Saturday, December 29, 2007

almost there!

I'm really proud of Doug & I.. we jumped right on things after he woke up and tore the border down in Samantha's room, primer, and 1 coat of the base color.
Check us out.

Pouring the primer

Starting to primer

Katelyn pitching in

and Samantha too

It's streaky looking.. going to be hard to get it right.. any tips??

Doug is off to the Dr's this morning, and I'm sure he'll be bugging me to paint when he gets home.. I'm not thrilled anymore.. LOL I just wanna scrap & hang with my girls. hmmmm Oh well, the quicker we get it done, the sooner I can scrap!

Friday, December 28, 2007

instead of building a room

we will paint two! lol

For over a year we've been thinking we would build a bedroom downstairs for Katelyn in the basement. And then it hit us... why don't we just put Samantha and Cameron in the same room until we move into a bigger house? Katelyn could have her old room back, and paint is much cheaper than a building permit, lumber, and escape window, and new carpet. Total of paint & supplies: $99.24

We cleared out Samantha's room last night, she was so upset. She was kicking her bed and crying, not understanding why it was not in her bedroom. We explained we were painting her room.. and that she would be able to help (ayiyiyi..) and she calmed down. Sam & Cam slept ok in his room last night. Today I'll be scraping the princess border off and priming. I guess I should mask the borders and stuff since I'm a messy painter. Her room will be in MY favorite color.. limeade!! oh yeah!

Here's a before shot!

Doug woke up this morning sick with probably a sinus infection, so I'm not sure how much we will get completed today. I hope he gets up soon and gets the scraper for me.. like I could find anything in his garage *eye roll*

There's a HUGE weekend crop going on over @ TALLYSCRAPPER this weekend. Come check it out. The challenges are always fun, and the prizes are gr8!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

ahhh the sickies

Poor fam.
3 have thrown up
2 have diarrhea
and 1 is slowly losing her grip on sanity ;)

Seriously though, suckiness with all the sickness going around. I've hardly had any time at all to sit down @ my computer to check in with all my friends. I'm doing it here in one place, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Hope it was wonderful for you all.

Cameron got sick saturday around midnight (22nd), Doug stayed up with him until 4am. Then I woke up at 6am to Cameron having crawled in bed and nestled in my arms.. was so sweet. He finally started feeling better Sunday evening. Monday, Christmas Eve we went out looking @ the lights, went to Starbucks for hot cocoa, and just drove around for a couple hours. About 5 minutes from home, Samantha was in mid sentence and puke just flew outta her mouth. Yep, it was as nasty as it sounds. Got her cleaned up and Doug went out to pull out the carseat. The carseat is a 3point harness, and not easy to get out, sure do love them cuz their secure as all get out.... anyways, carseat needed to be cleaned, and I was up with Sam every 45-65 minutes until Christmas morning around 7:30, her getting sick near every time. One time around 1 am she asked in this teary voice, "Santa knows i'm sick, right? Will he still come and bring me a present?" awwwwwww about tore my heart out...

Here's a small clip after we opened presents

As soon as Samantha saw her Kitchen center she got from Santa Claus she felt better. She played and played with it. Total perfection!! She really wanted one, and woohhooo SC pulled it off! Katelyn got a 4gb Silver Ipod Nano engraved with her name on it, and a red case to put it in.. plus 50 free downloads. She about fell over when she saw that hanging from the tree. (she still believes in SC! love it.) Cameron got this basketball goal with a ball.. made for toddlers.. perfect score again. Other than everyone else being sick, it's been a very fulfilling holiday.

I hope to be online and back to normal tomorrow.. as it is, someone needs me!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

it's done... call the press, it's done!!!!!

Yep, my last mini album... argh. I vow to start in September instead of end of November to do these mini albums. Craziness! I hope my mom likes it. It's hard to tell. I've made her two now, and a FLIP album she can hang up, (it's still hanging up) but I can never tell. Need to visit her in a few weeks after Christmas and see if I can see where she's keeping them. *smirk*

You can see the complete album HERE.

Doug & I had a wrapping party in the bedroom last night. No, we didn't get busy amidst all the ribbon, boxes, toys, and papers.. but we did have a good time, and accomplished a lot. All the toys are staying in the bedroom until Christmas Eve. Cameron opened up TWO yesterday underneath the tree that Fil sent... more work and we never did rewrap those last night! LOL

Katelyn gets out 2 hours early today. I was going to let her stay home from school, but she waited until the last minute (wonder where she gets that from?) to take her AR test, so off to school she went. At least she didn't hide the fact it needed to be done. I thought about picking her up early, but decided it wouldn't hurt to let her stay.

