Friday, September 28, 2007

Max & Ruby

That's all my middle child wants to watch.
I know the theme song. and her favorite episode is the one where she goes over to babysit and make sure Baby Huffington stays asleep while his mommy tends the garden.. and then this new toy of Ruby's goes off saying, WAHHH WAHHHH WAHHHH. (almost waking up baby huffington)
and that's exactly what I feel like shouting right now.

I was trying out for another Design Team with a huge online store. I think my chances were really really good, and noticed that in their terms, you can not be on ANY other DT unless it is with a manufacturer. I emailed the owner to clarify, and they confirmed. Oh well, right? I can always try again when the new DT term becomes available. I know a girl is going out for the DT there and in the last month made a DT and is still trying out for this one. It really bugs me. Really does. Can someone please tell me how to let this shit go so it doesn't affect what friendship we have? I have this big thing about honesty, so it will slowly drive me nuts if I do not let it go now.

Perplexed, cramping, and in need of a shower.. I leave thee! *snort*

Thursday, September 27, 2007

3 more days

and my reign as Miss Septemeber (Guest DT) ends at TallyScapper! I sure have loved being a part of the DT and all the privledges that go with it. *dreamy swoon* hehe.

Here are two more layouts I finished up with the September kit.
Something about this kit makes me wanna create stuff to hang up. Which is exactly what I did :)

inspiration gained from Shirley for speaking about her favorite quote. I felt it was something I wanted to remind my DD of, and heck, my whole family too. I added ribbon from my stash (AC) and tied it through the holes of the Fancy Pants felt frame. When I'm done hanging it on the wall, I can easily remove the ribbon, or tuck it behind the layout and place it in a album.

*sugars 4 you on your birthday*

I machine stitched and sharpied up the felt. I added daiquiri thickers & bazzill from my stash.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I felt pukey yesterday...

DD Sam was messing around near her sister's desk. She grabbed Katelyn's pencil sharpener, I told her to put it down as I walked out of the room to get Cameron out of the fridge. (I swear their part beast.. LOL)

I come back 10 seconds later and she's crying. I said, what did you do? Did it hurt? Sam said, "Oh, yep" Ack. Took a look at what she did, blood falling down her shirt and arm, my hand.. just everywhere. It took over 30 minutes to stop flowing so fast.

I felt so sick to my stomach. Ugh. Anyways, she put her index finger in there and must have twisted it like a pencil... there's a small chunk of skin off the side of her finger, 1/4 of the nail was grated in there. She called Daddy on the phone and said, "I need U daddy" You know the voice.. the whiney baby tone. Just tears at your heartstrings.

He left work 30 minutes early and brought her some tylenol since we have none in the house. Anyways, I think she'll be ok. It's always something with this girl though..

I got my new TallyScrapper Sept. kit yesterday.
just plum adorable!!

here's one project I have made using chicken wire & Hambly - both which are in the kit!

Check out the rest of the images HERE
Happy Fall Y'all!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I think my scrap mojo flew away

My layouts are crap right now. At least I assume that when I'm not getting any points or comments on them. Right? Ok, so I'm trying to get sick and a wee bit whiny today. Whatever. I trully DO LIKE them, and I know deep down, that's all that counts. This too shall pass... and now that I've got that out of my system, I'll post my crapola layouts :o) LOL


*my guyz*



*dog food mess*

Friday, September 14, 2007

So what happens...

once you used all your alloted space for photos here at blogger? I've been thinking about switching to typepad, but I'm too damn cheap too actually pay for a service like that! LOL

Doug was diagnosed with a Bronchial infection yesterday. Good thing he went in when he did or he would probably be in the ER tonight with an Asthmatic attack. He stayed home thursday & today playing hookey.. ;)

I don't have much tonight.... excpet this goofy pic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I won a prize

from EBB creations. Check it out.

a junitz junk bag. I used my JUNK in my purse layout to enter the challenge.
My wednesday is starting off pretty darn good!
Thanks EBB!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I *hate* headaches

I've had this one for two days now. Guess I will give in and go take some ibuprophen. HA! It just dawned on me that the headache may be reading induced. I grabbed The Serpent Bride by Sara Douglas friday, and haven't put it down til about an hour ago when I finished it. What a GREAT read... especially if you've read the other Starman books. I've hardly been online at all this weekend. That's probably what it is.

