Saturday, April 19, 2008

how fast are you?

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altered tray

WOW. Where the heck have I been? Can't believe I haven't updated this blog of mine in over a week. Life has been super busy lately. Monday Katelyn had to go to the doc, the bottom of her heel had been hurting for over 2 weeks.. doc said nothing is broken or fractured, must just be agitated so she is take to take Motrin 3x a day for 1 week. Damn half the time we've forgotten to take it. ugh.

Wednesday I had to get an emergency dental appt. Had a wisom tooth pulled. Can't believe there was hardly any pain after the numbing stuff wore off. That dentist prescribes vicoden... easily. Seems funny to me, but maybe I just have a high threshold for pain? lol

Wednesday night I went to wallyworld to pick up some things. Took the kids with me and 1/3 of the way through our trip, Katelyn tried to give Samantha a piggy back ride. Sam wanted none of it and asked to get down. Katie put her down and Sam started crying saying her wrist hurt. She went to bed saying it hurt, would NOT move her arm at all. Woke up crying cuz her wrist still hurt. I fed her breakfast... seriously, spoon fed her.. lol and then put her on the couch. She did not budge all day long. Crying, wouldn't move her arm. Even took her to McD's to get nuggest, still protested not wanting to go, or move her arm. Put the kids down for a nap, when she got up, still crying it hurt. by 4pm I figure I should call the doc. They had us come in for 5:30.

We get there she wants me to carry her in.. do that. Check in and we're taken back almost immediately. The on call doc was there and came in. Demonstrated how samantha was put down in the store when her wrist started hurting, then he checked her out. He touched her wrist, "Does this hurt? this?" Sam just has this WEIRD smilish face with her tongue sticking out at an odd angle.. NOPE doesn't HURT! I'm ALL BETTER now!

grrrrrrrr I have a faker on my hands.

This post is worthless without photos.. so here's more work with April's tallykit.

altered wooden tray that the circle alpha come packaged in.

Ok.. time to fix some lunch!

Thursday, April 10, 2008 ROCKS!

Seriously. Got April's kit in my hot lil hands on Monday. I've only had time to create two layouts with it, but man oh man... who would have thought I would love Heritage?? This kit was specifically designed for one special gal, Charlee. She is big time into Genealogy and inspires all of us to get back to our roots. I love her enthusiasm for it all... wish it would rub off a little more on me.... which reminds me I need to get with my mom about looking at our family tree documents that my grandfather had compiled. If I remember correctly, he had traced on my moms side back to the 1800's. I hardly know anything about my dads side... that doesn't bother me so much.

Back to the kit.... it goes up for sale on the 15th and the DT have been doing beautiful things with it already. It's perfect for Heritage, but many have been using it for everyday layouts. It's quite amazing how it's just right for ANY genre layout.
Here are a couple of my mom.





I need to do a couple more pages with the kit (it comes with this fabulous Art Declassified stamp.. so yum) if I ever stop surfing the web! argh. Time management.. I need a lesson!
Happy Thursday all!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a weekend!

I'm not used to being busy, playing outside in Mother Natures' world for that long of a time... but my kids ate it up and slept in until 7:30 this morning. A new world record in the Crowe children. Sore muscles from running all over this huge park Saturday. They have like 10 tennis courts, a pond where there was like one duck in it, a covered picnic area with a fireplace, tons of open space for riding your bike or running around, and a playground for the little ones. We were there at Landon's (1st)birthday party for about 3 hours, and I would say for 2:45 minutes, we were chasing kids, and running around the whole park. Fun, but crazy tired. lol
at the park
I brought my camera and did not hardly get any photos. Maybe 5... so dissappointed, but my two littles ones just kept us slammed... no time to pick up the camera... no cute photos of Landon with BLUE icing all over his little face... hopefully I can get a copy from my aunt.. I think she took a ton on her camera.
Nick, another cuz came home and spent the night with us. Aunt & Uncle came over last night and played marbles with us too... had been awhile since we had done that, was so much fun. Nick went home today (Sunday) and Doug had some side work to do on a friends computer... so I layed down when the kids did come naptime. We woke up from our naps and decided to make the homemade toilet paper pots for planting our veggies and flowers in.
The kids really had a great time spooning the soil in the pots and planting.... especially Samantha and Katelyn. Cameron probably would have had a great time if I continued to let him eat the dirt or throw it on the floor in piles! lol
Planting veggies
We went to K-mart this evening to look at little swing sets. Would not believe how long we had to wait for a person to come help us. Eventually, we ended up contacting the customer service desk, because it seemed like the Employess in that area was just a-wall after trying to reach him through intercom & walky talky. The manager was not pleasant nor apologetic... we did not end up buying a swing set there. So, off to check out the other K-mart this week, and maybe Lowes & Home Depot for the sets you build yourself. all & all, it was a fun weekend where we feel closer with our children.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I need answers.. WWYD?

