Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Herma refill instruction for dummies

I love my little Herma dot dispenser... but I just can NOT figure out how to get it refilled. I am embarrased to say, I ask my husband to load it for me. *snort* Do you ever have the one thing you just can't get? Geez, this is one of those things for me.

Step 1 - read the instructions (yeah, this does *nothing* for me)

Step 2 - Remove empty tape dispenser (I can do this!!)
Step 3 - Unwind the refill roll and position the tape end in the notch of the rewind reel (huh?)

Step 4 - Hold the tape roll and turn the rewind reel in the indicated direction until the tape is tightened. (ummm.. YIPPIE, Thanks honey!!)

Step 5 - put the plastic outside pieces together again (Check - I can do this too!)
I mean really, isn't it just sad I had to wait for D to come home and take care of this for me? I need a new glue thingy I can refill all on my own!!! I was in the middle of a layout for goodness sake! I had to W*A*I*T!

I got around to doing this layout of Samantha getting ahold of Doug's pens. Why is it the finished layout always looks better once it's in the album?? I love it though. I'm slowly starting to get a feel for the papers and how I want to arrange something. I do love scrapbooking!


  1. very cute! too funny! love the pp too!

  2. Keep trying. It took me forever to learn. Now I load mine and all my friends too. Once you finally get it you want to go DUH!!! Deborah

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