Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have a secret... ohhh I love secrets, I really DO!
Its just so hard when you can't TELL someone.
I would of course, not tell a friends secret... but when its one *I* have to keep - I don't know.. it is just different, and I wanna tell anyone I can *wink*

So, now I'm excited for Granparents Day to hurry up and get here so I can give my mom & step dad the arrow album (it's posted below) - I also have a hard time holding on to gifts I buy for someone I love. I'm doing amazingly well not giving in, and giving DH his bithday presents considering I've had them hid going on two weeks now!

I joined the community over at EBB a couple of days ago. What a friendly group of people, I've taken off my shoes so I can stay awhile... I prefer to be barefoot. ;) Anyways, I played BINGO there last night for the first time, and actually won the first game!! How cool is that? I won American Crafts thickers (chipboard black) and some CI rub ons. wicked. They hold bingo on the last Wednesday of every month. The more people who join in, the greater value of the bingo prizes. They just upgraded their forums/gallery too.. its awesome!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do you believe in


This past Sunday, I was preparing the children's lunch, putting them in their highchairs, and Doug started walking about the house, picking up toys. That is a process of going back n forth, back n forth from room to room putting them all away. lol Anyways, after about 5 minutes he walks in the dining room and asks me, "You messing with me woman?"

I was like, "No, wtf?"

He said he walked into Samantha's room, put toys in there and turned the light on (by the switch on the wall.. we have ceiling fans, and try to leave the lights on in both bedrooms so the kids will go back there and play on their own) and left the room to get another armful. He came back, turned the light on, distributed more toys, and was like.. hmmm?! Left, came back with more toys, and this time noticed for sure, the light was OFF again. He knew for sure he had left the thing on a minute ago when he left. Weird, right? He does one more trip with toys and sure enough, the light was off again. That's when he came in and asked me if I was messing with him!

He said I gave him a look that portrayed he has lost his sanity, but I didn't think I did. Just kinda spooky. I just tried to reassure him that maybe he just turned it off without really thinking about, kwim? (Kinda like when you're looking for keys, and you're actually holding them in your hands kinda thing)

Anyways, we've been recording BB8 afterdark. I watch it in small doses through-out the day, and when I leave the room, I pause it. Well, earlier this morning I went into the bathroom, both little kids in tow following me, as soon as I sat down on the toilet, the damn TV started playing. Doug was at work, Katelyn at school, and both little ones with me. The dogs were outside, and the cat too. Eeeks.

So, hmmmm wonder if the remote needs batteries, or do I need to call TAP from Ghost Hunters?

I can show this since the only family that has my blog link is Doug - this is an album made for Grandparents Day (It's sept 9th FYI!) - hope she loves it, cuz I do and am going to find it hard to let this baby go.

*click on the pictures to see more detail/larger size*

I'm tired just posting all these photos!
Have to go to my mom's house for dinner tonight... guess we'll play marbles too. Thank goodness I have the excuse of the kids needing to be on a schedule and Katelyn being in school now - family issues - can go more in depth on that another day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

just brilliant babe

Some more stuff from this week. Haven't been in the greatest of moods lately. The kids are just really stressing me out. I don't know why their getting to me. Maybe I need some time away for a bit. Like a plane ticked to Colorado for the MFM retreat. Yeah, that would do it!!

MFM aug 07 kit. I used my Silhouette to cut out the paper, (It was going to be for a card) and then I laid that down over top the photos, creating a pretty cool frame.

*down hill*

*Snowy Fun*

The title was done with my silhouette. I'll get better about recording the fonts I use so I can pass that info along.

*I'm pretty sure you're brilliant*

This was the photo I caught and posted about the catchlights on this post last week. I blew up the photo just so I wouldn't lose the detail of the eyes.

*close up of the owl*

*I'm so not wild anymore* -but I use to be- ;)

Pink paper slips out from behind the photo to reveal a recent photo, and the journaling....

*Down the road...*

This was the scrapjack of Genievieve Simmons. I love her style!

*title close-up*

I think I'll be blog hopping tomorrow since I've not been on the computer a great deal this week. Off to go watch some Eureka!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


My husband, tech nerd that he is, is the absolute most wondrous man on earth!! Smart, brilliant, plain adorable and I love him so much!!!!!! He was able to fix my server, get the raid array half way stable, and did a deep scan and was able to find my files. Hundreds of thousands of graphics, tags, tubes, documents, just gobs of stuff... he found them!!! And now, I'm also the proud new owner of a SILHOUETTE that is running on my VISTA operating system.

It's been a pretty good weekend!!

Except for when Samantha got her big toe caught in the door... now the toenail looks white, and beneath it is purply... eek. I think it's going to fall off. I'm thinking about taking her to the doctor tomorrow.. I don't know how to care for a toe without a toenail on/falling off!!! eeks.

