Friday, November 21, 2008

Crate Prudence & Harmonie from TSS

The holidays are yummy at The Scrapping Spot. We've got two kits filled to the brim for YOU! You can see them here.

Get into the spirit of the season with the gorgeous Harmonie "Canneberges et Petits Pois" line. These papers will evoke memories of Christmas past with traditional reds and greens, ornaments and fir trees. Wrap your pages in beautiful velvet glitter ribbon, poinsettias, a little bling, glitter words and a wonderful flocked alphabet.

Elegant comes to mind with the Crate Paper "Prudence" line. Rich colors of turquoise and moss green, this kit includes velvet brads, swirls of bling, crepe paper ribbon, glitter borders and glitter die cuts.

AND, from November 21st to November 30th, EVERYTHING (except for December kits) is ON SALE! Stock up!
FREE SHIPPING ON BLACK FRIDAY ONLY! Use code NOVSHIP to receive free shipping ONLY on Friday, November 28.

Happy Holidays from The Scrapping Spot!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


That is the blogger error I am getting while trying to rearrange my widgets in my sidebars. Very frustrating. Anyone else getting an error while trying to save Layout changes? What the heck can I do? I've been having this problem for a solid week now. damn. so bummed. I wanna fix my schtuff dude! It doesn't appear that google groups are really helping either. sigh.

In other news. I voted. Did you?
I also went shopping @ Kroger tonight. I made two transactions.
#1. Spent $151.00 SAVED $155.20 = 51% saved
#2. Spent $ 49.36 SAVED $ 76.93 = 61 % saved

that makes me happy :)
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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween all summed up

I was just taking a look at the photos from Devils Night and Halloween this morning. So many good ones waiting to be edited and scrapped. I chose a few of my favorites (ok. 10) so this post will be a little photo heavy. As always you can click on the pics to see them larger.

On Oct. 30th Samantha & Cameron painted their pumpkins after lunch. Sam kept mixing red & yellow together on her pumpkin. It was so cute. She was painting it orange. Layers and layers of orange.
Painting her pumpkin Painting the pumpkin
Cameron was drawn to all the colors. He painted them on thick too. Took an extra hour for his to dry, and I was already letting them use the Making Memories paint. If you've used that, you know how quickly that stuff dries.

The kids and I went out to order pizza from Domino's then while we were waiting on the order to cook, we drove around looking at the houses in the area and Halloween decor. I let Katelyn get some shots using my Canon. She feels so grown up when I let her use it. Anyway, we grabbed pizza, took it home to eat, and got started on carving our pumpkins. Last year, you wouldn't have caught Samantha willing sticking her hand inside her pumpkin. Oh the changes in one single year. She scooped most of the icky pumpkin guts out by herself. Cameron too. They were SO fun this season.
Samantha Cameron Can carve her own now.
Since we bought our pumpkins so last minute this year, we just went with standard geometric shapes. It was fun, and a lot less work! Katelyn carved her own too. Samantha & Cameron told me the shapes they wanted for their eyes and stuff, and I cut them out.

Kissing his pumpkin Cameron loved his pumpkin with two noses, and gave it a little kiss. (the 2nd nose looked more like a booger)
All done
Sam loved her heart nose best, and the moon eye :)

Halloween was just busy all day long. For some darn reason I had a hair up my butt and decided to make sugar cookies. The little ones helped me cut shapes out after lunch, and we baked them. After nap, the time flew. I started cooking dinner @ 4 we ate, and started getting everyone ready. Katelyn's first year designing her own costume AND going out alone with friends. I didn't have time to be nervous about it, and she had a great time. She went out with the BFF Big Sam, and Jessica. We put reflective tape on their backs, gave them my cell phone, and let them go. They were back by 8:30 and had a blast together.
Gangs all here
Poison Ivy - Jessica, Blue Umbreon - Big Sam, Yellow Umbreon - Katelyn, The Princess Samantha, and the lil engine that wouldn't hold still - james.. err Cameron. :)
It was fun, but I'm glad the month is over with.
Samantha the Princess
James the Train

I'll also be happy when this election is over. All the campaign mail and ads we've been getting has been crazy. At least 3-4 pieces a day for the last two weeks! Not looking forward to the lines tomorrow, but it must be done. =)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thar she falls...

The last few days have been miserable with these allergies of mine. It almost feels like I have a cold. Speaking of cold.. it's been unseasonably chilly here this year, and the last two days have been so windy!

