Sunday, April 9, 2006

Sleep training is

not what it's cracked up to be. Cameron is giving me a run for my money. At 6 - 8 weeks, baby should be able to sleep 4 hours without a feeding. He did that, wow! If only I had went to bed exactly when he did but, I am starting this sleep training on two hours of sleep. I realize he has two sleep crutches...
1)Falling asleep on the nipple
2)Falling asleep in our arms

The second is the one that's really getting me this morning. He wants to be held off to sleep. I feel like such a bad mom for letting him cry longer than 5 minutes. The book says not to let him go so long without picking him where he can't wind himself down. It looks like we may keep this routine up until the next feeding. This is his third session of crying for 15 minutes, resting for 8-10 minutes then, he realizes he wasn't held and starts up again. Did I mention I feel badly? What seems to calm him down his talking to him in a soothing normal voice. I keep telling him Mommies here, time to go night night, shhhh shhh shhhhhhhh.

Time for another round...

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