Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring spring bring it on

Happy Tuesday!!!
I mean it.. sooo happy it's tuesday.
The Spring Cleaning bug has hit here in the Crowe household.
Actually, I think it's more like.. My daughter got her first job and I am taking more on so she has a little down time from school and work. I helped mow the grass yesterday, cleaned out the nasty fridge, blah blah.. I did a ton.

Today, it's rainy out and I am perfectly happy to chill on the front bench outside watching the rain drizzle down while I gulp down copious amounts of coffee.

I created this Flower Brag bag album from Clear Scraps to hold some Spring Break photos from last week. We didn't do much, but it was nice just having down time... and running the newly employed daughter back/forth to work.

I'm kind of in a lot of like for this album. I mixed Coarse texture gel with acrylic paint and used Clear Scraps 6" Mascil to create this rotating Chevron design through-out the album.

I then embellished it with different Paper Issues Swag Bag products.
The album came together pretty quick.

SMILE! Be Happy!
Enjoy your Tuesday!! :)

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Bring on Spring!!

So much good this past week, I am beyond blessed.

My daughter had her first job interview on Friday and was hired on the spot. She started the next day on Saturday. Sadly, she will probably be working most holidays now, but that is part of growing up I suppose. Happily, she was able to eat Easter dinner with us.

We have Spring Break this week, so she will pick up some extra hours this week, but mainly be working on the weekends until after Graduation. And get this, her third day and she will be training someone else! Crazy. :)

I hope your Easter was wonderful!
Today, I am sharing my Scallop Send it Clear Card.

I have a small tutorial on how I put this together on the Clear Scraps blog.
Check it out. Have a great week!!

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