Ouch. I had to take a blogging break because I realized that today is Wednesday, and hubby hadn't taken the trash out. I'm so glad I had the thought to put on my shoes and jacket, (normally I would go barefoot) because I missed the trash truck by 15 seconds. That's ok, because the truck will come back up the other side after a little while. So, I drag the trash can across the street, pull it right up to the curb. As I did that, I stepped in a small hole, my ankle turned, (did I mention I'm wearing my flip flops?) and I fell backwards with the can coming on top of me. I swear my legs would have been straight in the air had it not been for the can holding them down. Yeah. It wasn't pretty. Fell right on my ass. Laugh... I will later! (except you Doug.. you aren't allowed mister!) ;)

Back to being windy. Doug went out to his car and rushed back in. Did you see what's in our back yard, he asks? I'm like, NO! So we run to the sunroom and there it is. Yeah, the tree in the backyard split sometime between 7:15am - 8am.

IMG_1983 copy

IMG_1981 copy Poor garden.
Poor sand table and umbrella. Their under there somewhere.
So happy the kids & dogs weren't out there when it split. I'm going to miss the privacy that tree provides. Maybe we'll plant a new one in the spring.

And as I'm sitting here looking at the title of my post, I realize how ironic LIFE can be sometimes. LOL

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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Scrapping Spot Harmonie kit

November is right around the corner, and TSS cooked up a perfect kit for scrapping your Fall traditions. Everything from Raking leaves to cooking up a feast for Thanksgiving, the Harmonie kit is just what you'll need. Take a look at the close up of the papers included.

The Harmonie kit:

It includes
Kit features papers from Harmonie.
All papers are single sided. 1-Le grand feuillu, 1-Feuilles et papillons, 1-Nappe d'automne, 1-Feuillage ambre', 1-Toile olivine, 1-Petites fleurs & dentelle, 2-Bazzill Burning Ember, 2-Bazzill Wine, 1-Jenni Bowlin Stuido Rub-On Alpha Vintage(gold), 1/2 pkg making memories Mocha Epoxy Clips, 1/2 pkg Maya Road Velvet Pleats brn/Crm, 8 each Sheer Journaling Card, 1 yd. Maya Road Sheer Scrolls Ribbon, Handful Fall Harvest Adhesive Gems, 1 each Cinnamon stickles, 1 yd. Antique beige ribbon, 1 each Leaf applique.

I can't say this enough.. but no matter how you photograph it, these papers just aren't done any justice until thier in your hot little hands. Check out what I've completed so far with this kit.
Fall Frenzy

First Thanksgiving

Capturing the moment


A hot little tip for ya... You can color the cream velvet pleats from Maya Road with Ranger Distress ink and a water brush!

And if by chance it's hot in your neck of the woods, and Autumn isn't knocking on your door just yet, check out the other Hot kit
WRMK Nonsense

If you buy one, lemme know!! I can't WAIT to see what you do with one or both of them.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I seem to think a lot about

Family, Food, and Birthdays. Maybe its because we have SO many birthday parties to go to.. especially in July and Oct/Nov, not to mention the regular festivities too. My step dad turned 45 today. Hard to believe he is just 10 years older than my husband. Mom married young this time. LOL

Mom made a mini turkey feast for his dinner. It was good, but mine is better. When did THAT happen? You know, learning to cook better than my mom. I guess I've gained loads of experience with feeding the three youngin's over the last few years. Still, some things I'll never ever be able to replicate. Her speghetti... her pineapple upside down cake, grilled potatoes w/pepperoni... coffee cake.

I wish I knew WHO was hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I like to know ahead of time.. at least 8 weeks ahead of time. I don't know why, because I'll procrastinate getting things in order anyway if I'M the one hosting.. but still... ;)

Katelyns' BFF's mom asked if I would sew her DD's costume together for halloween, since Katelyn and BFF are the same exact thing this year. (see post below.. the Umbreon) Katelyn will be the yellow/black one, and BFF will be blue/black. Anyways, I said yes since the BFF's mom didn't have a sewing machine. After we got home, I made lunch and got busy on working on this outfit. Should be easy, right? OMG. Wrong. So very freaking WRONG!!!!!

If it could go wrong, it did. The hoodie she used was much, much thinner than my DD's hoodie, and the flet she had cut out for the ears was really stiff. Did you know they made stiff felt? I thought it was cool until I went to sew the ears together and stuff 'em. Trying to stuff them with the batting, the thread kept unraveling... had to re-sew and try a different approach. Then, DD tried the hoodie on so we could mark where to cut the holes for the ears to be sewn in at.

