Friday, April 24, 2009

WTH is wrong with me??

I'm letting this year pass me by.

Last time I looked it was two weeks before Easter... now it's two weeks AFTER Easter.
My DD's band trip is already upon us. Something that was discussed the first week of the new school year. AND here it is. *sigh*

Katelyn left yesterday around 4:30pm to head to Gatlinburg.
I shipped her off with a go phone and two disposable cameras. Here's hoping I actually get to speak to her tonight AND that she comes home Saturday night with LOTS of photos.

I heard this song on Pinky's rallyboard and it really made me thought about LIFE.
I haven't really been living life this year. Haven't really been documenting much of ours either.

Why not??

Now.. I'm off for the mini crop at tallyscrapper tonight.

Oh yeah.. Pinky, answer the phone woman!!!

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

I DO remember how to sign in. *giggle*

Funny how I can spend time on this computer and NOT make it over here to update.. especially since I DO think about blogging quite often. I guess it's the rebel in me.

IMG_4058 copy

So yeah, happy easter! Isn't Samantha cute peeking from behind the eggs? One of my Favorite shots from egg dyeing yesterday! Here's another cute one.. I have a close up of his messy lil hands to match his messy lil face over @ flickr.
IMG_4068 copy

Miss Katelyn is over at a friends house this morning. My stomach and my heart can't handle she's NOT here Easter morning. I feel a lil sick actually. If Sam W has a birthday party sleepover next year on Easter.. you are not going Miss K... even if she is your BFF. ;o)

I'm thankful for my family.
my hubby
my children
MY bff!
my Iphone. (loveeeeeee it.. lots)

Hope your time with family is wonderful today, and always.

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