Saturday, December 30, 2006

Plastic bags are good for...

more than carrying your groceries and toiletries in.

The Target bags are better for this:

enough said... ;)

I entered the world of 'reality' again.

Went out to the store yesterday and today to pick up some things while I was out. The traffic was busier than it was at Christmas. It's like all the little buy-it-online hermits decided to grace the world again... or others looking for stuff still clearanced out, or like me, and after 6 days of not entering a store, decided she needed formula, bath soap, and tampons for the upcoming coupla weeks! LOL

Did I say traffic was horrid? Hillary's one in 48 for January is coming up. A ton of my Willow friends will be there this time participating, it's sure to be a blast. I've already signed up for the one in March too (shhhhhhhhhh) ;) The classes are just total fun and give you a bit to think about. I bought printer ink today, enough to last me a month or two depending on how many I print out. I bet it would be cheaper to get them all offline... but I hate the wait! I like being able to print as I go.

Another exciting note, and yes, I will talk about this ALL THE TIME -> But I will be getting my FIRST EVER DT Kit (ahhhhhhhhhh I love it!!) from Scrappy Giraffe come the middle of the January. I'm so STOKED!!!

I'll end with something that makes my heart smile :D

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I had to reformat my computer -again- seems Wishblade is not compatible with Windows Vista! They (xyron) tell me on the phone yesterday that a new machine is coming out in March 07, so hopefully they will have new drivers/software to support Vista. I loved that Operating System, one of my favorites yet!

We've all been busy playing with our new toys. I finally got to try cutting on my wishblade this morning. I'm so nervous waiting on it to cut, and I did cut my mat a little bit... ugh. I have to make myself play with it some more, or I'll never learn & get used to it! Someone, make this nervous feeling go away!!!

ATM, Katelyn is coloring in her lil sisters Dora coloring book. It's cute & funny. At 10 she still finds joy in playing with the kids toys.... heck, I gotta admit it too - coloring is so much fun!!!! Nice to just sink into the page and watch the swirls of color being applied to the page. Samantha has this little colorbox that holds her colored pencils/crayons. She decided she would take one of my drawers today and put her lil box in it. She has marked her territory.. hilarious!! She gave me the biggest grin, patted the front of the drawer - as if asking if it was ok to leave her stuff there. Who am I to refuse the lil sweetie for wanting to put away her colors?? As long as she stays far away from my chipboard, embellishments, flowers, and ink... we'll be ok!

Speaking of ok... Samantha was pulling her stocking trying to get it off the mantle, and the darn stocking holder crashed down and hit her head. She didn't cry or anything, Katelyn came into the room screaming bloody murder, in tears holding Samantha. She had blood running down her scalp into her face. It stopped bleeding quickly, and looks pretty small. It started to bleed again earlier tonight so if it starts up again we'll go to the ER... and we'll be watching/waking her up every coupla hours to make sure she's ok. Poor kid.

Monday, December 25, 2006

OH MY LORD!!! (love ya lord)

I got a WISHBLADE!!!!!!!!!!

and a NEW awesome macro zoom telephoto lens 100 - 300!!!

just a sampling of the macro part.. OH I LOVE IT!!!
I can't wait to post some more pictures, but later. Cam just woke up so I have to get dressed, dress him, feed him, pack the van and diaper bag & go!!!
Love you willow girls!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

the stockings were hung

by the chimney with care...

I LOVE Christmas Eve. Doug and I always have a blast putting together and setting up Santa gifts.... decided to get some shots of the tree!!

9 more hours

and I'll be waking everyone up so we can open Christmas presents!!!!! I'm very excited, and have always been the first one up, even as an adult!!! I'm just a big kid. Doug, I'm taking a moment to let you know babe that I love you with all my heart. You're in my daily thoughts a lot, and I'm so glad to have you home for 9 days! I pray we're always in love.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Happy

I am still completely shell shocked that I'm on the design team for Scrappy Giraffe Kits. Kat and her DTL rock, not to mention the members of the message board are uber cool. I'm so glad I went out for this call, I love making new friends and think I'll make many there. Some of the work I have done in the last month is below. It's nice to be blogging again!

4.5 hours of sleep will

make you feel like complete crap in the morning.
For whatever reason, Doug woke up when I went to bed and we talked about my last post. I feel a little better about the outcome, but still. How can you forget to tell your wife about "thinking about looking up my dad again" oh yeah, and "I found my family tree online".
Ok.. officially letting it go.

sucky damn night

Well, first it starts off by one of D's x's looking us up. I get tired of this shit.
And then more secrets from him!
my god, i try to get the man to talk to his family for YEARS!
who does he confide in?
his cousin.
what a crock of shit
why is it, that I find this shit out on my own?
i'm pissed.
oh, and what will i hear about finding out?
you snooped in my email!
i just wish i could sleep.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I've been TAGGED!!

Linda tagged me yesterday!

A - Available/Single? Married to the love of my life!! We've been together 11 years and married for 4!
B - Best Friend? Stacy
C - Cake or Pie? Pie
D - Drink Of Choice? Pepsi or coffee
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? water
F - Favorite Color? I have to have a favorite? Today it's this color of blue
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Bears, I like eating the heads off!
H - Home or Homesick? Home
I - Indulgence? I have a lot of them :) Lets say it's chubby hubby from B&J's!
J - January Or February? February, Cameron was born in this month
K - Kids & Their Names? Three. Katelyn 10; Samantha 21 months; Cameron 10 months
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? My hubby and kids!
M - Marriage date? 3/30/02
N - Number Of Siblings? 0
O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples
P - Phobias/Fears? Heights My butt tingles if I'm up too high! LOL
Q - Favorite Quote? I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.~Maya Angelou,
R - Reason to Smile? Looking at my 3 gorgeous kids
S - Season? Fall
T - Tag 3 or 4 people? Amy Renee, Tami, Jamie
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I snort when I laugh
V - Vegetable you don’t like? Asparagus
W - Worst Habit? Wiping my nose on hubby... HAHAHA (it's not as bad as it sounds) Well, I thought of another one. Smoking.
X - X-rays You’ve Had? Lots on my ankles growing up... always sprained them.
Y - Your Favorite Food? Roast with carrots & taters
Z - Zodiac Sign? Cancer

WOW, just WOW!!!!!!!

Holy Smokes!!
I'm able to FINALLY LOG IN!
Yes, that's me screaming.
I switched over to the beta with google right after my last post and
ever since then could NOT log in with my computer. It's amazing
what a format will do! *wink* Doug loaded Windows VISTA on my computer last night... so far it feels sleek and fast, Lovin' it!! We'll see how I feel if a program I wanna use doesn't work!

I made the Scrappy Giraffe 2007 Design Team! I'm so excited, my term starts in February and runs through July. This is my very first DT and I hope I do them proud! Kat provides gorgeous muted kits so all you have to do is SIGN UP and start scrapping. It's that easy!

Gotta wash the babes up.. oh and Shannon... I blogged (ppbbbbllttt!!!) :)
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