Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paper Issues new link party

I just completed and showcased this layout last week.. but I couldn't help link it up to the Paper Issues new theme party showcasing your guys in your life.
My man happens to be uber fabulous...
That's how I ROLL
If you missed the cute story of this layout the first time around, you can catch it here on this post. Head on over to Paper Issues and get your link on!!

A big shout out to my cousin Amy.. today is her BIRTHDAY!!!
We're headed over there this evening for a cookout and birthday celebration.
Hope your weekend is wonderful dear bloggers!
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Friday, May 27, 2011

I had sent a message via SMS to update my blog.. only the good Lord above knows where that message is now, because it didn't pop up here.

So yeah, 25 minutes after I wake for the day.. internet goes out. I reset the router as I've been taught by my techie husband. It comes back and no signal. I text Doug at work.. "*pout pout* no internet here." he texts back, "HAHAHAHAHA  us either." LOL

Evidently, a vital piece of equipment got damaged with the bad storm rolling through last night.  After about 5 hours, they got us up and running again. In that time I learned how to use iMovie.

Dun dunna dunnnnn
Presenting my uber talented Trumpet player, Katelyn.
(applause and encouraging comments left for said talented daughter to see later welcomed)

She and her BFF are off at the Skating Rink enjoying their 4 day weekend.
Me.. I'm about ready to tear it up in Zuma Blitz on FB. ;)
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I didn't have to get muddy

I got my garden planted over the weekend last week.. so excited thinking about the fresh beans and tomatoes that will be harvested this year.  Every greenhouse I went to said we were in fact not late planting yet, especially since "the oldtimers" say not to plant before May 15th. *grins*

I have been wanting to get on here and update the ol' blog the last three days, but before I did so, I wanted to have Katelyn's Adlib solo Trumpet performance edited and ready to show, BUT I have been having technical difficulties. (This Mac is gonna be the end of me if I don't learn everything in a hot minute)  I hope to have that up this weekend.  Her Band Concert was amazing. We have such good teachers here in the County, I'm so thankful for all her wonderful teachers.

I got my Sassafras Lass goodie box from their sale, omg... such cool stuff in there!! Stuff I didn't even realize they had.  Could only imagine the DT goodie boxes those lucky ladies get. *daydreaming*

I bought the May kit from The Scrapping Spot (they have a DT call going on right now) and created a couple of layouts with it.  I'm gonna go ahead and share them here, because I've already submitted my application, and they were the first ones to see it. ;)

When I sit down to scrap, my mom is on my mind a lot.. so I'm starting to scrap her and my feelings about not having her here with me.

I just adore the papers from Bella Blvd's Family Dynamix line.



I'm a sucker for cute stick pins. (remind me to show you how I store mine)


Journaling says, "Before I lost you, I would have made fun of our clothes, hairstyles, and glasses. Now when I look at these photos, all I can see is Love."

The glasses and poofy hair are pretty dang funny tho!

And here's Samantha's classroom photo. Some of her classmates crack me up. The Tim Holtz clock arm is pointing to her. In the kit we got Rummikub game pieces. I just covered up the number with a cute flower.


I know the bubbles aren't suppose to be in the glue, but I swear it adds character. I like the look. Maybe I'll drop a drop or two of alcohol ink in while the glue is still wet next time.

I love twine! It's a good thing because it's so hot right now. I used it to accent a lot on this layout. For the loopy flower here, I just made figure eights with the twine, then stuck it to the back of the pop dot on the flower center, then added liquid glue to adhere it down.

We were given a lot of those dew drops, their the perfect small accent. I think the blue flower looks like he's smiling. :)

More twine detail


We have three sick ones in the house right now, so I'll keep my hugs and kisses to myself... stinks we couldn't make the free Vally Splash day today. Hope your day is a happy one.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain rain go away..

at least long enough to dry up the garden a bit so I can plant. eeps. We're getting such a late start on planting this year. All this rain we've been getting in Virginia has put a big dent on my plans for fresh tomatoes, beans, and squash. Our backyard is a muddy mess. If we don't get a break soon, I'm gonna have to just go get muddy. I can't wait too much longer. lol

I'm dropping off some layouts I created last weekend. :)
These next two use May's Tallyscrapper kit "That's How We Roll" For $29 you get a TON of product.
This one is my favorite
It's Love

some close ups - love the lace and pom pom trim.. and the game piece.. loveeee it.
It's Love close up

Tim Holtz hanger and kaisercraft doilies..
It's Love close up

It's Love close up

That's how I roll.. how funny the title of the kit just kinda stuck in my head while scrapping this layout. There's a funny story behind it.
That's how I ROLL

haha. I love my husband so much. We were outside with the kids while they were riding bikes. Katelyn said she bet Doug didn't remember how to ride a bike, and he was like yeah right! So, she dared him to get on hers and ride around. So he did. When he first got on the bike, he was all hunched up like in the photo.. I laughed my a$s off... to me it was the funniest thing in a month. I laughed til I cried, then I remembered my camera... I wanted a photo in case I needed another chuckle on a rainy day. Sweet man that he is, said he would lower the seat and ride it again, if I promised to scrap it in a week. Promise fulfilled. :) So. the photo is blurry, but it makes me giggle like a mad person. :)

