Friday, January 29, 2010

Camera is broken

Have I mentioned that little tidbit recently? grumble grumble. I pray it's just the camera battery has finally died of old age.... I've been using my DD's point and shoot to take photos the last week... ugh. I really REALLY miss my Rebel.

In other news.. today is Colorriffical FUN friday... grab your scrappy supplies, because this color challenge is perfect for closing out January, and the start to 2010.

New Year's Salute!

Here's my layout with those colors
awww my sweet girls.  
Ever since ooxie (the pug) outgrew her little baby phase, she has played nursemaid to weiner (the black sharpei) She cleans her face, ears, and top of her head.. it's funny yet annoying. If I yell "ooxie!" she'll stop licking Weiner and come over and start trying to lick my feet.. hilarious that she thinks I want her to do that when I yell her name out. ;)

Anyways, HOP on over to Scrapperie and check out the color challenge, as well as all the other challenges listed daily... tons of scrappy inspiration to jump-start your creativity!

Had the scare of my life yesterday. gahh... I feel all panicky thinking about it... and wishing I had grabbed a photo at the same time... I was downstairs switching out laundry when Samantha yelled down to me, "Mama... Cameron is crying!!!" Me: Why is Cameron crying? Samantha: Cuz he stuck something in his nose and can't get it out! Me: CRAP!

I busted a move upstairs quicklike and there he was.. blood coming out his nose and tears streaming down that sweet little boy face. I scooped him up and sat him on the kitchen table and asked if he could breathe. He nodded his head up and down saying yes. Phew. I ran to the bedroom to grab Kleenex, tweezers, and a flashlight.  The flashlight we have is the kind you shake.. it's cool because it doesn't require batteries.. it's NOT cool though when you have to take the TIME to shake it.  Finally got the flashlight shined up his nose.. and I see something in his left nostril.  It looked shiny.. like a diamond.

I was thinking to myself.. is it a diamond? Crap.. time to dig in there for that sucker.  I grabbed the tweezers and looked Cameron in the eye... it's very important you don't move, ok?! He nods. Deep breath. Hold my breath... and reach in. I grab hold of shiny object in Cam's left nostril, push tweezers tight together, and pull. OOPS. The sucker slips back a little further in his nose. I had an idea that was going to happen, but I had to try before rushing off to the Emergency Room. I told Cam I had to call Daddy, and said let's get you off the table. He made a funny face.. like he was going to sneeze. I scooped up a wad of tissues and put them up to his nose real quick.. ACHOOOO... and into the wad of was something heavier than snot. 

I peeked in and there sat.. can you guess?
A watch battery.
Where the heck did that come from? We don't even wear watches.
Makes no sense.
I was just relieved that object came out.
Funny how it resembled diamonds in his nose, and outside it was well.. it was gross.

A snowstorm is coming in tonight.. yay!!!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Something new

I scrapped all weekend.. it was good. Totally motivated... I've completed 7 layouts in three days.... uber good for me.  This first layout is a multi combination layout.. lol  It's for the LEO (layout every other day) at Tally.. for the bling challenge at Timeless Daydreams, and for the try something new challenge @ Noel Mignon!

I printed off my first 12x12 photo and scrapped on it. No PP.. just the 12x12.  I've seen Julie do it before and hers was just gorgeous! I loaded it up with lots of bling, stickles, brads, and a transparency.  Wish I could have gotten a better photo.. I see my striped shirt in the reflection! lol

some close ups..
I edged the title with stickles, and even added some to the Glitz bling.

of course I had to stickle everything else as well.

I may end up making an album nothing but 12x12 photos or 8.5x11's for the grandparents for Christmas in this style.. I think it looks amazing.

Random layouts from the weekend.
My least favorite chore.. laundry. 

I got the February Noel Mignon kit.. omg.. the goodies are TDF!! Amazing.. love her kits!

I summed up opening presents on Christmas day with 61 photos...

The sled that wouldn't slide... haha. we had so much snow, the kids had to pack the snow down tons in order to get it to go.

My sweet K 13 years ago...

Layout based on my own sketch below... it's up right now over @ Tally.

I had no idea why I left it in color.. shoulda turned it b/w!
That's the kinda fun I've been having.... time to cut the games though
and get busy on laundry.  We're so out of necessities/groceries I need to go to the store once K is done with her homework today.  And we're suppose to get anywhere from 1-12" of snow in the next couple of days.  If I don't go today.. everyone and their mama will run out and clear the shelves! ;)
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Friday, January 22, 2010

Color me Friday

That's right.. every Friday we'll be swimming in a fabulous swatch of color, compliments of Scrapperie! There are other challenges daily... but I'm quite partial to *my* teams challenge.. which is for color! Check out the color leader, Stacey's pick this week.