**doggy update**His name was DeOhGe (D O G) get it? Quite cute, and If I ever get another dog, I'll be naming him/her that too. They called Friday evening and came by and showed me a photo of their little darling proving that he was theirs. Guess fliers really do work! They live about 1 mile from us, so I'm really happy he didn't get hit along the way, and of course, that he's back home where he belongs.

Finally got a chance to scrap a little this morning, altered a few things and Katelyn is just plum tickled. Here's a clipboard we got for .89 cents @ walmart on friday.

and a wee lil .39 cent notebook. She took orders for lunch on it today and made us sandwiches and served us our food on a plates, also made orgami napkins. Maybe she'll do it again soon so I can remember to take a photo ;)

I LOVE the new Heidi Swapp Cherries bling.. so dang cute!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Found Dog!

Medium build, white with cream patches, wearing red collar, friendly. Found near the NL swim club! Please oh please come forward doggie owner!

So, that’s kinda what the flier said this morning when we were pounding them in the poles at all the entrances/exits leaving our ginormous neighborhood. We left one in the store at the bottom of the hill, hoping someone will spot their lil baby and call…. the bank wouldn’t put one in their drive through window. Our newspaper in town lets you put free lost/found ads in the paper, so we put an ad in that will run for 3 days starting tomorrow.

It was cute, Katelyn came running in the house last night yelling, “MAMA, a dog followed me home and is barking to come in with me!” Say wha? Sure enough, we get up and there is this dog, just wigglin and a wagglin his tail, flappin that big ol tongue outside his mouth, begging to come inside. The weird thing about it all, is that because Katie befriended it, even her going outside didn’t deter the pooch from wanting in. It was just so weird.

We gave him some water and closed the door. He stood there barking at the door for a few minutes and then it quieted down. Katie looked before she went to bed and he wasn’t there, so we figured he made his way home. (Which, this is the second dog that’s come to us for help this week!! The other dog we found, we knew where he lived so K took him back to his momma)

Wake up this morning, let the dogs out, I go out to have a smoke, and there is that dog, just standing there looking up at the front door. Don’t know what’s up with that. Sigh. I took his picture and made the fliers…. and here I am. Waiting on a phone call from someone I don’t know wanting to claim their pooch. I sure hope it goes down that way. We really can’t take on another dog.

How long should we wait to take the dog to the pound? Doug is thinking about a week….

Oh yeah, power went out during lunch today, and it’s suppose to get in the upper 90’s again today. After an hour you could really tell it was getting hot in the house. Some circuit blew and had about 3,500 customers without service. They got it up pretty quickly though, thank goodness for AC!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No humidity!!

I'm shocked. The last two nights it has been cool, and no humidity at all. It feels beautiful outside this morning. The girls are out riding their bikes and enjoying the weather. Before you I know it, we'll be closing down the pool and gearing up for Autumn. I truly can't wait. Hot chocolate, cooler temps, thunderstorms, on the front porch, and wrapped up in a blanket taking it all in.

My server is wrecked. Hope Doug can fix that. If not, I've just lost ALL my graphics, my tubes (psp files), FONTS, my documents, all of it... gone. My photos are safe on the other server... Hope Doug can get that other drive back up.

More later....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

not for sale anymore

ETA: it was sold!! YAY!
I've decided to let my BLUE wishblade go. Gently used, works great, 8 months old.
Wishblade Unit
Instruction Manual
2 BNIP Cutting Mats
Power Cable
AC Adapter
USB Cable
2 Blade holders
2 Blade adjustment caps
3 O-rings
Wishblade Software CD-ROM
Quick Start instruction Guide
Wishblade Every day Starter Set
Wishblade Custom Collection Shapes, Junkitz Shapez

I would like $185 plus actual shipping. email me for more info.
I accept Paypal.

Monday, August 13, 2007

the week anew

Can't believe it's monday already. For one, I'm glad. The weekend went by quick & slow at the same time. Hard to describe really.

Doug's always on call with work, and they called twice this morning between 2:30 - 3:15 am. I could not get Doug up to call them back - he's terrible that way. Good thing he's not a DOCTOR!

The crop was a pretty good, and I got all my items mailed up and ready to be sent off. I was concerned I would have to actually go to the Post Office cuz I could hardly scrounge anything up to put the prizes in. it all worked out. Now, just to catch the mailman before he drives by today, these will not fit in the mailbox! lol I really need to get some .17 cent stamps!

Cathclights amaze me. I don't think I've ever taken a photograph with them so well, I can actually see myself in my daughters eyes! WOW! I'm just stunned.

I put the arrow there so you can see... ;)

Lunchtime already, i gotta get for now.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

t i r e d

Just tired.