That's how I ROLL - close up

love the whole package of flowers we got in the kit
That's how I ROLL - close up

That's how I ROLL - close up

I forgot about the card I made for a challenge hosted over @ Tallyscrapper. We had to make a card in the style of Mary Engelbreit. Here's my take on that

Card - Mary Englebreit

Card - Mary Englebreit - back

Samantha just loved it. :)

Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie

I loved this photo of Cameron... he's growing up too quickly.. have I mentioned that?
Cutie Pie - close up

i love stickers. grins
Cutie Pie - close up

Cutie Pie - close up
I need top finish up my coffee and grab a shower, then some lunch and we're off to Wally world. *groan* ;)
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Monday, May 16, 2011

My summer house

I've always wanted a summer house. You know, somewhere you can go to during the Summer. Some where fun, on the beach, or in a meadow with a big lake on the backside of the house. Fishing. Sunnin'. Grilling. Cloud watching. Dreaming Big.

I was catching up on my google feeds and came across this weeks Scrapping the Music's new prompt - Challenge 172.

Something in the words made me dream of this summer getaway I would like to take the kids to one day.. maybe their grandkids when my children are all grown. It also made me realize I want them to have huge dreams. Live it large. No regrets. Live in happiness.

This one's for you Cameron. With much love my sweet man, mommy.
Dream Big
One thing I love about painting canvas... extending all that glorious color to the outside edges. :)  It just makes me happy!!
Dream Big 2

Dream Big 3
I'm linking up here at Scrapping the Music
and here @ Paper Issues for the summertime Party.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Catching up

Where do I start? Let's see.
let me out - copycat of Hamburger
Doug and I got our iMac's on March 17th. Since then, it's been a world of learning for me.  For the most part, everything has been a breeze to understand. Mac is pretty darn intuitive as far as getting you connected and back to basics.

Then comes the scrapbooker/photographer side of me. iMac and my Epson R1900 are not playing well together. The jerks. Both are big ticket money items and I would expect better from Mac. Evidently, the only real way to get Mac and Epson to play nice together is to go out and buy a calibration kit for the Mac. Then what I see on my screen will be correct, thus my printing will be accurate. If and when I order that, and my prints are not correct, I'm liable to throw one or both big ticket items out the new front door Doug installed.

The new front door is faaaabulous baby! The top half drops down and there is a screen on a roller. So has the glass slides down, so does the screen. I've been enjoying the spring weather leaving the front door open and that lovely nifty not let any bugs in the house screen open. *insert joyful face here*

Doug and I have been on a coffee kick. We've been ordering from Green Mountain Coffee. Our current loves are German Chocolate Cake (mine) and Wild Blueberry (his); Katelyn loves Glazed Chocolate Donut.. and all these are great made as iced coffees too. (yum)
new do
My Scrapbox arrived a few days before the Macs did. There was a hustle n bustle of getting my scrap supplies cleared out of old iris carts, and organizing it in the new scrapbox.  I do love that thing.  I promise a more in depth review of mine very soon.

Our bedroom furniture came around March 23rd. The day before it was to be delivered, I got a hair up my but and decided to paint the bedroom gray. It's gorgeous! I need to still buy curtains for that room. I either want to accent in red or green... not sure yet, which is why I haven't bought curtains. Oh, and there's one other problem... I really don't know how to buy curtains. LOL  The sizes I have are not the sizes on the market. I don't get how I'm suppose to make this work. Can someone fill a clueless girl in please?

That was all March.
found the golden egg
The first couple weeks of April was getting use to the Mac, cleaning up from the bedroom and scrap/computer room overhauls and some major cleaning, Easter and the children's Spring break. Then Easter and Mother's Day starts eating away at my brain.  I know Samantha had been 'secretly' making me Mother's Day cards, and that made me smile. Then BAM, as soon as I even thought about being happy that I am their mommy, I would think about how my Mom is no longer with us. How I won't be able to make her anything for Mother's Day this year. I couldn't remember what I had made her last year.. that's the thing about Blogs. If you use them regularly, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips if you brain gets a little foggy like mine. I was able to see what I made my mom last year here.

Being without her... well, words can hardly express how much it hurt.. how much it hurts to type this. I've really had a hard time losing her. For some reason, I really thought I would bounce back quicker. Heck, I'm just now (the last two weeks) started regularly cooking again at home like I used to. I think she took a big piece of me with her when she left... I just keep hoping and praying her soul is at peace, and that she's in a better place.

So April was pretty much half work, half pity party.
But I'm back.
spring break picnic
I hope I don't stumble too much more this year.
A big thank you to all the ladies inquiring about me. Looking after me from online. It really means a lot that you thought of me during your busy lives as well.
I am trying to find laughter everyday, so it's a HAPPY day.

And May.
New bikes from Easter.
new bikes for easter
New missing teeth.
More missing teefers
New perspective on life.
easter - let me out!
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