Nothing exciting here, as per the norm... Looking forward to shopping tomorrow so we can finish up!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I *heart* the FIL

I open up the door after lunch early this afternoon and I couldn't see my bench.. was in total shock! Look at what Doug's dad & stepmom sent the kids: Holy crap! We sent Dad a list of 5 things for each child. You know, so they would have a choice of what to pick that they would like, and Doug thought for some reason that maybe the aunts/uncles may wanna know something too. Ummm I think Doug is gonna have to have a talk with Dad!!! I haven't even opened them yet, waiting on D to get home from work... i may sneak in there and take a peek at one though.. I can't stand it... boxes unopened that is ;) And here's Samantha wanting to dig in too.

One of the boxes was making noises.. like a car or something.. I told Samantha it was a monster and she couldn't touch it! (DOH!) I may be dealing with monsters @ bedtime tonight.. rofl
FIL certainly has helped make Christmas big and bright for the kids this year. Wonder if he's trying to make up for lost time with them too? Who knows, but sure do miss him! D has a wonderful family, and we're trying to find a job there so he can be closer to them while the kids grow up.

Monday, December 17, 2007

still procrastinating...

so what's new? LOL

Maybe in '08 I can get better about the procrastinating thing.... this thing that's being held over my head is just draining the life outta me, so I'm taking hold tomorrow and getting it over with... my mom's Christmas mini album.. LOL I'm officially SICK of mini albums.. I may not create another one til June '08! I think I can.. I think I can.. I think I can... oh and I still need to get a little something out to the person that was my SS over @ tallyscrapper. Not sure what to send her, but I plan on figuring that out tonight so I can mail it tomorrow. ugh. then maybe the doom & dread will be lifted ;)

I tried ignoring it today by altering a Maya Road tin for my DD, and creating two layouts. I have one more in the works tonight, but won't be able to finish it up until the munchkins are in bed. Here's a hint though.. it's for Jan on TallyScrapper! ;0)

The new DT call is going on over there (tallyscrapper)... which means my term on the DT is ending. *big sigh* I love that place. I was lucky enough to work with Christine, Minda, & Ho for 4 months. September I was guest Designer and then I was on from Oct-Dec. What a blast! The BEST news is the last TWO months the kits have sold out. I'm hoping part of it's because the DT work was uber fab ;)

Here's my work from today.

*The stockings were hung by the chimney with care*

*Katelyn's marbles*

*rockin' around the christmas tree*

Friday, December 14, 2007

@ the mall w/naughty Santa

(make sure you pause the music in the sidebar before watching)

Dec. Tallyscrapper Kit

Oh my word, check out this kit!!! It can be yours right @ 3pm EST tomorrow Dec 15th!!(it is not out of stock.. it will be made available tomorrow.. if you see it pop up again as sold out.. well then it is really sold out! lol) I strongly suggest you mark your calendars, cuz this kit is the bomb!! ahem.. DA BOMB I say! I big congrats to TallyHO (Rachel W) for designing this beauty! It was SO easy to work with.

Here is the Acrylic album I made with it. Still deciding whether I'm keeping it, or trying my hand at selling. (I'm leaning toward keeping this one.. it's my first acrylic ya know?)
*Christmas Memories*

You can see the rest of my album HERE.

*The Naughty Santa*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's a private joke between DH and I...

"Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane" *chuckling* I like it when Santa makes a visit ;)
Can you believe it is only two weeks until Christmas? sheesh.
and it's just wrong that we're seeing 70° temps right now.

Check out our crazy Santa photo.

'nuff said.. I will not go on and on about that one! LOL
I need to reinstall my software so I can grab some video off my camcorder from Saturday at the Mall. I'm going to work on that and print some photos today.

I'm anxious about getting my TallyScrapper Dec DT kit in the mail today. It's going to include a Rusty Pickle Acyrlic 6x6 album. I've never worked with a completely clear album (sheer is different, right?) so I'm a little nervous about it. Not to mention I've just completed 3 mini albums in the last two weeks... eeks! I'm almost mini albumed out... not quite, but almost.
I finished *most* of my Holiday Cards last night. stuffing, writing, addressing, and stamping. I popped them in the mailbox this morning.

