Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gutter Girlz - Prompt 4

WOOT! Prompt #4 is NOW up.
I'm hoping all my friends check it out. It's seriously my favorite prompt yet.

Here's the layout:

You can add your own entries on the Gutter Girlz Flickr photostream if you don't have a blog. Just don't forget to link your project to the Gutter Girlz blog for a chance to win a guest design spot on the team, and throw your hat in the ring at the wonderful prize pack each month!

In other news, I ran out of the house straight after the kids had lunch, and I had washed off the funk from being sick, to finally return the cable boxes and remotes to Cox. I mean, hello... three and a half weeks to turn them in? Am I shatoopid? Procrastinator is more like it... ah well, no fees incurred, and I was added to the account for internet.

I picked up canning jars and stuff from walmart today. I am going to CAN this year. The shit better turn out good too.. cuz if not, mama ain't gonna be happy! ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


too cool.
Check out Wordle.

sore and wooohooo

The first thing I wanted to do this morning (because it was bugging me every time I was awake yesterday) was update my blog. In the post below, I mentioned TallyScrapper having a challenge based off of Big Brother.. that was the original plan. I must have been getting sick Sunday when I wrote that, because the challenge is actually going to be kind of like the Olympics! Duh. Sheesh. Sign ups start on 08.01.08, and the teams announced and game play starting on 08.08.08. Ahh, now I feel better having cleared that up.

But yeah, I was sick yesterday... Had flu like symptoms and was nauseous... i slept 16 hours out of the last 24... so I'm sore as heck. I'm feeling better though, just a little weak. Hubby surprised me by staying home and looking after the kids & myself. What a sweetie.

Over @ Treasured, I found out that I made it to the first round, along with 31 other players. woohoo! The first challenge comes out today, and I'm a little nervous.

I may update again later today, but I'm so behind on my message boards, it ain't funny. ;)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crop til ya drop

I've had a blast this weekend getting to know the ladies over @ Treasured Scrapbooking. They are having a Beach Party crop this weekend and I've scrapped 3 layouts just for me, using my own stuff. That doesn't happen as often as I would like nowadays, and it felt good. Being able to choose my own product.. bliss :)

Here's what I've accomplished:
*Good Time together*

Altered a frame I've had sitting around for a year now.. it's already hanging in my hallway leading to all the bedrooms, and it really brightens up that area.

*make a big splash!*

I used a digital kit by Summer Driggs ~ Freedom.

*one true friend*

There are 52 ladies over at Treasured Scrapbooking that are entered into this challenge called, The Treasured Hunt - 2008. Deadline to enter was the 24th I believe, and I did enter. They are announcing who will be moving on in the contest sometime today. Lots of us holding our breath and crossing our fingers, because only 25 can move on to Challenge One. Poor DT over there had a tough decision I bet, because that gallery is oozing with TALENT and InSpIRATioN! 4 of us from Tally entered and I hope all 4 of us make it through.

In other news, a 24 hour stomach bug is floating around Roanoke. It's last known presence spotted in the Crowe household... Doug is sick :( Yeah, poor guy. Stuff usually hits him harder than anyone else in this house. Maybe he should STOP washing his hands so much. hmmm? ;)

OH. I know. Come August 1ST, @ TallyScrapper, we are going to have a BIG BROTHER type of challenge. Details to come. Keep your eyes peeled, because I know for certain I am a "team leader" and that there will be teams. I really hope tons of people sign up to make it even more fun! If you have challenge ideas, mail them to me. I want mine to be brutally tough! *grrrrrrrrr* lol

Hope your weekend is a happy one!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thrilling Thursday

It's funny what thrills me.
Something as simple as this layout I created this morning.
It's for the next Gutter Girlz challenge coming up on the 30th.

I have to watch what I say, because I don't want to give it away... but I am pretty darn sure you guys will el oh vee eee loveeeeeeee it!
Here's a peeky peek... crud. I'm not sure which peek I like better.
Maybe I should share two of them?

No.. I'm pretty sure I can't share the second sneaky peek.. I think it would give it away.
bwahaha I'm just suspicious like that!

Have any plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Scrapping Spot August KITS

Yes, this kit makes me happy! The colors make me think of the kids chasing butterflies and birds in the yard - which I never have my camera out there and handy when that happens. ;) As always, TSS has two kits per month, both priced the same, and very affordable too!
Let me show ya!
Chatterbox Happy

and Daisy Buckets Playlist

I have the playlist set aside and plan on grabbing it next month! *wink*
Kits go on sale July 25th!
My creations:

*things you say @ 2* also a scrap lift for our July game @TSS from Michelle Stanzione

close ups:


a ride from the fair this year

*all she wants is noodles*
I used the background packaging from Prima.. they package their things so pretty, why not use it? I added paint to this layout.

close ups:


Now, mark your calendars for the 25th.. at just $19.95 a kit, you can easily make 5 or 6 layouts per kit! Oh yeah, and I think there are a few flocking add ons as well... you'll just have to see those for yourself! ;)

Now, I have lunch to get on the table, and a stinky 2nd cousin to take home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's SO big!!

so, hubby came in the house, "HONEY!! you GOTTA see this!"
guess what he shows me? *wink*
IMG_0175 copy

I'm really glad this isn't apart of him... ;)

IMG_0176 copy
Oh, go ahead and say it.. dirrrty!