This is Winter Snowflake.

Here's the swatch.

Here's my take on the colors.

Come on over to scrapperie and check out this challenge, and all of the other ones.
Spread the word!
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration du Jour Challenges

The daily challenges have kicked off over at Scrapperie!!  If you're looking for some inspiration, an idea for scrapping, head on over there!  Yesterday had a Book of Me challenge, and today is a lovely sketch by Amy Teets. Curious to see what's in store this week? Check in daily to find out.

Time to scrap my LEO #4 for Tally. ;)
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have u seen my pillow?

Actually, I have seen my pillow... it doesn't miss me much right now, and I'm betting Doug doesn't either... see, I've been coughing pretty much non stop the last two hours.  Laying down triggers it.. my throat gets agitated.. I fight off the cough as long as possible, then I cough cough cough.... I couldn't take it anymore, so decided to get up.  I imagine I'll be running on fumes today.. who knows though with that thing called adrenaline. :)

We were driving home last night from running errands... and my kids were throwing potty humor back to back. Kind of like, "PoopyButtFartFacePeePooLivingInAZooBamZigYou'reWearingAFartyDiaperWig...."  I should have titled my blog post this, because it's kinda how I feel at the mo'. Bad thing is, it does crack me up, which is why it's so hard to get under control. (You would have to hear it for yourself) I'm pretty sure my teen daughter has started this... she's been pretty bored lately since she's been without TV for going on a month now... also without phone and internet.  She's quacking up! We've invited her into our room after the younger two go to bed to watch a show or movie here n there.

Doug has been working on building a media center in our bedroom. It's pretty amazing. We can watch all our family home video's on the big screen, listen to the radio, view slide shows of our entire photo library, rent instant movies from Netflix and watch them streamed from the internet.. and probably a lot more that I've not even mentioned. We went to Best Buy last night and bought an antenna to bring in the local channels in HD.  I think pretty soon we'll try canceling our Dish subscription and see how we get on without it.  I'm excited to be getting rid of another bill each month.

TallyScrapper is having a crop this weekend, that ends today I believe.  I've been scrapping some challenges over there, and cleaning up my scrap space even more.  It's about time to hit the kit area and break them down and organize again... I do that about once a year.. way past due to pruning in that area, especially since I have kits dating back to '07 from Scrappy Giraffe.

This layout we had to use 3 pattern papers older than 6 months, I used Stemma from 2006, and Junkitz from 2007. 3 different embellies older than 6 months, flowers, buttons and chipboard cover that. Paint and using some older stamps, Love, elsie Lola took care of that for me.  I just love this photo of Katelyn.

This layout is for the shopping list challenge. I chose chipboard, buttons, and felt. I painted the chippie pink, stickled it, and added beads. This is Sammie-Baby playing out in the snow making snow angels this past December.

Here's my try at a digital layout.. I love making sigtags, editing other graphics, but I'm not that good at the digi's... which is why I find it funny I tried making a sketch too! lol

I've had fun playing with digi, I just don't understand how copying/pasting works in Photoshop.. it seems foreign compared to how it works in PSPX2. Have a great day!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

no lost mojo here

I've been sick since Sunday evening.. running fevers, sore throat, achy neck, etc.. just ugh.  Luckily, Katelyn has had testing this week, and has been getting out of school 1/2 day early. She comes home and helps me with Samantha and Cameron.  Truth be told, S&C have been pretty decent behavior wise.  They really trashed their rooms yesterday.. I didn't mind because they weren't hollerin' in my ear, which just aches when loud noisy chatterboxes screech nonsense in your ear... "C took my barbie and broke her head off agaaaaaaaaIIIIN!" ;)

I've been scrapping to try to play the mind over matter game... if I don't think about it, I'm ok. Today, I actually was messing around in SCAL2, Inkscape, and AI trying to figure out how to make my own SVG file.  Boy, do I have a lot to learn!  But, I'm pleased to say, I made one with the help of following ScrappyDew's tutorial. The only problem is I get this error message when I import my SVG into SCAL2.

Now I know for sure that before I saved the file in Inkscape, I went to view/display mode/outline. (does that even matter?)  Maybe I just need to update to the current version of Inkscape too...

if anyone knows why I am getting this error, pls help!  Otherwise, just clicking OK in SCAL2, it loads the SVG beautifully, and cuts just fine!
Wanna see it?

