Sunday, April 9, 2006

Snapshots of a Sunday

I know the title is a complete rip off of Snapshots of a Saturday, but our Saturday sucked. Was cloudy and drizzly, and well today was beautiful! The weekend has been awesome. Doug and I are closer than we have been in a really long. time. We lounged around and watched movies yesterday, mowed the grass together Friday, and went out shopping a bit this afternoon for some much needed food supplies. Here's my sunny look on life... too bad Doug didn't wanna go outside, I could have set the tripod up.

You can click on the pictures to make them larger.

My tulips are up! Well, they came with the house but their mine now :)

Weiner - my Shar-pei

Katelyn & Sam


I have taken over 2000 pictures since Christmas... lovin' this camera :)

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  1. looks like such a gorgeous day there... glad to hear u are enjoying it!
    Hubby and I plan on going to a garden center this aft to look around... our weather isn't as warm as yours yet... so I am gonna go to the greenhouse and take tonsof pics.. hehe.. check out my blog laters!
    Happy to hear u are having a great day!


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