If you can imagine, it was hidden in the garden... sure tasted good! ;-)
IMG_0177 copy
We have a drawer full of cucumbers and zucchini, quick to be filled with squash again this week. We had my mom come by and get a bag of cucumbers yesterday... my new favorite snack is cucumbers halved, with a tablespoon of ranch and croutons. yummy!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm awarding YOU

the Brilliant Weblog award!
Scrappygal, thanks for the love sweetie.... mucho more happiness wished to you throughout the year!!
1. Michelle s - for her giving nature, mom to 3 boys, one just brand spanking new... she's always left me with a smile on my face.
2. Rachel - her knack as being DT Coordinator @ TS, and ALL her ventures just leaves me blown away with respect. She rocks at everything she does... and rocks the merkin INFO ;)
3. Christine - Another knock my socks off lady. ALWAYS involved with her kids activities, making sure they succeed... famous cornhole player.. she's well rounded in a rock/corn-star kinda way. SO happy I got to finally meet you this month.. so hope you can get transplanted here!
4. Christi - she's sweet, witty, wicked, fabulous artist, rockin mama to 4 and still blows me away with all she does... so happy to know you.. and whenever I drink coffee, I think of you!
5. JanS - We don't "talk" a lot, but I respect her life, her charity crops, her southern sassiness, and wish wish wish I was meeting her in Oct. @ the SC Tally Rally.... you rock mama!
6. Julie W - Your works of art leaves me breathless, and I hope to reconnect with you over @ Treasured... another old MFM pal that I've always looked up to!
7. Dori - Because you popped in my head. I think you are fabulous.. I LOVE "watching" you and Dilly going back n forth talking about the soaps... I'm so happy to know you!
Now here are the rules to follow if you have been nominated:
1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you -Click on Christine's name @ the way top.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
phew.. ok I think I did all this.
and I was tagged by Michelles & Julie W that I remember ;)

What was I doing Ten Years Ago?...
~delivering newspapers daily.. ugh

Five Things On Today's "To Do" List ...
~ endless mountain of laundry
~ go grocery shopping
~work on my DT stuff
~pay the bills *done

I'm addicted to...
~the Internet
~anything scrapbooking
~laying on hubby in bed @ night
~playing pacman on my sega

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire...
~pay off the van and buy hubby and I matching muscle cars. mine in lime green, his in whatever he wanted. Buy a new house with a built in pool. pay off all the debt... fill up the college funds.. go to DisneyWorld, Australia, Jamaica, and get some laser surgery.

Places I have Lived...
~Roanoke, VA
~Traverse City, MI
~Denver, CO
~Bluefield, WV

I am tagging...
...anyone who hasn't been tagged yet that reads this!!!
easy peasy - copy n paste!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

creepiest tower EVER!

Ok.. so in my newsreader I was sent a link to check out the creepiest tower ever.. I 100% agree. It's the damn weirdest structure... and then there are "things" on the building... scariest I've seen on a building. ever. not that I'm a world traveler... but you know... so, be warned.. especially the last photo. eeks.
This is a tv tower in Prague.

and I just wanna say.. it would be kinda cool.. until you see the CLOSE UP of the damn babies.

IF the site stops getting slammed, you can read more about it here on DIGG.

and in domesticated news.. if I were a 1930's housewife.. i'd probably be divorced. LOL


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Summer Sunshine

eeks! Sweet Summer Sunshine, July's kit at TallyScrapper goes on sale today! Take a look at this beauty... and did I mention I designed it?
Details of what is included in the kit can be found HERE, and it's a steal!! The price is unbelievable based on the amount of items you can create with this kit.
My work with the Sweet Summer Sunshine... You can click on the images to see them larger. :)

*pool toys*

*little ray of sunshine*

*beautiful sparklers*

*old ladies together forever*

IN other news, I just plowed through the second book in a series by Sara Douglas called The Twisted Citadel, Dark Glass Mountain Book2. Awesome awesome series, and I highly recommend the ones before it that link it to this series called, StarMan, The Wayfarer Redemption.