If you want it, you can download the free SVG by clicking on the preview.

Katelyn has no school friday or monday... will be nice to have her home!  If only Doug could find a work at home job telecommuting somewhere... that would be sweet.

I've been digging into my Sussies kit and my Amber Road paper... goodness, but I love the Amber Rd.... it's just amazing once you started piecing it together into a layout.  I may need some more for my stash.

Over @ Tallyscrappers Michelle is hosting a LEO challenge (layout every other day) it's lots of fun!
This one required:
-3 pictures
-tearing (paper/picture)

I used the January Sussies kit for this one.  I'm also challenging myself to scrap Katelyn's baby photos!

LEO #2, due tomorrow. **warning, if NEWborn, and I mean NEWborn baby photos bother you, skip passed this layout now.**
-White space

I used some of the TSR jan kit for this one. loads of fun working in some of my old stash too!

LEO #3, due on 1/16 (Michelle was super nice to post all the challenges at once, giving you time to work on the weekends to get them completed in time)
-4 photos
-2 pieces of pattern paper

Swoon.. did I mention I love that Amber Road?
More older photos of my lil Katie bug.
Hope your hump-day was a happy one!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great tower of chocolate

Samantha came down with something Friday night.. she went to bed feeling feverish.  On Saturday she woke up with a burning fever, an achy head, and a bit of a sore throat.  Poor lil sweetheart.  She wanted to be held a lot yesterday... she laid against me, and helped me comment in the gallery over @ Treasured for their Resolutions Crop. If you go over there, be careful.. their inspiring AND their enablers. *cheeky grin*

I heard that Michael's this week was having a 50% off sale on their Cuttlebugs.  I went online to find their weekly coupon, low and behold I find my favorite kind of coupon... 20% off your entire order... I those! I waited on Doug to get dressed and we ran over to Michael's.  I found the last Cuttlebug there.. and it was on sale!! I bought 4 folders to go with it since they were B1G1! Picked up some Gesso since I've been wanting to play with that, an embossing dymo label maker, and some white cardstock.  Walked out of there spending just $32 for my Cuttlebug.. what a steal!! *happy dancing at the register*

The kids and I played around with it this morning before breakfast... it's so fun to turn the handle and emboss.. so easy!! Why did I wait so long to get one? Here's what we put together with scraps.

  After that Samantha showed signs of hunger.. yay!  I went into the kitchen to make pancakes only to discover we were out of pancake mix, and low on syrup. *sigh*  My lil stinker had her heart set on pancakes, so I looked a recipe up online and made some.  They turned out pretty good for scratch!  To solve the dilemma of not having much syrup.. we decided to have sinful pancakes topped with chocolate syrup, cool whip, and chocolate chips.
♥♥♥ It was love at first bite, just take the bacon off the top first. ;)

As I said previously, there's a big crop over @ Treasured Scrapbooking.  I completed all the challenges over there, and walked away with layouts to put in my album. Here's a couple of them.

I used my cricut w/scal to cut out that cute lil caterpillar!  I believe I got him from Aymee's svg blog...  he cut out perfectly! Thanks for sharing your files girl!
 This one is about what I consider quality time... hanging out with my family playing games or watching movies together.  All the photos stink for some reason.. gotta figure out why.  Oh, and this I love.. figure we can pull it out once a week when we want to have a game night. It will be a symbol to walk away from the computer, put the phone down, and have fun!

This frame has like 6-7 layers of paint on it.. I really enjoyed the process of making it.

Scrapperie has announced it's first ever digital design team too... very excited about that!  I plan to learn more about that process, even though I have dabbled with PSP and PS for the last 10 years or so.  Hope your weekend is great!!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've got paint on my monitor!

Shhh don't tell hubby... I don't think he'd be surprised to see that.... but until I clean it, I'd rather he not know about it. ;)

I'm freezing today. My feet are cold, my nose is cold... and we're suppose to start getting snow anytime now today. At least it's only suppose to be less than 2" accumulation.  Anyways, with me being this cold, I figured it's a good time to dress my blog again. I had a lot of fun creating it... did I mention I'm READY for spring?

Oh, I love my DD.. she just walked in with a tall mug full of toffee coffee.... {shiver shiver} I did have to ask for it though... ah well, the egg roll she warmed up for me earlier was all her own doing. *grins*

I've been working on converting my pattern paper storage from see thru clear boxes, to the vertical paper storage.  I'm using used priority mail boxes kits come in and altering them.  They seem to take forever!  I need more mod podge, paint, and more sharpie poster markers.. love those things.  I have three verticals completed, but only have a photo of the one.