I'm a little disappointed more of our DT didn't join in on the fun this weekend for the crop. I tried my damndest to make up for it by being there more, drawing door prizes, and coming up with an extra challenge I had not intended to do. It's really no fun when a team isn't being a very good team together. Phew, I'm done and letting that go. I made the best of it by jumping in on most of the challenges and just having fun. I'm gonna load my layouts and then i'm off to make dinner.

*Yes* Holiday challenge, add paint & stamping

*1 fun day*
recipe layout using 12 brads, 2 pp's, 1 cs, 2 feet ribbon, 8 flowers, a smidge of chipbaord

*wish* card challenge to use at least 28 flowers

*double the trouble* challenge to scraplift a DT member, Jessica

*my little sweet devil*
seeing doubles challenge. we had to create two of something as identical as we could get

*my little sweet angel*
goes with the seeing double challenge. these 6x12's will fit perfectly in an album together

Here they are together-

*i can't quite fill daddy's shoes yet* Leish's sketch challenge

*close up*

phew.. ok.. off to cook

Friday, August 10, 2007


Our crop is up and running... well, ok.
So we're having a little technical difficulty UNlocking the crop board.
That's ok CUZ I just thought we could chat for a bit for a little prize.
Come on over to Scrappy Giraffe kits this weekend for a crop.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

in the raw

How inspiring the ladies at TallyScrapper & Scrapjack are.

The ladies at tallyscrapper encouraged us to take a photo without make up.. no worries, right? Exactly right! I hardly wear the stuff anyways, and wth, I did it. Katelyn and I went outside this morning straight from my shower and snapped a few photos. No make up, hair not done, just me, myself, and my earrings! The jack dare of Meghan Dymock, made me want to scrap this photos we took this morning, so I got right to it.

A little hybrid scrapping, a bit grungy, inked all up.
I'm so happy with it!!
I hope this speaks volumes to my daughters as they grow up.
Snack time, gotta go!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

freestyle fun

So, I made this layout yesterday that was a complete scrap lift from a girl(tallybug) from TS... turns out, it's also a complete lift from Kelli Crowe herself. I can't keep up, so I'm glad others out there can! ;) It was so fun to just pull out different elements and go to town. It made it even easier to just lift it completely. No thinking, just playing. FUN! I showed DH since I was so proud of it, and he's like. "that's it? what's so different about this from your other stuff?" Grrrrrrrr Just when I thought he was 'getting it' I realize he doesn't quite. That's ok though, he appreciates my work and is still my biggest fan!


*close up*

Now if he would only stop reading my blog so I can tell you girls the real juicy stuff!! *wink wink*

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I was surfing the web this morning, checking out my RSS feeds and getting all caught up, and it's just dawned on me. There are so many creative people out there. It's refreshing to just take it all in, hoping to retain just a little bit to use for some project later on.

I have to get my butt in gear and get some work done for stuff that is coming up. (Think CROP here *wink*) And I'm pretty sure hubby would agree, laundry needs to be tended to. (I'm thinking he needs to attack the lawn & rest of the weeds *smug grin*)

Here are two cards I made with some scraps from the Scrappy Giraffe kit.

Almost forgot about jacking Kristina Contes from the scrapjack blog, but I got a friendly reminder via TS and went to work real quick. I adore the Cherry Arte Princess Papers and of course it's just fun to JACK someone.


*precious close ups*

Monday, August 6, 2007

SGK layout #3

I am just in love with this kit from Scrappy Giraffe. Did I mention this already?? ;)

*I love being me*

*close up*

I hear there are a few kits left, so I'd go and grab one if I were you!
I made a couple of cards this morning, I'll post them later on.
Don't forget about the weekend crop coming up August 10-12!!
Tell your friends and join in for some motivation, challenges, & fun!

Oh, and on two peas, this blog question was asked:
What is one product that you bought & wish you wouldn't of wasted money on?
Why? I technically didn't buy it, but hubby thought he was doing good. It was the Basic Grey notch tool. I cut myself on it once, and never looked back. Plus, it's just not that easy to use. Wish we wouldn't have wasted our money on it.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Mark your calendars!!!!

August 10 - 12 FUN & PRIZES!
Scrappy Giraffe kits will be hosting an online CROP on August 10 thru August 12. That's a friday thru Sunday folks! Lots of challenges to help you get more scrapping done, but not only that, you have a chance to win some prizes as well! What could be more fun that scrapping for fun w/prizes involved!? Oh yeah, the games and chatting!
Grab a blinkie and tell your friends!!

SGK layout #2

Who gave you persmission 2 go & grow up on me?
'nuff said! Seriously though, this little girl is just TEN! She looks a bit older in this picture... hard to believe she'll be 11 in two months! I think I'm having a hard time with this growing up thing. sigh.
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