We went over to my mom's house this morning for coffee, and so the kids could give my mom the arrow album I made for them. Mom loved it, so I'm glad all that hard work didn't go to waste. She's looking at buying a new house *insert eyeball roll here* and getting herself into more debt. It's hard to sit back and be supportive without adding judgement and my own opinions into the mix. After she gets off work today, I'll be riding over with her to look at the new house she's looking at. It's actually owner financing for two years, then they go to the bank to get it approved and in their own name.

Mom only lives 8 minutes from me now, and we hardly ever see each other. When/if she gets/moves into this house, she roughly be 30 minutes away. It's likely I'll probably only see her once a month! sheesh. I hope one of these years I can let the resentment I hold in my heart for, go. I'm tired of feeling it weigh against my heart and mind. Maybe, too.. she will realize all the heartache she's caused for me, and too, all she has lost while doing so. sigh.

I haven't scrapped a bit since Thursday, and feeling quite uninspired, hoping I can sit down tonight though and crank something out fabulous to make me smile. Here are my latest creations from thursday.

*zerbert attack*

*close up*

*junk in my purse*

BG mellow mixed with Love, elise Jack+Abby - yummy!

Off to take something for this headache.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm a day behind

because it feels like Tuesday. I bet that means the weekend will ZOOM by again.Thanks for the comments on Katelyn's layout, I'll be passing them along to her today when she gets home from school. You never know, maybe she will sit down and scrap with me again!

I've got so much I should be doing, and yet I can't sit here long enough to catch up on my websites, so I can sit and scrap. I have to be caught up on the gossip before I can start my scrappin... silly huh? It would probably be a good thing if the internet thing was timed... LOL

**thank goodness for the new feature blogger has - the autosave. LOVE IT!!!
I was almost complete with this update, and the damn power went out on me.
Something to make ya smile... I can still hear their laughter.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Man, two long days in a row

what the heck is up with that?
Doug got up with the chillins this morning. Fed them breakfast. I woke up, had a cup of coffee, and that's when things started getting busy.

I rearranged the medicine cabinet, Vacuumed, sorted laundry, started laundry.
Vacuuming took forever since Doug broke my Dyson. The handle you pull out to get nooks n crannies with - well, bent that so it won't go back down where it suppose to. Makes it take twice as long... I'm still kind of in shock that my $500 vacuum is broke. sigh

Katelyn surprised me today by asking me if I wanted to scrapbook with her today. I'm all in for scrapping, and just so stoked she wanted to sit there and scrapbook with me. We figured out which photos she wanted to scrap, printed them off, and she went to find some paper in her 'stash' to use. It was so fun having her sit here with me. I'm going to open up her an account over at TS so she can upload her layouts and stuff to. I really want to get these scrapbooking claws dug in real good to her ;)

Here are our layouts from today.

*lovin' u*
Me and Katelyn when she was just about 1 1/2.
Feels good to dig into those old photos.

Katelyn's layout.
*Biker Babes*

Leave my girl some praise :D
See ya'll on the morrow!! I'm ready for some of DH's birthday cake and toffee icecream!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Doug!!!

I love you with all my heart babe.
You're my rock
my soulmate
my everything.

We've celebrated 13 of your birthdays together.
{34} is your magic # this year.
I hope your day rocked hon and that you enjoyed it!

With all our hearts,
Leah, Katelyn, Samantha & Cameron.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My GOOD news!!!

.. the secret is out!!!!!!!!
Scrapbooking Supplies

Don't think i could have held it in much longer!
I was asked to be Guest Design Team member for September!

I'm so excited about this opportunity, as I have grown to love the people over at TallyScrapper! TopTally has super speedy shipping, is a wonderful friend, and just top notch! The Nerd is always on top of things with the design of the message board, gallery, and other cool items there. The members are supportive and encourage you each day through points and praise. Just one wholesome place to take your shoes off at.

This is my first guest gig, and I hope I knock their socks off and don't disappoint. I'm for sure a people pleaser, but really want to do my best work. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. :)

Scrappy Giraffe Kits AUGusT DT work.
Just got my kit and am having a blast working with it.
*Cute as a button* and you know it.

*close up*

Altered Prima embellishment box - makes a FAB shadow box!

close ups

Happy Saturday to ALL!!
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