Friday, April 7, 2006

~challenge~ Icecream

Blog about your fave ice-cream flavor. Summer is right around the corner. If you absolutely love the stuff, like I do! what's your fave flavor? Do you have more than one? Is it a specific brand? Do you enjoy it in a cone or in a dish, piled up high with other yummy stuff? Blog about this cool and delicious treat.

Ohhhhh BonnieRose hit on my weakness... icecream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream!! My favorite is anything with peanut butter in it, especially those large chunks of reeses peanut butter cups! Yummmmmmmmmmy! This topic is really making me want to run to Brusters to get some of their icecream. It's packed with flavor and they have about 12 or so new flavors a month. It's been ages since I have been there, and the lines are always long when it's hot. Heck, I've seen long lines there in the winter. Usually we have icecream at home though, and if I let Doug serve the icecream, the half gallon will last about three to four times. I really like getting a pint of B&J's and eating about half. (Suggested serving size is 1/4 cup.. can you believe that!) No way I could sit and eat only 1/4 of the container... heck, I've been known to sit and eat the whole pint in one sitting! Sighhhhh, for the most part though, these days are behind me!


  1. Isn't that serving size of 1/4C a joke? I think that's maybe 2 spoons. A skinny person thought that up to laugh at me!

  2. us girls need our



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