I will like it so much better being able to flip through my paper this way instead of digging thru a box.  Speaking of paper and kits.. I just got a package from Stacey @ Zany Zinnia and ohmigosh!!! She packages things so very nicely, it was like opening a Christmas gift! Check it out.  Isn't that just gorgeous??  I'm so saving that to scrap with!  Her shipping is just $5 for US residents... and she ships quick too.  I highly recommend her kits!!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


CBS... It's not for the TV station.. it's for the Crappy Bread Sandwich. Something about saying that statement makes me SMILE.  Doug and I coined the phrase last week over dinner. 
We bought like 3 loaves of Wal-marts .88 cent bread. It was right around Christmas, and we've been pinching pennies... it made sense to buy their el cheapo bread. Anyway, between running around with our heads cut off shopping, and eating out a ton, we never opened the bread we had bought, until dinner the other night.

The texture is something like dried out cornbread.  Cornbread that I make anyhow is usually a little crumbly... imagine trying to make a sandwich with that! *giggle*  I had to talk about it here so I don't forget.  I'll be making a layout with that title soon, just because it makes me smile. A LOT! ;)

Poor Doug, he messaged me on skype and had me giggling, which led me to this blog post.

Not all cheap bread deserves the CBS term, take Kroger's .78 cent bread for example. Soft, fluffy, good.  There's a bread you can make a yummy sandwich with.  I think I'll get dressed and get some good sandwich bread :)
Enjoy your Wednesday!
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Excitement... you can almost SMELL it!

2010 is a year for changes.
Sandi @ Scrapperie has made some big changes!! It's all very exciting. She is following her true love of having a large design team, without all the fuss & muss of kit creating. Why would one have such a large DT?  To provide FUN and INSPIRATION for Y..U!  Twenty ten will be ALL about the challenges, one for each day of the week. There are seven teams, 40 Tres Chic girls, and lots of fun headed your way soon!!

Oh... and (EEEEEEEEEEK *squeals*) I'm a part of the new team!!!  I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity!!  Just what I needed to stay INVOLVED in my scrapbooking.  I'm really really excited! :)

A big congrats to my fellow Très Chic girls :)
The Layout Sketch Team
  • Amy Teets (AmyTeets), Team Leader
  • Angie Gutshall (my3blessings)
  • Jlyne Hanback (Jlyne)
  • Kory Anne Dordea (Mama2Ainslie)
  • Rebecca Kvenvolden (mamakven)
  • Taryn Stothart (taryngirl)
  • Teresa Matz (teresamatz)
  • Tonya Boone (tontaboo)
Techniques Team
  • Amy Wilges (wilgeshouse)
  • Rita Barakat (rbaraket)
Scraplift Team
  • Shannon Morgan (paddymack), Team Leader
  • Andi Dickson (randomscraps)
  • Colleen Heidrich (GenkiCOL)
  • Heather Lough (hlough)
  • Pat Bishop (scrappinvt)
Use Your Stash Team
  • Michele Brooks (Michele), Team Leader
  • Alexandra Sirugue-MacLeod (alexandra s.m.)
  • Annette Graham (jazzgodezz)
  • Anita Mulcahey (stamphappy6805)
  • Julie Kelley (JulieK)
  • Kim Tupponce (Kim T)
  • Mandy Koeppen (mandyk)
  • Stephanie Ackerman (happyscraps)
Color Team
  • Stacey Hansen (cupcakemomcolorado), Team Leader
  • Jayme Downs (scrapper_jayme)
  • Leah Crowe (Leah C)
  • Lyla New (junqueandroses)
  • Megan Aaron (megamay)
Freestyle Team
  • Amy Bender (Amy Bender), Team Leader
  • Andrea Tuttle (andrea21)
  • Cindy Buchanan (cindy10)
  • Jackie Laing (Jackie)
  • Leena Loh (findingnana)
  • Suzanne Blickenstaff (Suzanne)
  • Vicki Finchum (txscrapaddict)
Book of Me Team
  • Susan Alton (ladymisssusan), Team Leader
  • Andrea Ancich (scrappinandrea)
  • Christi Wright (Christi W)
  • Michelle Christian-Chasteen (Mchris1024)
  • Sue Mylde (missusem)

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Monday, January 4, 2010

There are so many

challenges out there nowadays.  Noel Mignon has one on her blog called the Sugar & Spice challenge right now, good through January 22nd.  I saw the requirements and instantly thought of this one photo from Christmas that wasn't that great, but yet portrayed everything about what Samantha asked Santa Claus for. She asked for all things pink, jewelry like necklaces, rings, bracelets. Girly girl things like a purse, wallet, new dress, etc.  Santa brought quite a bit in her stocking this year, and after we opened presents she wanted to get dolled up. ;)  She was even wearing her new pretty pink scarf with her blue headband.. it worked!

