Saturday, April 1, 2006

Oh man

I feel so much better. My stomach isn't cramping, I am not sitting on my husbands throne. I just feel hungry and a bit weak. I pretty much slept the day away, so maybe the sickness was a good thing. Got some of my sleep caught up and I had a free day from mommy duty. Not that I didn't miss the little boogers. I came out in the sunroom several times today to catch up with D and see the kidlets.

Katelyn went to her friends house for a birthday weekend sleepover. She was so excited to go yesterday. Her friends mom called me earlier this morning telling me Katelyn stepped on a rusty nail. :( She's ok and I don't think she needs another tenus shot, but if it starts looking funky I will take her in to the Dr's.

Samantha was showing her butt a lot yesterday, giving me a hard time and generally not listening to anything. Guess what she got into? Ahhh the joy of things that are off limits! A pen!

She was quite proud of herself.

The pen was starting to irritate her eyes. Baby wipes pull the ink right off of skin... I don't know about her outfit yet though, it may just become a dust rag.

This morning while I was busy being sick, D went and brought lil C in the bed with him... I resisted the waves of nausea and ran for the camera. I love it.

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