Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday is here

and I am feeling quite productive. I have already completed two loads of laundry and a layout, juggling two kidlets, and all a few minutes past noon! I'm starting to get on a schedule with household work, that way there is nothing to do on the weekends except enjoy family and maybe watch some movies... or something non work related! Doug and I had planned on mowing the lawn every friday after he gets home from work, him tackling the backyard, and me the front... since we have rain forcasted for the next 4 days, I'm not sure when this darn grass will get mowed. Sam is calling for lunch which means I need to get outta here for now.

You can click on the pic to see it larger.


  1. Your layout is sooo beautiful. I feel like you.. spring a wonderful time of year, new beginnings, and pretty flowers... so fun!

  2. beautiful layout! lOve the gorgeous colors!!!



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