Monday, March 31, 2008

the buzz

I'm mixed with emotion today. I've been a nervous wreck for the last three days. See, Minda has been apart of the TallyTeam @ Tallyscrapper for the last 8 months. She is such a wonder! Full of creative ideas, willing to push you to the limits. I remember when she first amazed me. (not that she doesn't' do it often... lol) We were all using these cute little avatars of either our kids, or a cute icon found on the web.. and Minda said something like, I wanna see what you look like. And so many did not want to share a photo of themselves... and then some of us had the courage to post a photo... and more ladies joined in. And before I knew it, everyone was encouraging one another, and we got to see the beautiful faces behind the screen names. To me, that was magic. And If I am remembering correctly, that magic was Minda.

She gave her goodbye to tally in video, and welcomed and interviewed me with open arms. It really is all such a blessing. I wish I wasn't so nasal and sick on the video.. but, that's life! LOL

I love TallyScrapper so much, and feel overwhelming joy to become apart of the TallyTeam! Thank you all for the tallymails and comments on my rallyboard. I really appreciate the support and vote of confidence from all of you.

And on that note.. I'm having a giveaway over at TallyScrapper. Head over there and sign up as a member, then check out the video. Leave me a comment, and by random draw, you could win what's shown in the video!

Now, I have to get to the store.. I've been putting it off all dang day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Darn allergies.

I guess after all these years I've finally developed allergies. Not something to brag about folks. Definitely not something *I* ever wanted to have. I feel like I'm sick today. Irritable cough from my throat, my head feels big, my eyes, nose, ears have pressure... and I'm congested a bit in my chest. No fun. Katelyn is going through the same thing. Hopefully something over the counter will work. Enough whining...

I've been going over photos for the last several days this morning. Editing some. I need to print a whole bunch off, and it's easier to do all the editing first, then the printing later. I've taken over 700 photos this month. Pretty good for me anymore, as I've become a lazy photographer... gots to change that so I have plenty to scrap later on. ;)

Here are a few from this past weekend.

Play Ball!

Day Dreamer


put away the camera mom.. sheesh!


colorful bunch

IN the ladder

Under the shed

Look ma! Eggs!

There's one!

Up high - reach!!!!

Up high!

New face

bubble wand glasses

Throw me high, dad!

I need sunglasses!

Ok.. so I should have said a lot I liked. I have lots more to edit before printing... but here's what captured my eye quick like.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Little blessings.

Doug was in a car accident Friday on his way home from work. He thought he would leave early and surpise me. What a surprise I got when he called me telling me someone had rear ended him. The guy begged and pleaded with Doug not to call the police to the scene. Warning flag went up when he told me that later on. Doug was NOT hurt, thank the Good Lord above. The car was only minor damaged as well. The S10 pick up that hit Doug of course looks like shit. The cop couldn't believe that the truck was the one with all the damage and Doug's only a few scratched, and some bending in the side panel line.

I guess God looks out for you one way or the other.. because the F&@!*# did NOT have current insurance like he said he did... I'm thinking that's why our car is ok, and his is not... and he got a ticket for following too closely... although I think it should have been speeding considering Doug was sitting behind traffic for a good 15 seconds at a standstill, and Doug had time to look in his rearview mirror as the guy was slammed on his breaks leaving at least 8ft in skid marks. Now we're hoping our insurance doesn't sky rocket because of the claim.

I updated my post below with a couple new items added.

OHHHHHHHHHH and I got my prize package from Coordinates Collections today!
Tons of making memories goodies, bazzill bling, a package of thickers.. trims, paint, stickers, page kits,oh my! Really cool. Thanks so much Jamie!!

have a look.
all together
IMG_7345 copy

IMG_7347 copy

IMG_7346 copy

IMG_7353 copy

IMG_7352 copy

IMG_7351 copy

IMG_7350 copy

IMG_7348 copy

Cool huh?
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the scrapping spot april large kit

woohoo.. just got the go ahead that we can post these.
I loved every single goody in the kit.. still have one more page and something else to create, but have a looky. (you can click on the photo to see them larger)

sweet - April TSS dt layout

For Me?
for me? - April TSS dt layout

gimme that remote
gimme that remote - April TSS dt layout

Sandy Daffodils

and I altered this duck decoration.


close up:


I just got my first DT kit from The Scrapping Spot.
I have the large, Hits the Spot April kit.
Delish! Perfect with spring just around the corner.
I'm so excited to be working with it.
Full reveals don't go out until the 25th this month.. but I can show you a couple sneaky peeks.

This kit is geared towards girls, but I made it work for a boy beautifully.

here's a couple more peeks.

last one for now
Now, off to clean the house.... between the crop @ TS this past weekend, and working on my DT stuff, it's become almost inhabitable!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I WON!!!!

I am so shell shocked at the moment.

Coordinates Collections ( is holding a “Scrapping With The Stars” Competition with the Champion receiving a prize package valued over $300!!! The two Finalists will receive prize packages valued at over $75 each!

The “Scrapping With The Stars” Champion is one that shows flexibility by producing pages showcasing the Styles used by the assigned Stars each week, while maintaining originality and creativity.
I just found out I WON the 2008 Scrapping with the Stars contest at Coordinates Collections!!!!

Unbelieveable!!! Amazing. Dancing with Joy!! (sure to work off some calories dancing around today!!)

Thank you SO much to CC for this contest!!

Happy tears!!!
here were my final two entries

Based off CC's very own, Kimberly Madrid

and based off the very talented, Cathy Zielske

Where did the weekend go?

One day it was Friday and I was scrapping, the next it's Monday and it's back to the grindstone for Doug and Katelyn. (work and school) At least I made it out once for laundry detergent. We're going out later this afternoon for more staple items. I scrapped quite a bit this weekend, but realize, I don't like how long it takes for me to get through a layout anymore. If I get two done in one day, I'm on fire! LOL
Oh well... as long as I'm having fun, I need not stress about it.
Some work from this weekend...

this one was based off the "i challenge thee" thread over at tallyscrapper. Christine really socked it to me.. all inspired by the 80's.

my favorite photo from the weekend.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

These will be fun to look back on

WHEN I get skinny.
heck they'll be fun to retake when I'm skinny.

Christine challenged me to dress up all 80's with poofy hair, Pat Benatar make up, and big earrings.. too bad I didn't have some bangles! The leopard print is on me ;)
You'll be seeing some of these on a layout this weekend!

strike a pose6

strike a pose7

strike a pose5

strike a pose4

strike a pose3

strike a pose2

strike a pose

yes, I'm slightly embarrassed by my dorkiness ;)
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