Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Today my little man turned three!
It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital in his Baseball outfit which was much too large on his 7lb 10oz little body. OMG he is soooo cute!!!

How he has grown.
He turns 3!

Cameron is infatuated with ANYTHING Thomas the Train. He had a cute little TTT cake, party hats, and balloons.

His first sleepover
We invited three of his cousins over for a sleepover.. which he LOVED... just when it came to the sleeping part.. he didn't do much of that. We tried letting them go to sleep watching Wally on the tv... Eventually, we had to put Cameron in his own bed, because he kept turning on the sunroom light, and playing with his new Emily train..... he begged and begged to have that for his birthday. I'm surprised he didn't try taking Emily to his bed to sleep with her. lol

Can't believe my little guy is now three!!! For the next 17 days, Samantha and Cameron will be the same age... I just love that. :)
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tally goodness

Well, Shirls did it. She created an uber gorgeous kit that sold out in just a few hours!
I cranked out 4 layouts with it yesterday, and have plenty more to play with today. Yes, I am scrappin' baby! It's been about 3 weeks since I had touched paper & glue. (valentines day cards don't count folks... lol)

These next two are in a ring bound album for my TMIR (Tally Month IN Review) where we document each months worth of photos. I LOVE that star embellie... can't remember who makes it right now, but it's wicked COOL. And that cream & black damask paper. yeah, it's flocked. LOVE it!
TMIR January page 1

TMIR - January page 2



Sweet Valentine
Sweet Valentine
That lacy paper above is from Creative Imaginations.. LOVE it. So many wonderful elements in this kit.. I almost wish I had purchased another one before they sold out. Link me up once you get your kit so I can see your smashing work!

My desk is a mess, so I'm going to clean it up and start to scrappin' again.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Feels like spring

The last few days here in Virginia have felt like Springtime. We've been going outside most every day except for one day where the wind was gusting up to 60mph. We went and ate lunch with Doug at work. The kids love doing that, but I think Doug likes it more. ;) When we came home and were getting out of the car, I noticed a touch of yellow near the lamp post. Sure enough, it was a flower bloomed. A buttercup? Lovely.
winter fooled you

Samantha, Cameron, and I cut out hearts with my cricut expression today. Man, that sucker is quick cutting out stuff like that. Anyways, we proceeded to color the hearts, stamp on them, add stickers, and glitter those babies up. I believe I'll be wearing glitter for a month. Cameron tipped over the tray we were using to hold the glitter (on purpose, ugh!) and bam. Glitter everywhere!

It was still a little breezy today, making it feel chilly, but outside we went again. Must enjoy the weather while it's nice! Especially since the kids have been cooped up all winter. We had a little bit of static cling going on. ;)
static cling part duex

static cling

Isn't that hysterical? lol

Super shot of Katelyn flying high on the tramp.

trampoline 2
I'm so thankful that our Friday the 13th was uneventful... LJ, thinking of ya babe!

I received my tallyscrapper kit today. OH ME GEE! It's Luscious. Loverly. And it's all mine! YAY.. I get to scrap tomorrow! Happy Hearts day to all!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

random shiny thoughts

How sweet is this background huh?
I decided to see if I could figure out how to make my own this afternoon. I walked away from it twice, but happy with the end result. Thanks for the tips Melissa!

Doug is sick with a head-cold or sinus infection, we're not sure which at this point, but I know 12 hours later, I'm starting to feel 'something' coming on. I'm about ready to curl up in bed with Kahlin and Richard and get lost in a truly cool fantasy world. (Sword of Truth) I weighed in on Thursday, only lost like .2 on the scale... I knew I wouldn't do so hot because I'm not really trying to eat healthy this week. I better get my ass in gear or it will be the same or WORSE next week.

Oh yeah, I have this sudden curiosity with Genealogy lately thanks to Melissa. She has some great news in this department.. we need her to update her blog with the good news. :) Anyways, she found a passenger list from where my grandmother & my mother left Germany and arrived in New York in 1955. Wicked as hell people. I really would love to learn more about researching our lines. I'm suppose to go to my moms tomorrow to see where the genealogy papers my Great Grandfather are that he gave her. The Ruegseggers I believe are linked back to Sweden. So I know I have part Hungarian and Swede running through my blood. ;)

I have three blinkies to make. I had gotten started on two of them last night, then the freakin' power blinked and I lost my work. Now I have to start from scratch again. Maybe I can bang those babies out tomorrow.

Happy Hoppy Friday!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

no regrets now...

thanks to my homeskillet Melissa.

About a year ago on Tally we had a challenge to scrapbook a layout using the phrase, "She just had this way of brightening the day." Instantly it made me think of my child hood best friend, Melanie. We lost touch after her dad moved them to Georgia. I've thought about Melanie and her dad a lot over the last 15 years, and how I missed them both.

While I was chatting with Melissa yesterday, I mentioned something about Melanie. She asked me a few questions and she was off on a search to find Mel for me. I don't know HOW quick she found Melanie, but she DID! By 3:45 yesterday, I was chatting it up with my best friend. We stayed on the phone for hours. I could almost cry thinking about it now. A*MAZ*ing. It's one of the best gifts I've ever been given. So, a big shout out to Melissa for finding Melanie & her dad for me.... you are one helluva good friend, Melissa, and I'll always treasure this gift you've given me. I'm pretty sure the Smurf glasses are insufficient now. ;o)

I know now it's true.. it's never too late to find someone and establish contact.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

gah... Superbowl

So, each year we only watch ONE football game of the year, that's the Superbowl baby. Doug and I take turns each year picking which team we are going to root for, the other person is then stuck rooting for the opposing team. Then the kids choose which team their going to be on, mama's or daddy's. Doug chose the Steelers and I was stuck with the Cardinals. I'm a big fan of underdogs, and considering it was the Cards first time at the Superbowl, I genuinely wanted them to take the win!!! Samantha & Cameron were on my team, Katelyn chose daddy's.

We spent time at my moms house Sunday morning, then we went to Sam's to pick up some food for the day. We put out goodies and start grazing from 4pm until bedtime. We had a veggie tray, jalepeno poppers, a cheese/sausage tray, pizza, chips, salsa... I regret not having a fruit tray, I think I would have snacked on that alone. As it is, I probably 3gazillion calories Sunday.

Two and half minutes left in the game and my team scored a touch down.. I thought for SURE the Cardinals would be taking home a win.... super bummer. I mean, it's great the Steelers made history with 6 wins.. but, like I said, I am all for the underdogs. Maybe I'll win next year ;)

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