Nightmarish nightmare I tell you. The first time we tried, we marked the ears too FAR back on the head.... then I realized the problem after I had sewn the ears in. Had to rip them back out. Three times! We then have this gaping hole in the head of the hoodie.. and one crooked non standing up ear. The needle on the sewing machine had to be thread a lot. The needle broke once. The bobbin didn't want to be engaged..,, had to re-thread the bobbin.. twice. I scared myself because I didn't know if I had anymore black thread or not. (i did.. phew)

It's been an adventure. I thought I would have to go buy a dang cheap hoodie for K's BFF before the night was through. Hope K's BFF and mom isn't pissed about the hole. ayiyi! I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow I can't wait to show you what I did with The Scrapping Spot's November kit. It's a gorgeous one!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

the nasties

We watched The Never-ending Story 3 this morning with the babes. Doug is sick. My throat is scratchy, Cameron feels funky towards bedtime. I put some Vick's rub on his chest last night before bedtime, then we pulled out the warm mist humidifiers to get some moisture in the air.

Katelyn has a Halloween party sleepover she is going to this afternoon. I need to stop by CVS or Walgreen's and find some yellow and black face paint. We made her costume.. she'll be an Umbreon from Pokemon.

Cute huh? She's been drawing more in Microsoft Paint on the computer. She can really draw these Pokemon so nicely. I'd say her favorite to draw right now are different variations of the above. She makes them up and names them different versions of the original. Wish I had a copy of her drawings on my computer to share here.

I haven't edited photos from her party yet. Been so busy this week. And, I realized I got lazy about blogging because of twitter. It's so easy to just tweet and be done every couple of hours.

I received my TSS kit a few days ago. Scrapped like a madwoman and was done with my required items in 2 days. I'll share that later today or tomorrow. Really FAB kits this month!
Off to work on a super secret something.. a tutorial of sorts. Hope it comes out how I envisioned it. And I must add... I LOVE the google spellchecker add in. :)

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Saturday, October 18, 2008


the birthday was GOOD. She made out like a bandit. Will post photos tomorrow!

I missed hanging with my online friends today.
I'll be cropping tomorrow @ Tally!! See ya there!

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12 years ago today

on a Friday afternoon @ 3:31 pm Katelyn Paige Crowe was born.

Our first child together. For us, a sign of our family starting. I can remember so many things just like it were yesterday. Her first: Smile, giggle, step, boo-boo, all the major holidays, Birthday Party...

She had this make believe friend when she was 4 called Henny. Henny was her right foot. *giggle* Now she's grown into this young lady who has real friends. A real passion for drawing, Pokemon, and music. She's taller than I am. Has hands almost as big as her daddy's. Has a sweet dispostion that can turn to snotty quicker than Jeckyll & Hyde. How each day that goes by I recognize she has SO many of my mannerisms. Quick wit and sarcasm to boot... that we basically only use on close family. (lol - I'm battling my teenage self.. and hello! she's not even a teen.. yet) My heart is so full today. Realizing how MUCH I love and adore this child.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, Katelyn!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

blink *blink blink* blink

Yeah, so I'm finally weighing in on the debates. Nothing major, just something that irks me to no end. Even if I agreed with McCain's stance on the issues weighing on our Country and government today, I don't think I could vote for him. Have you ever really paid attention to him when he smiles? GAH! It's creepy. It's like he's wearing skin... like in evil. Ever watched Supernatural on the CW? Yeah. Like a demon wearing skin. Creeps me out.

I realize something else that irks me.. watching him blink so much. Truth be told, he's blinking so much because most of the crap coming out of his mouth seems to be lies. Professor Joe Tecce, of Boston College has been predicting who will become President of the United States going back to 1998, by counting blinks alone. Interesting article here. My main concern... seeing him voted into office, and me having to watch some Supernatural demon type wearing skin in office... and NO, I will not be voting based on looks alone and how one wears his skin over his skeleton. I had my mind made up before I made the creep-factor connection. (ok... so it's not my only concern.. but it's right up there with Health Care he wants to bring in) Oh yeah.. and this is just hilarious.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This little engine DID!

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO This little guy is finally wanting to learn to go potty on the toilet!! Over the last two weeks we've bought Thomas the Train & Sesame Street underwear. We've showed him how to sit on the toilet to start learning HOW to go when he is ready. Last night, he actually sat on the toilet a minute and peed a tiny drop or two. He ummm, has this problem while holding it,... well if you can just imagine... it may be hard to actually pee that way. *snicker*

Anyways, this morning right after Doug went to work, he took his diaper off and sat down on the toilet and went pee! Man, the possibility we'll be all out of diapers soon his very exciting!
No more diapers... or little swimmers, which are MORE expensive than diapers.

