Saturday, August 16, 2008

so flipping busy people

Busy canning fiiiinally!
I know right? Only took me ALL week to finally gather some gumption and preserve our harvesting. We got another 13 quarts of tomatoes, and 12 quarts of Bread & Butter pickles. I still need to make some dills.

The August TallyScrapper kit is SO yummy. I have PLENTY left for a couple more layouts.

*off to middle school*
made this for Katelyn to keep track of her thoughts on middle school.
Nine more days and she'll be in sixth grade.
She has 4 Pre AP classes, advanced math, and band.
smart girl.

*starlicious frame ~ Dream*

altered bottlecap *art*

After I took the photo of the bottlecap, I filled it with diamond glaze.. it dried overnight and has a nice shiny surgace.. no chance any of the pretties inside are falling out. I attached a heavy duty magnet to the back, and it now has a home on my fridge!

U rock card for dd, gonna tuck this in her lunchbag the day she goes back to school.

Get your kit before their sold out. Oh yeah, and ONE lucky person will receive in their kit - the Love, Elsie recipe cards FREE when they purchase the August Outdoor Orchard kit.

IN other news, I MADE It to Round3 over @ Treasured. I was surprised to say the least!!! So much talent there!

Challenge requirements:
- Create a ONE or TWO page layout (any size)
Layout must include:
- ric-rac
- at least one photo turn
- chipboard
- as many photos as you want (or none at all)
- must include journaling - long or short as you like but looking for more than just the date here
- journaling or title must include..."If I ruled the world..."

This came out real close to how I wanted it to. I went with a whimsical twist to this challenge, and made the house my, "world of dreams." Dr. Suess was my inspiration for this layout and poem I wrote.
You can click on image to view larger.

close up of title

close up of house

when you open the shutters

Lift Dr. Suess up for my journaling:

Then turn down the 1st page:

then lift the first two up:

if i ruled the world I would have a skittle tree
and the bees & spiders would not scare me.
there would be no more hunger or violance you see
everyone would have someone and would be filled with glee.
the world would be vibrant & filled w/ bright colors.
all children would have homes w/ loving mothers & fathers.

the sun would shine high when the rain poured down
you wouldn't feel gloomy while the rainbow was around.
we'd have cool things like back in the day -
no need 4 money we'll barter all day.
no need for greed or glutton anymore
and especially no need for no stinkin' war.

and while I'm @ it we'd have cured for aids, cancer, and diabetes.
OH how I dream -
OH if the day came - - where I was named RULER -
if just for one day.

Alphas: Making Memories, Ek Success, American Crafts -Brad: Making memories (on photo turn near chimney)
Chipboard: Inque Botique, Glitz Designs - Ink/mist: Colorbox, Tattered Angels - Pattern Paper: Prima, Scenic Route, Dream Street
Pens: Sakura jelly roll & Typewriter journaling - fiber: Basic Grey, green trim - walmart - Unknown: Ric rac (on chimney), photo turn -machine stitching - Poem by Leah C

I love how it turned out.... it was a lot of fun to make.. a labor of love.

ONE last bit of news. The new gutter girlz prompt came out yesterday!
HUGE prizes this month.. love love loved this prompt!
Blabber Mouth
Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
Duct Tape (any color)

If you have little pictures that can read, turn them away now.. a potty word is in view.
she said he said bs
phew.. ok, I think I have updated.... I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
if you made it this far.. you rule! ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

one word

I stole this from Zarah's blog.. have seen them around before.. feeling like a procrastinator not wanting to do anything else... except for this! :)
When you do this - remember that you can only use ONE word as your reply. Only one.
It's not as easy as it seems!...

1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Where is your significant other? work
3. Your hair? tangled
4. Your mother? aged
5. Your father? unknown
6. Your favorite thing? family
7. Your dream last night? goofy
8. Your dream/goal? healthy
9. The room you're in? scrap
10. Your hobby? scrapper
11. Your fear? death
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Disney
13. Where were you last night? bed
14. What you're not? pretty
15. One of your wish list items? printer
16. Where you grew up? VA
19. The last thing you did? smoked
20. What are you wearing? jammies
21. Your TV? off
22. Your pet/pets? sweet
23. Your computer? required
24. Your mood? blah
25. Missing someone? hubby
26. Your car? dirty
27. Something you're not wearing? socks
28. Favorite store? Tallyscrapper
29. Your summer? relaxed
30. Love someone? children
31. Your favorite color? green
32. When is the last time you laughed? today
33. Last time you cried? yesterday

Monday, August 11, 2008

300th post

Woah nelly. Who knew I could jabber so much?
Shut up Doug! ;o)

The Olympic teams over @ Tally are really wowing me. I love the new setup Nerd has made there to allow groups on the board.. quite amazing. Here's my take on HO's challenge.. theme: torch bearer & something with flames. I set my damn layout on fire.. was the coolest technique I've tried yet.. love it! Also, this was done with the August kit from TallyScrapper. LOVE this kit.. geared towards boy yet still works for girls too.

