Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday in color


Today is Friday... the color palette this week over @ Scrapperie is this:

In the mood for love. Isn't it gorgeous?
Stacey puts some great color combo's together. 
Here's my layout.
These two LOVE to sneak away in anyones shoes... thing is, it's hard to find them once their done playing dress up! ;)

Look out for March, cuz we're changing things up a bit for the challenges over there!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I keep thinking

of all these subjects I'd like to address on my blog... the kids.. funny things they've said.. etc. When it comes time where I can get back to the computer, the thoughts have fluttered out of my head into the winds of the forgotten. I keep telling myself I need to keep a small notebook handy in the bedroom and kitchen.. maybe even the car. I just thought, I have this handy little post it feature in my iPhone I could take advantage of too... will have to "think" on this more. ;)

Last week, my mom brought over some yarn. The next day I ran out and bought some crochet hooks. I've successfully made three scarves, 1 hat, and many crochet flowers. I find it relaxing if I'm not having to pull out stitches. 
 This girl was in one crazy mood... she is SO much like I was @ that age.. it's pretty scary to think about... *lol*  Close up of scarf
I did mess up here, at the very end... one end of the scarf has many MANY more tassels that the other side.. eeeks! She still likes it tho :) *go me!*

Samantha with her scarf.. pay no attention to the evilness exuding from my teen behind her ;) (yes... this is one of my traits too.. lol)  Sammy just loves her little button flowers. There is one on each side of the scarf, so you see no stitching.

I have no photos yet of the hat or Cameron's scarf.  The hat was initially intended for Doug, but it was a bit small.. I couldn't figure out a way to make it larger except to make the brim larger.. that seemed like it would look silly once complete, so I left the hat as is, and Cameron will get it :)  I'm gonna wrap it up for his birthday party on the 20th.

My next project I would LOVE to make an aphgan for my baby cousin.

My aunt & uncle lost their home to a house fire several days ago in Michigan. Sad stuff. I can't imagine how devastating it is to lose all your possessions. They lost one dog in the fire. Thankfully, two of the older children were at school, so it was my aunt and the baby home and they got out fine. I pray daily for them.

IN other news... my children no longer are in car seats. We purchased booster seats last week... they are in EL OH VE EE! ♥  Samantha can buckle herself now, and Cameron is still working on learning.  I like I can pull their boosters out and put them in any car now... with the old car seats, the 5 point harness was impossible to do that with.  We had a hard time undoing the sucker!I have photos on my phone, they were uploaded to my FB account.

Happy windy Thursday to ya!
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

Four years old today!!
WE LOVE you so much little man!

You'll hear more about birthdays dear blog because Cameron & Samantha decided they wanted to have ONE party combining their birthdays and sharing ONE birthday cake. Isn't that sweet? 
So their actual birthday party will be on March 6, with each child having their own special day. We're going for donuts & chocolate milk later, and Cameron has chosen CarrafeC (KFC) for his birthday dinner. :) 

The other cool thing, is that Samantha and Cameron are BOTH 4 for the next 17 days. :)

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

In ♥ Loving ♥ Memory

Serina Weiner Crowe
October 25, 1998 ~ February 3, 2010

One of the hardest things I've had to do in my life is saying goodbye to that sweet face above. Weiner had a heart of gold... a sweet gentle nurturing nature... she loved us fiercely. I hope she knows I loved her just as much. She was the perfect fit for our family. This is so hard to write. Tears are streaming down my face and they won't stop... it's hard to catch a good deep breath.

It started Sunday evening where her back legs wouldn't support her weight, and by Monday morning, her front legs were the same way. We took her to the vet, had xrays, and saw some narrowing around the 5th and 6th vertebra in her spine... they sent us home with steroids hoping that any swelling/inflammation would go down, allowing her to walk again. She deteriorated quickly... she was not taking food or water tuesday midday, and the same way wednesday, and would barely lift her head up.

She always followed me from room to room. Even if it was to go to the bathroom for 1 minute, or to refill the children's drinks.. she was right there, laying down waiting on me. I have these really worn in trails around the fence in the backyard... there is no longer grass in that line around the fence, just dirt. She was always patrolling back there. I pray the grass never grows back in that line. I hope she taught Ooxie enough to keep it worn down. I held her gentle face as she was put to sleep yesterday. She kissed me the best she could, as she was dehydrated, weak, and could hardly hold her head up on her own anymore. She eventually fell into a deep sleep... she was snoring so loudly.. I just laid my head on her back and drunk it all in. It would be the last night I would hear that sound from her. The last time I could wrap my arms around her. The last time I could kiss the soft fur on face. I kept telling her I loved her, even though the vet told me she was sleeping. I kept petting her. I miss her so much... I pray she's now running, patrolling, and chasing the birds and cats with that deep bark of hers. 

If I'm not around for a bit, you'll know why. Grab your fuzzy family member and give them a great big squeeze and kiss... this was so unexpected, as Weiner had so many good years left in her.
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