Tuesday, April 11, 2006

~challenge~ 10 things

From Amy: Betcha Didn't Know... Let's learn a little more about each other! I bet we'll be surprised a time or two 10 Random Facts I Betcha Didn't Know About Me!
  1. I loved the smurfs growing up and still do
  2. I smoke and want to quit some day
  3. I have over 150 lbs to lose
  4. I love flavored coffee creamer (Chocolate caramel is my favorite)
  5. I'm scared to go to a hair salon to get my hair cut
  6. I hate mixing meatloaf with my hands
  7. The older I get the better housekeeper I've become
  8. My shoes size is 11
  9. I suck at math
  10. I'm 1/4 Hungarian (and lotsa other stuff.. lol)

More later....


  1. I loved the smurfs too!! My 2 dds are very fond of them as well :)

  2. cute list! eeeww, hate touching raw meat! dh does it!


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