his new training wheels and in shorts no less.
while Doug outside in his bare feet (wth??? we always get on Katelyn about going out with no shoes.. hmmph) slinging snowballs at the kids on their bikes. ;)

on top of all the fun we were without internet for like a day, which leads me to this super lengthy long post.  if you made it this far, a huge thank you!! I hope you and yours had a great weekend too!! I'll leave you with one more super happy birthday boy photo.. wooot! Papaw sent $20!!

I was up twice more on the Clear Scraps blog too, if you'd like to see.
Here and here.
Super big hugs,

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good morning!!
I'm up today over on the Clear Scraps blog, and am very excited to show you here what I made. I am so tickled to show you this new album today. 

When I laid eyes on it so many different ideas sprung to mind. A Baby's 1st Album, Happy birthday, Christening, Easter, Christmas Dress, but I finally decided upon Samantha's First Birthday as the theme to this sweet Clear Scraps Girls Bib Dress Album.

On the cover and throughout the album I also used the new clear baby accent embellishments, as well as cuts from my Cameo Silhouette.

I find when creating a mini album, it's the perfect time to use up new purchases as well as stuff you have had in your scrappy stash for awhile. :)

Grandma couldn't wait until Samantha's first birthday to get her ears pierced.

A fun tip: You can create a pocket out of pretty much anything. Here, I only glued three sides of the cake photo down, and used another 6x4 photo as the insert by adding some ribbon and a border to the photo.

The cake. It's the most looked forward to of all First Birthday parties, and such a sad photo for the album... I needed quite a bit of space to tell the story, so I cut out a present shape using my Silhouette Cameo that conveniently turned into a journaling card.

I promise, she was just fine minutes after that photo was taken. :)

I had such a wonderful time looking back 6 years to my daughter's first birthday and putting this album together. How sweet would it be to have a album like this for each special childhood milestone?
I hope you enjoyed seeing the new Girls Bib Dress Album with me today!

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