YAY Cameron!!

In other news, that fabulous October kit designed by Staci comes out at noon CST today!
If you NEED this kit.. better be there. I predict a super speedy sell out!
awesome Kit Staci, I loved it SO much!

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Monday, October 13, 2008

TallyScrapper's Oct. kit. yumm~o people!!

Umm yeah. this is the kit. If I didn't get it as a perk, I would buy this in a heart beat!! I predict it to sell out quickly. It's hot. It's priced just right at $22.99. You get a lot of BANG for your buck. (teehee, I said "bang" )
I've scrapped 5 layouts with this beauty, and have more leftover for another layout, atc's or cards... and I'm a lay it on heavy scrapper.. this kit goes a LONG way!

Check out what the design team has done with this one. Here are my creations.
Love starts here

Love starts here - close up

Friday's Child

Friday's Child - close up

Everyday life

Everyday life - close up

1st jump

1st jump - close up

And there we have it.
Sweet kit goodness, all packaged and ready to head out to you.
They go on sale Wednesday the 15th around NOON mountain time.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

I couldn't wait ANY longer...

It was time to dress the blog in it's halloween costume. *evil witch laughter*

ok... so it's not that cool. It's all the fun I can muster considering THIS weekend.. today in fact marks the TallyRally in SC that I had planned on going to. I won't write long, or else I would sit here whining... nothing has gone right this last week.... I'm scared about the economy... how the next president will handle things here in the US and overseas.... and now how I can't wait til hubby turns 38. *sigh*

Did I mention I HATE the laws in KY? Their so backwards. ok
rant over. I have some goodies to show you this weekend with STACI's awesome October kit from TallyScrapper!

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ahh, the joys of motherhood.

What's stuck in my head the last couple of days is actually capturing some of the really teensy teeny parts of the day that are the norm, but something that phases out quickly as the children grow older. Ali Edwards compiled a week in the life album. She strapped the camera to her and captured everything from the exciting to the mundane. I want to do something similar, but base it on a month in the life... I compiled an album in October '06 and it's still one of my favorite albums to flip through. We're only 7 days into October... so I may have to get creative with the first 6 days of the month.... although ideas are brewing as I type this.

Today, during lunchtime, Samantha insisted on helping make her bologna & cheese sandwich... she's insisted in the past and I did not think of it anything more than a slight nuisance mixed with slight cuteness... this time though, I *DID* remember that camera, and whipped it out.

i can do it myself! making a sandwich

Granted, she was almost finished making it.. but I'm glad I will remember this now in the future. And it was the very first time she asked for ANY condiment on her sandwich... mayo. I don't know why I actually allow her to have bread, mayo, and cheese, because the only part she really eats, besides the 1st bite, is the deli meat.

taking a bite Maybe I keep out hope that one day, she'll eat a sandwich in the normal way, with bread? ;)

Cameron on the other hand hates bologna, hot dogs, ham, roast beef.... he LOVES peanut butter.... and he will eat PB&J's with strawberry jam, but his FAV is with gwape jelly. Just hearing his little voice with his annunciations echo in my head, makes my heart smile. just this week, Sunday to be exact, he ate all around the inside of the sandwich and left the crust behind. More pwease? he asks. How funny. As I was getting ready to make another I said, you don't like the edges? he goes, Nooooooo. lol I said, you want me to cut them off? He grins, and says, sho-wah (sure.) *giggling* The only child out of the three who does NOT like the crust. (you can't count Samantha.. she doesn't even eAt the bread!) Being the mom that I am, I cut the crust off.
poor crust wheat no crust
And yes, he has graduated to eating two of these little sandwiches when it's time for P&J.
He also likes it when I write little C's in the peanut butter, even with the jelly covering it up.c butters jellly over the c's pb&j w/no crust

Cameron also has this thing that he's done since his injury to his mouth back in February... he hates anything to be on his mouth. drool, food, whatever.. must wipe at it. He's decided the quickest thing possible is to just use his arms. He's been doing this for months, and I've finally caught him in mid swipe.
arm napkins
The end of my camera session was me telling Samantha... you have to eat that bread.. you asked for it, made the sandwich, now you gotta eat it! sighhhhhhhh she pulls this on me. It's no fair I tell ya!
Sam pouting
Funny.. but what I didn't capture were the teensiest of little tears pooling in her eyes. Oh, the horrors of eating wheat bread with mayo & cheese! *grins*

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