Thursday, April 6, 2006

Frazzled part II

I had to write Shirley this morning and let her know I couldn't find that darn envelope with the money order in it. This pained me to write her this morning, but what else am I gonna do? I had to tell her, right? It's bad enough I flaked and lost the damn money order, but to just leave her hanging and not tell her is not an option!

I'm so sad about the whole thing. I really wanted those A2Z Essentials paper. I think I am more sad that my 'flakiness' and procrastinator side has reared it's ugly head and is affecting more than just my poor unsuspecting family... Hmmph!

I still have a small grain of hope it will just appear where I have already looked before. Maybe Samantha -miss gotta touch everything that is not mine- picked it up and carried it off to her room. I haven't investigated in there yet.. well not much since I was in there last night putting away her clothes. This is one of those things that is going to haunt me for a long time. If I have a question that I can't get answered I usually will do anything to find out the answer.... which leads me to my next train of though.

A public apology to my husband. To make a long story short, something of mine came up missing and I couldn't find it on the server. Doug was the last one to have messed with it and promised me he would try to find it. He thought by providing me with a new item slightly more jazzed up I would forget about other said item and everything would be fine. I basically called him a liar and pissed him off to start looking for it... BAM, he found it. Now my suspicious mind makes me wonder - did he just rename slightly more jazzed up item??? Oh well, I am officially letting this one go. Sorry Doug.

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  1. ugh! I know how you feel, I can't stand it when I know I have something and it's not near or around where I "thought" I placed it last! Good luck finding it!


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