Monday, April 3, 2006

~challenge~ Inspiration

Challenge from 2peas: Women are powerful creatures. We all have powerful, inspiring women in our lives. Here's the challenge: What are some things that YOU have learned from other women/creative women in your life? Make your own list. What have you learned from these women in your life? What have they taught you?

What a deep question. I think I will start off with my mother. I will start off and say that I love her dearly. She has inspired me in a way that might not be the norm for most people. My mom has taught me to set a standard for myself - to stand up for myself, to be fair to my children in the best way I know how, to say I love you everyday to my children. How did my mom teach me all of this? By not leading by example.
She has always made poor choices in mates in her life.. always. I think this has set the standard for her and one that she continued to proove to me while growing up, one that I didn't like. Men walked all over her, abused her (and me), made her feel belittled, and yet she still kept giving her all to them. I'll never understand why, but she made me believe I wanted better than that in life, for myself and my future children.
My mom worked hard, and meant well.. but she never taught me to be fair to others in life. She would take what she could from people whether it be family or friends, and was ok with that. Never giving back to the ones that cared the most about her. She never told me she loved me... until she got older... now life means a little bit more to her, but in the negative ways I have spoke of my mom, I still thank her.

She inspired me to be a loving person. To give and yet expect to be treated fairly in return. For the most part, I have chosen a good mate. I try to teach my children about fairness to others, being able to voice their opinions whether I agree with them or not. I tell them I love them everyday. My mom has inspired me to be a better mother than she was to me. I'm not sure if I will be able to convey exactly how she has inspired and enriched my life without it sounding like I don't respect or love my mother....

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  1. It sounds like you are thankful/grateful to your mom, for showing u things, and for making a dfce in the life of YOU. That's enough.
    That you recognize the impact she has played.
    You are blessed, to have her, don't forget that!


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