Wednesday, April 5, 2006


I am such a twit. I ask Shirley from TSS for some awesome scrapbook papers from A2Z (the Groovy Line - which is discontinued) to put a package together for me.. last wednesday. She was very nice and said she had some of that line left and she would put a kit together for me. I told her I would get the money order in the mail. I bought the money order wednesday night. It has been years since I have filled one out, so naturally I had to come inside and ask google to help me out. Great, got that filled out, actually addressed the envelope.. and started procrastinating about mailing it. I needed to go to the post office to get some 3 cent stamps.

I wrote her on Sunday telling her I was sorry I hadn't mailed it out yet and that I would do so monday. What did I do monday... darn near lose my mind (that's in a whole nuther post), so I didn't get it mailed monday. Yesterday it starts eating away at me that I hadn't mailed it, so I look in the car while I was out last night for the envelope. Not there. I figure it was just still on my desk. What have I been doing all this morning? Looking for that envelope to mail to Shirley. She's gonna think I am the worst human alive and never wanna speak to me again... I wouldn't blame her. So maybe I am exaggerating, but if I were her, I might be thinking.. what a fruitcake!

I have tore my desk apart, started tackling the mountain of papers behind me in hopes of finding this darn envelope. I just went outside and made another search of the car. What scares me now thinking back is did it get thrown away? I remember asking Katelyn to take the car trash to the can, and today is trash pick up day.... which has already ran. I would so have torn through that huge nasty trash can if I thought it was in there.. which now I am beginning to do. I can't find the receipt for the money order, the envelope I had her address wrote on, or the stub I pulled off the money order. This is driving me batty... and of course, I don't wanna have to write Shirley again.. I feel like such a FOOL! Argh... this sucks and I am frazzled!!!!!

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  1. oh my gosh! I gotta say I hate that when that happens! I always worry that I've thrown it away or something. I hope you find it soon!


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