And, the new Gutter Girlz prompt comes out on the 15th.
Want a peek or 3?
Yeah, I'm feeling adventurous today!

I have mounds of work to do, so I'm out for now.
You still have until the 14th to get the current challenge in at Gutter Girlz.. it's a AWESOME one! Check it out!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Can you believe it?
The number 8 is the luckiest number in Chinese culture. Something about the way it sounds... the more 8's you have in your phone number and license tag, the more luck you'll have. Wonder if this lucky 8 thing will rub off on M. Phelps during the Olympics? I can't wait to see the opening ceremony tonight. Hope we take home a ton of gold!

The kids were already out enjoying the weather this morning. Jumping on the trampoline, running around the backyard. Happy the weekend is here. Look at my girls waiting on me to come back inside.

sitting pretty
Ooxie is getting so big. She just learned how to jump on the bed two days ago... it's so cute. She hasn't mastered that yet... but it's precious. She's only had ONE accident in the house this week... now to train her not to poo on the deck.. lazy lil shit.

Next week Cameron has his evaluation for speech. I haven't talked about it because it's one of those silent worried I like to bottle up. I pray that he is ok. If not, I'm getting him tested, and treatment he may need for early development. I've always been worried about his speech. He never talked like the girls did... and he's my last and only boy.. not a lot to go by except with the girls, yanno? Anyways, testing is on the 14th. He's actually been speaking a TON the last month.. and even getting better at being able to understand his speech and having small conversations with him. That eases my worries a lot.

Grandma just called, taking Katelyn out to the Goodwill box today... she's only out in BFE! ugh. ;)
Tally Olympics start today.. excited about that!
Have a lucky day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

P.S. i love you

I made it to round 2 for the Treasured Hunt 08 contest. I was bummed a couple of my friends didn't move on with me. I guess it's how it all works.. I would never fare well in challenges like BB8 or Survivor.. would hate to cut someone... anyways, here are the requirements.

Challenge requirements:
- Create a ONE or TWO page layout (any size)
Layout must include:
- 3 different patterned papers from 3 different manufacturers (one paper from each - no more, no less)
- at least one transparent element (may be colored or clear but transparent)
- at least one bird, owl or butterfly (come on, they're everywhere!!) note: it is permitted to combine this with either of the first two requirements if you want. ex: a clear butterfly, or patterned paper with an owl.
- at least ONE but no more than TWO photos (does not need to be taken by you)
- journaling....and the journaling must include "I want you to know..." It can be as long or as short as you like but must include those words. BE CREATIVE!

Everything else is up to you.

Here's mine:
*P.S. i love you* click layout to view larger



Journaling: I want you to know that there will be times I'm not the best wife and mother. I think you may already know that. On the best of days I will be sassy and opinionated, I'm sure that will never change. I want you to know that when I'm not with you, I will be thinking of you. You are always in the forefront of my mind. I worry for your safety until you are home with me. I want you to know there will be days that the world is unkind. You'll feel tired & beaten down. Know that I'll be there to comfort you and pick you up. Above all else, I want you to know that I take my role as wife & mother seriously... with great honor, even. And on those days I'm moody and tired, know that I cherish you, especially remember these 3 words. I love you.

Alpha stickers: Doodlebug Bling: Heidi Swapp Cardstock: Bazzill Clear elements: Hambly & Heidi Swapp Pattern Paper: Scenic Route (orange); Theresa Collins (bracket paper); Prima (green) Pens: Sharpie markers Photo: digitally altered online @ Ribbon: Maya road, Prima Staples: Making Memories Small butterflies: iron ons from Joann's

I love the layout and message to my family... and I hope it moves me forward to round 3. Won't know that until next Tuesday... thankfully it's humpday, which means the week will probably move quickly now.

Now, I gotta figure out my first challenge for Tally Olympics!! ANYONE is welcome to sign up.. it'll run until September sometime.. you should sign up!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

peaches n maters

Woke up with the kids this morning and fed them, made sure to remind them about picking up their toys after they were done playing with them... decided to go to my mom's house to help her pick peaches. Figure she would give me a few to bring home if I helped. Surprisingly, Doug wanted to go along with us... and my mom did give me some peaches to bring home... along with some tomatoes.. ours aren't doing so hot.

Kids had a fun time hanging at grandma's and papaws for an hour..

we then headed over to Office Max. No tax weekend, plus they had a brown grocery bag, everything you could stuff in it would be 15% off.. we stuffed that sucker with a new lunch and sachet bag, 5 binders, 2 composition books, pens, mechanical pencils, reinforcers, pencil case, highlighters, and a few other odds and ends.

Came home with Whopper king for lunch and put the kids to bed for nap. After nap and a movie with Doug, we made dinner, sent the kids out to the pool, and made mad passionate... TOMATO juice in the kitchen *snort*.. yeah, like we have time for that @ 7 in the evening. ;) We canned 7 quarts of juice.. chili is gonna be goood this fall/winter.. I can't wait to make it!

