Thursday, May 31, 2007

You could win this purse!

Head over to Pink's & Blue's blog for a chance to win this
cute Dooney & Bourke Bag along with Victoria's secret perfume!!

It's a small chance of winning, but I'm trying anyways :D

just some photos

from memorial day.

We had a serious hard downpour not 5 minutes after Doug started the grill on Monday... he was determined not to quit!

Is it friday yet??

This is the second day in a row I've used that word -> SHEESH already!!!!!!!
So, I'm eating breakfast and Doug is standing there next to me, then moves over to the coffee pot, and as I'm taking a bite of my cereal, I inhale the smell of nauseating FART.
C'mon man, I'm EATING here!!!!!
AnD he mOVes away so his nose isn't violated with the toxicity of his foulness.
talk about uNFaiR!

Then he gets upset at me when I tell him to just GO to work already... at least I apOLogiZed for my calling you stinky - I had to practically ask for you to apologize to me.
So our day didn't start off that great at all. I still miss you stinky. *snort*
I just have this thing that if you can fart elsewhere, will ya please do it? My nose is sensitive to yucky odors since my last pregnancy, and everyone thinks it's hilarious!! It may be.. but can you at least give me a break while I'm eating? Pretty please? Oh - and when I'm laying on you... :D

Since I'm speaking of butts, my friend Katie was telling us about a butt demon.. so hilarious. Lemme copy/paste it.
  • Let me clarify butt demon. My fav afternoon radio talk show guy is HILARIOUS. He talks about how when he was a kid and would have to go to the basement he would run like hell (you all have been there!) up the stairs in the dark so the butt demon wouldn't catch him. I know, it's WAY funnier when he says it!

Now I'll be thinking of farts n butt demons all day. Maybe D's butt was invaded by a fart demon! BWAHAHAHA

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Sheesh. Took Katelyn to school early this morning for an all day field trip in Appomattox, and came home to Doug having sprayed a zillion ants on our chimney. I imagine after work he'll have to go up on the roof and in the attic to investigate.

Too bad he didn't take photos before he started spraying... he sprayed this ant spray on them, and they just started falling off into a large pile at the base of the chimney.. crazy!

Top of the chimney going down - yes, the black speckles/clumps are the ants.
(click on photos for larger image)

Our trashcan sits directly below the chimney where these photos were taken, so I guess their getting their fill on trash. I despise ants and wild onions, both are to damn hard to get rid of!

Friday, May 25, 2007


I was just reading comments from my jan 23 post and Steph's made me crack the hell up. I had such a hard time this morning remembering my login name, and then the password. I probably spent about 30 minutes trying to figure it out. duh. guess i'm not a real blogger yet either girl!

This weekend is going to be a busy one gearing up for the Memorial Day party we have planned on Monday. I have to head out tonight to buy the hotdogs, sandbags, and sand for the pool stairs. I want to scrap so badly, but the kids are so ornery lately, I can't sit down 15 minutes without them getting into something! It's coming up on lunchtime, so I will attribute some of their naughtiness to that.

Oh, and our AC pump went out yesterday sometime, at 9:30 last night the house was a lil over 80°... showers before bed just to cool off.

Here's a few things I've finished up in the last week.

I used the April Scrappy Giraffe Kit for the stuff above,
and the May SGK kit for below.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

3 months...

I'm just not cut out for keeping up with this blog. Maybe I need to delete it, or start a new one. Chara is doing this super secret question thingy, so I thought I would do it for her.


#1 Favorite female celebrity - Sandra Bullock

#2 favorite male celebrity - Hugh Jackman

#3 your dream job - I'm living it.. SAHM, but if it's something like getting paid... a masseuse

#4 favorite dessert - Icecream in bed

#5 favorite scrappy company - oh gosh, I guess if I can only choose one it would be.... American Crafts
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