Now that I have finished the book, and the weekend is long passed, I can get back online a bit. The weekends are becoming harder and harder to find time to spend. We've been enjoying our garden, the pool, and all with the family emensely. I feel a little guilty that I can't be online once the weekend is over, but I get over it quickly, and do what I can.. family first.

I'm itching to scrap some more, and entered a inchie swap @ Tally. I have never made an inchie.. hope I am up to the challenge ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Salem Fair

Ahhhh what torturous fun.
The torture part comes in when having to find parking, which thankfully, we were able to. Oh, and handing over your drivers license so you can rent a wagon to pull your kids in... along with a $10 bill. And sweating so much it soaks through all your hair, your shirt, and the legs of your shorts... the price of refills.. ridiculous.

the fun.
Cotton Candy - fresh out of the machine so it's warm and extra fluffy, the Petting Zoo - where one critter thought Cameron's hair looked good enough to try and eat. ;) French fries in baskets, Funnel cake with powdered sugar, Fresh squeezed lemonade, seeing the wonder and amazement upon the toddlers faces watching the rides zoom and spin, the noises and crowds (which scared the shit out of me, and makes me thankful for handing over the ten spot and the drivers license in the beginning), and of course the RIDES.

Watching them on the rides was the BEST part.. only thing that would have been better is if I could have went on the rides with them. Doug was a good sport and took them (Sam and Cam) on several kiddie rides. Cameron hate hate HATED the merry go round.
IMG_0045 copy
On the other hand, Samantha LOVED it!
IMG_0050 copy
Cameron was warming up to the idea of actually riding the rides come the second one, some kind of kid city with big ol trucks in a quarry... was cute!
IMG_0070 copy
... and then some kind of ducky caterpiller something.. still not sure ;)

IMG_0084 copy
There were a couple more rides too, but if Samantha had her way, she would have went on tons more. Next year, she's getting a bracelet... I think if she meets the height requirement, she'd go.

Katelyn had walked around with her friend Sam when we first got there, then met up with us after an hour. We were getting quite upset with her, because she wasn't going on any rides.. turns out, she just needed someone to ride with. We met up with the cousins while there.. was fun to walk around with them and get lost in extra kid chaos. Always double checking girls vs boys.. doing the quick count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 baby for the little ones... the big ones we didn't count that much ;)

I convinced my cousin, Amy to take Katelyn & Nick on SuperShot. It's easily the tallest ride at the Fair. This was taken when they were about halfway up.
It lifts you up nice and slow then engages and SWOOOOOOSH drops you down speedy quick. I think I'd pee myself... lol
Here they are preparing to go up.
IMG_0104 copy
and here they were as they were coming down at a screamin' speed!
IMG_0116 copy
(you can click on any of the photos to see them larger at flickr)

They waited in line for the Scrambler for almost an hour... I asked Katelyn if it was worth it for less than a 3 minute ride.. she said, "Yep!"
Nick and K riding the scrambler
IMG_0138 copy

IMG_0128 copy
and even though their blurry and red eyed demons, I love the photos!

We left a little after 10pm and went to McD's for some sort of a "real" dinner... that sucked... what a late night, but tons of fun!

Monday, July 7, 2008

need to change my profile

to 32. sigh. lol
I had a wonderful birthday... besides my early present, Miss Bella Ooxie, Doug and the kids bought me TWO WRMK D ring albums with page refills. Love 'em! Doug and the family have kinda kidnapped me away from the computer to hang with them over the last four days. It's been leisurely, and just nice to have down time with them for so long.Doug even took care of three things on the honey do list.... withOUT me asking. That's HUGE folks!

On my birthday, we had Dish come out to hook us up with satellite again. We had it two years ago and thought we would switch to save money.. guess who has the better savings now? yep. They came around 1:30 and didn't leave until after 6... they would have stayed longer but I was about to get all mother hen on their ass, because Cameron fell iNto the corner of the couch arm and bit into his lip and pushed is front incisor back...

The Dish guys were blocking my driveway and I needed to take him to our family doctors urgent care to see if he needed stitches, or if that tooth would be lost. Turns out his lips were just bruised and cut, and would heal ok on it's own.... we're suppose to schedule something with the dentist this week if the tooth becomes lose. Man, that kid is tough, and makes my heart hurt. I couldn't imagine having more than one boy, I think I would have heart failure on a regular basis!

We hung out yesterday and I started on getting the house into some order again. three days of doing nothing much wrecks the house..... and woohoo Christine is in town! I hope to see her today before she heads out tomorrow.

I found out I have 5 layouts that will be pub'd in Scrapbook News and Review's July issue, I'm thinking that comes out on the 12th.

I *NEED* to scrap today.. I had my kit in hand since the 3rd and have fondled it twice.. no scrappage yet. Am I nervous to work with my own kit? hell to the NO... off to do that now ;)
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