  The back story to all the photos looking like the suck... (I have very few that turned out well) is on Christmas Eve, every year, we go out and get a hot drink, (or a cold frap from starbucks) and look at Christmas lights.  I took some photos while we were out that night. Came home, took Christmas Eve photos before we went to bed.  Woke up, and chaos. My camera setting was still on nighttime. :(  A lot of them are either blurry, or overexposed.  The photo in this layout, is way blurry... but my girl looks CUTE, and by golly, I decided to scrap it.

Everything Nice

Supplies used:
PP: Heidi Swapp, Ki memories; Cardstock: Bazzill; Chipboard: Cosmo Cricket; Stickers: Doodlebug, Love, Elsie, Glitz; Felt: Michael's; Ribbon: American Crafts; Stickles: Ranger; Bling: Prima; Brads: unknown
Thanks for the great challenge Noel!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wow. fun stuff ♥

My four year old Samantha is now an avid scrapper.  About two months ago, I purged my drawers and re-organized my supplies and passed several things down to her. Paper, embellies, stickers, rub ons, etc.  Ever since, she scraps daily... even without photos. She loves arranging the stickers, telling stories about what they are doing, she really gets engrossed in it.  After Christmas this year, I decided it was time for me to get back to my love too, and started printing photos.  A light-bulb went off with Sam, asking for photos to scrap with... we printed off 8-10 photos for her, and she's thrilled to have the photos. I can see a change in her scrapping already, and how her thought process has changed in everyday life. For instance, Santa brought her necklaces in her stocking this year. One of them broke, and she said, "Hey, I can use this to scrap with!" dingdingding!! ;)  I was totally going to snag that too... but SHE knew it would be good for scrappin' with.  Cute lil darlin'.

I pulled out the flip a third of the way through her layout tonight. You can see that below.
 (Having trouble with publishing, will try again tomorrow.) ETA: Yay, it finally uploaded!!

It's been a long day!  We celebrated my mom's 55th birthday today because everyone goes back to school and work tomorrow. She got a gift card to Target, because she never shops there, and because she wouldn't give ANY hints as to what she needed/wanted.  My step-dad got her a photo converter... I guess it's like a scanner, but it's small as heck.  He found it on QVC and she seemed excited by it.  Hopefully she'll tackle scanning all her photos in and give me a copy too. ;)

It's now 9pm and wayyyy past the kids bedtime, time to tuck them in.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow. This year FLEW by.... I mean it... it grew WINGS and flapped on by.  Not only that... but I let it!! Stupid facebook and my addictive personality.. the two mesh so perfectly, it's not funny! ;) If *IF* I make a New Years resolution, it's to be more OPEN, and INVOLVED, and yes I need to capitalize ALL that!  I hope all my family & friends experience a prosperous, healthy, and happy 2010! (I believe our cars are supposed to be flying in the air now, right?)

Anyways, I scrapped three layouts yesterday.. omigosh.. felt fantastic!  It had been since mid October since I scrapped. That's what I love about this craft/hobby.. it's always there for you when you come back to it.  A lot like my online friends. You all ROCK.. even when I don't. ;)

I found a blog hop today that was advertised on TallyScrapper.., Pamela from Scrapbook Challenges is hosting a blog hop until the 3rd!  Make sure you first stop by Pamela's blog to HOP in order! Lots of fantastic inspiration I saw along the way... and it can't hurt to try and win a goodie now and then too! :)  If you join in, make sure to check out the member blogs on the SC forum as well!

Here's the sketch as an extra blog hop challenge by Pamela.

And here is my take on the sketch.

It was getting pretty dark outside, so the photo isn't the best... and I figured out, taking a photo of my layout with my 50mm lens isn't easy. I feel like I have to S t r E t c H way up on my tippy toes to get the shot! lol

I want MORE family fun in 2010. I was thinking of my AE word for the year, and I decided mine was involved. I want to be more involved with my family and friends. With my hobby. With life. :)

I'll rattle on more soon! Cheers, and Happy New Year!!

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