We're going to pretend this is a hypothetical situation, ok?

Say at your place of business, you are head of a dept. In said dept, your responsibilites are huge right now, because you are down one person from being fired two weeks ago, (so it is now only you.) You've been busting your ass and notice in your boss' inbox two emails. Ok, so maybe you shouldn't be looking while working on the problem at hand... but you open it.

In one email, a coworker had cc'd your boss, and sent you the email saying thanks for a great job done. Your boss then forwards that email on to another person (a different peer) and says, take a look at this. Peer replies back, "makes me want to puke."

2nd email - company wide email had been sent out from your boss, because the sister company was not following chain of command. ie.. coming to you so you can handle problems. Instead they are going to your boss and your boss' boss to try and resolve any problems that your dept. handles. (In other words, they do not call on the dept. It's almost like a conspiracy to get you in trouble since the other person was fired two weeks ago.) One peer on your level responded back, "I miss you", your boss replied back, "I'm tired of being mister make everyone feel good C.F.O.... SO & SO (you) needs to go back to kindergarten... and learn how to play in the sandbox...."

Now, you obviously can't say anything, because you shouldn't have been reading the emails in the first place. But.. why would a CFO of the company (your manager) be sending emails out like this, and shitting on you in such a way? You don't kiss ass, you give your job 110% of your attention, are good at what you do, and multi-task like nobody's business. YOU had thought your boss was a good guy until seeing the emails. What would you do??? You've not done anything to warrant this childishness, so it makes no sense. Feel free to email me HERE, or respond in the comments section. Thanks!

Can you jinx yourself?

That's what I wonder.
The past month has been a whirlwind of GREAT news for me!
I made the DT at TSS.
I won, Scrapping with the Stars @ CC.
Christine @ Tally asked me to join the Tally Team.
Just found out yesterday that Nikki & I (our layouts)are the Editors choice for the Premiere Issue of Scrap n Art Ezine!
I lost 9.6 lbs my first month on Weight Watchers

WOW. Great the past 4 weeks. I am in such a happy place.
But then the suspicious side creeps in.. the side that questions every.little.thing.
Honestly, I should have been a Lawyer or PI, or Conspiracy Theorist (haha)

So I'm thinking, all these great, wonderful things are happening to me... Is Karma being good to me, because I've been good to others? Or is She about to give me a swift kick back into reality because of all my good fortune? Or, is it simply because I have worked hard and earned it? I know. It's silly to think "nervously"... it's just in my nature to disect things such as this and observe from a different angle. Just ask, Doug... bwahahaha

Now.. this post is worthless without photos!

Isn't she lovely?

Captured this morning.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Did u fool anyone today?

April Fools
So, have you pranked anyone today?
I thought real carefully about letting loose on Doug.. like at 1am, get in his car and park it around the block. LMAO He's been so stressed the last two weeks at work though, I'm sure that would have had his heart pounding a bit too much.

This messy little boy has been pulling his diaper off lately. It's been crazy.. say up to 5 times a day!! Each time, I try to take him to the potty when I notice, to see if he'll go. (no, he doesn't) It was the funniest damn thing a few minutes ago.

Cameron had taken off his diaper again. I walked by and saw his diaper on the floor. "Cameron, c'mere son, Let's get this diaper back on you!"
Samantha walks up and said, "hehehehe Cameron pulls on his penis and it GROWS!"

ROFL - no foolin'! ayiyiyi
...what next? lol
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