Tuesday, April 4, 2006

~challenge~ D r e a m s of mine

Use your blog to write about YOUR HOPES AND WISHES for YOU. No one else. Not your kids. Not your better half. Not friends and family. But your hopes and wishes for YOU and you alone. What are they? Do you have any? What are YOUR hopes and wishes? YOUR dreams? Elaborate as you wish. Remember, this one is all about YOU. You matter. How you feel counts. What your deepest dreams, passions are. Write them down. Get specific. Imagine.

I hope and dream about the day I will be a healthier me. Yes, thinner. I just had my last child, and I am ready. I don't know why it has taken me 10 years to REALLY want this but, I want to be a regular person again. People judge others on looks so much, it's sad but, so true. I want to walk in a room and capture the attention of others based on my outside beauty not based on how large I am. I want to be able to run and play and go to amusement parks again and not have to worry about finding a place to rest, knowing I won't be able to fit on the ride because of my size... FLY in an airplane for the first time!! I really want to do that!!! I want my husband to see me as the most beautiful woman in the world.

I dream and hope and wish for all the above but, that's not all. I dream about building our dream home with like 5 bedrooms, an office, library, scrap studio, play center for the kids. I want a wrap around porch that I can go and sit on any hour of the day (especially when a thunderstorm is going on) and drink coffee or hot chocolate. I hope I can be more like my aunt. She's there for everyone and as she has gotten older hardly passes judgement on anyone. And even if she has passed judgement or stated she might not like so and so for whatever reason, if they ask for help, she's willing to help. I want that. I want to be more open to just being there for others, regardless of my schedule and needs. I'm not talking about being walked over, being a push over where you are walked on and can't say NO.. just knowing I could be a strong shoulder to lean on, a rock for them.

I want to go back to college and learn again. Anything. Be it programming so I can help my husband in his business, or learning how to take a decent picture, I want to learn. I want my husband to respect me, and look up to me like I look up to him. I admire him. He is such a hardworker, a really smart man. I want to be like him too. Wouldn't it be cool to program and be his sidekick, working together on a really large project for a big company. Getting a call from Microsoft to come in as consultants on a big release... or however that stuff works. I want to be more passionate about life. Really grab it up and breathe it all in... taking in all the good and bad and understanding that we just get one chance at LIVING! I dream and hope for a lot... I sure do hope I can accomplish these d r e a m s one day.


  1. Your dreams are wonderful. THey are you. I can relate to losing the weight thing.. I need to lose weight too.. I know it.. so hard to get started and really be committed u know? I'm there for you, rooting for you on the sidelines... in the meantime, remember, enjoy every day. Smile.

  2. These are great dreams. Keep them in sight and don't ever start to feel selfish for having them!

  3. Keep dreaming! I hope that these will come true for you someday.
    I am preggo with #3 right now and can't wait to be done having kids so I can shape up ;) So, I TOTALLY understand!!!

  4. Good luck with both the wishes and the dreams! Love the photo above of the baby and dad...super cute!


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