I'll be busy in the kitchen tomorrow doing more canning... I'm sure this subject will bore you quickly, but we're quite enjoying the process of preserving the food we've grown. :) Dude - we must be growing up.

It's late, and I need my beauty rest.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today i...

...finished my layout entry for Treasured Hunt round 1.
...ran to the store for hotdogs, chips, and fixin's for dinner
...made baked beans and pulled out my super delicious pickles to go with grilled weiners.
...played 5 games of marbles and lost by 1. darn. ;)
great day though. Doug and the babes cleaned the house.
I played pac-man and scrapped.

Here was the challenge requirements for round 1 @ Treasured.

Are you ladies ready for your first challenge?

Here it's relatively simple so I want to see your creative juices flowing and see what you come up with! BE CREATIVE!!

Challenge requirements:
- Create a ONE page layout
Layout must include:
- felt
- scallops
- only ONE photo
- journaling....and the journaling must begin with "Today I..."
It can be as long or as short as you like but must begin with those words.

Here's what I came up with.
*pickles* (click on it to view larger)

Journaling reads: Today I picked cucumbers from my garden, and canned them. Our first garden, our first bread & butter pickles... today i learned something new, and I'm so proud. 7/28/08
Supplies used:Cardstock: BazzillChipboard: Cosmo CricketButtons: Autumn Leaves FoofalaFelt: Wal-mart (in green under "today"); flowers from zany zinniaFlower: My Minds Eye frostedInk: Versamark; RangerMisc: crochet thread, fabric ribbonOverlay: My Minds EyePattern Paper: My Minds EyePen: Marvy UchidaRub ons: 7 gypsies

Now all I do is sit and wait until Tuesday to see if I make it to the next round... crossing my fingers here.. the gallery is brilliant with all the round one entries. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Friday, August 1, 2008

K thinks i should sell them

The pickles that is.
9 quarts

I did it. I canned my pickles all by myself! They're bread n butter and I'm darn proud. Now, I hope they taste as good as they look. Something about them sitting on the counter makes 'em look beautiful. I need to check the garden again to see what needs to be harvested again. Heck, I have a zillion things on my to do list, and I don't wanna do a dang thing. It would help if my house was in order. I'll be working on that after lunch today... the two youngest Crowes in the roost have taken a liking to throwing everything out of their toybox, proceeding to scatter their belongings through-out the house. I gotta say, it's pissin me off. I'm tired of yelling at them to pick the crap up. {groan} I did threaten no lunch today. It's currently 11:50, and their used to eating by 11:30. It ain't workin'. lol I'm off to make the kids some food, mean momma bird that I am. *insert scary face here*

Maybe after all is picked up I can start working on my challenge for the Treasured hunt challenge! It's due Sunday.

OH.. sign ups have started over @ TallyScrapper for the Olympics challenge. The challenges start on August 8!!!!

Another thing.. The Scrapping Spot is looking for NEW DT members.. can't believe how fast this term went by. I may throw my hat in the ring again :)
Here's the info:

The Scrapping Spot Design Team Call

The Scrapping Spot is looking for creative, innovative and talkative scrappers to join our Design Team.

The Design Team term will run for six months: October 2008 – March 2009.

Design team members will receive:

-a free monthly TSS kit to create with

-a 25% discount in the online shop

-free shipping on orders that are shipped with the monthly kit.

Design Team members are responsible for:

Designing 4 layouts AND 1 card or altered project (if no card or altered item, then 1 additional layout is requested)

At least 2 finished projects by the 25th of the month, the rest by the 1st of the month

Layouts and other items should use at least 90% of the product in our kits.

1 blog post monthly

Occasional challenges and crop challenges/participation.

Promote The Scrapping Spot around the internet (where allowed)

Contribute tips/articles once a month for The Scrapping Spot's monthly newsletter.

Design Team member layouts may be included in our online or newsletter classes. Design Team members will receive credit for all of their designs.

If kit contents are used in a posted/published projects, The Scrapping Spot must be mentioned.

Board participation:

Contribute praise to our members in the Gallery

Post an online class at least once during the term

Respond regularly to topics on discussion board.

We are an exciting and growing community and are looking for strong and COMMITTED Design Team members to actively participate on our message boards and help us promote the monthly kit club and store.


All applicants need to be within the United States, territories and military addresses. We apologize for this but, due to time restraints, we cannot guarantee that product will arrive to us in a timely fashion and our turnaround time is sometimes quite limited.

Participation on our Message Board is a MUST. If you cannot participate, please do no submit an application.

To enter please submit:

2 original layout -OR- 1 original altered project and 1 original layout. We would also like to see some of your other work. Please tell us what message boards you are on and your screen name, and please include links to your galleries and your blog, if you have one.

Please e-mail (photos or scans) your submissions to:

We apologize for those of you outside of the United States but we cannot accept applications if you are not within the US or its territories.

We will be accepting applications through August 31, 2008.
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