One lucky tallyscrapper will be getting this card

bwahaha think the post office will take it like that?
it cracks me up every time I look at it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I feel like I've lost a best friend...

I just got news this morning that my favorite kit club is shutting its doors after 3 years. It's the only sub I've had for the last 1.5 years since I joined. Shari, the owner is such an incredible, successful woman. Her business is booming, and yet she is closing her club. I am so sad... I really do feel like I've lost something special. I understand she needs to be there for her family, but can't help feeling bittersweet.
She created a goodbye for her club members, it touched me and here I am, tears streaming down my face. I haven't been very active there the last 3 months. One of the main reasons is being too dang busy, which is why I understand her (Shari's) need to say goodbye. *sniffle* She's leaving the message board up another two or three months. I've "met" a ton of great women there, and will miss chatting with them and sharing our camaraderie there. Hope I can shake the sadness soon.
My last kit from them MFM should be arriving today or tomorrow. *sniff* I seriously believe I learned how to scrap from the ladies on that board.. through that club, through the products and friendship there. I wish you all the best Shari!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

it's snowing!!

So flippin excited. I know it won't last long, and it's barely sticking to anything, and the temp will rise to near 40 today, and it's only going to snow less than an inch... but I LOVE SNOW! I love watching it fall down, I love it more when I have nowhere to go... love the excitement in my kids eyes as they watch it mesmerized falling from the sky. And I loveeee love love taking photos of it when it first starts :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

snowflake love

So, I made this Christmas Ornament out of a puzzle piece covered with Daisy Buckets Wrapped Wishes line. Then I used a Basic Grey Figgy pudding snowflake sticker and covered it in crystal dust, turned it over and put some chunky glitter on the backside. Punched a hole through the puzzle with my crop*o*dile and strung some ribbon through it.
Click on it to see the larger size.

I also completed my survivor layout for TallyScrapper. WOOHOO! So happy I didn't miss another week. Totally inspired by my sweet children this morning at breakfast.

*Ordinary Day*

Close up.

Katelyn came home with 2 F's today. 1 on a quiz and 1 on some in class study guide thing. I don't know why either. This kid could get straight A's if she worked hard for it. A/B honor roll is awesome, though I'm afraid these latest two grades are going to affect her 9 weeks report card. It seems like once a month or so she comes home with this out of the blue score on a test or something. Makes no sense. ayiyiyi. Time to go study!

Monday, December 3, 2007

my scrap space

YAY it's MONDAY!!!!

It's been one crazy weekend after another here in the Crowe house lately... we're super lowkey folks, so when we're busy it drives me slightly bonkers. (watch Samantha & Cameron be on the go all the time once they hit grade school!)

I have this lovely bay window where my scrap desk and computer is at, and over the last 8 months I got used to putting everything in that window (yes, you can see it from the street.. LOL) so Friday I started pulling everything out of the window. was so proud of myself. Then I had to find homes for all the bills/receipts/RAK scrappy stuff/albums... you name it, I probably had it in the window.

Which led to Saturday ALL DAY purging and cleaning out scrappy drawers, breaking down kits and filing it all away. I worked non stop Saturday on just that. I should have taken photos, but it was quite embarrasing the amount of kits I broke down, and what's even more sad is the fact I have about 12 kits I've never touched! I still need to go through my flowers and hang up more ribbon.... but i had to make room for my Christmas decorations that go in the bay window... hopefully I will keep it nice and open once the Holiday are over with.

Sunday I cleaned the kitchen and had it sparkling, the house looked great. Then I took the kids to walmart to get some necessities, went and fed the ducks and geese at this retirement home, and came home to fix lunch and start on pulling down all the Christmas decorations. We worked the rest of the day getting the tree up and trying to string lights and stuff outside. We're not quite done and need more extention cords, which we can get this payday. As I sit here writing this, I look around to see my house looks like $hit again, and I don't want to do the same things I just did yesterday all over again. ugh.

But anyway, I have a secret.....
I still haven't marked points down for the entries for week 7 STT challenge for SGK, and will get right to that after I pour my next cup of coffee.
Phew.. I feel better getting all this out ;)

I'll take some photos of the house once it's complete and all the Christmas boxes are back in the attic! Now to grade some 'papers' ;)
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