Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy sucky day

Yesterday was our four year wedding anniversary (together 11 years come november) so I decided real quick to make up a mini album for D to have at work. I loved it, and considering I am so new to the SB world, was very proud of myself.
You can click the picture to see a larger version.

Here it is closed.
Here it is open.. notice the third panel is closed.
And open all the way.
I rushed off to D's work to take him lunch and give him this anni present. No money this year, so this is as good as anything I can think of. He loved it. Guess that is good. To make a HUGE long wickedly downer story short, our anniversary sucked. We were suppose to go out tonight, but I have to cancel because I am worn out. I would have a suckass time, and I'm doing a good enough job of that on my own all by myself...
I am gonna try to grab a shower soon, so that will make me feel better... oh I promised pictures the other night... here's a couple.
This little guy will be six weeks on monday. Man how the sleepless nights fly!
this is hilarious. She was eating beef macaroni.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Poor blog *there, there*

I'm sorry I haven't updated you in four days, I know you've missed me. I have a life! I've been scrappin'. ;) I think I've found myself a permanent home at WT as long as that don't tire of me and kick me out! The challenges there have really motivated me to start my scrap booking journey. I'm starting with recent pictures and will start working my way back through time as ?I get better. Here's a few from this week.

4th LO to date... and counting.

These were taken with my camera as I haven't figured out how to scan them yet.

I have some awesome pics to share, but the middle squirt is awake from her slumber so off I go.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Got my head stuck.

So I'm on a roll with housework this last week. Of course I've been trying to keep up with the two main rooms we are in (Sunroom and kitchen/dining area) throughout the day but, now I have added in laundry, trash, bathroom, bedrooms. There's no way in heck I could clean Samantha's room if I wanted to (and I do!) because Doug still hasn't moved the changing table out of there into Cameron's room yet.

Dishes I have been lacking on, but that's why Katelyn get's an allowance, she has been unloading it in the afternoon before I start dinner.. it's been working out ok except for the fact I hate looking at the dishes during the day.. so I will pick that back up soon too, I'm just trying to find a daily routine. So I completed 4 loads of laundry yesterday, including folding/putting away. There is still a load from Samantha's last week in the basket yet... but see above, her room is in such disarray I don't even want to go in there! I will try to will myself in there to put up clothes and get right back out. The kitchen table is loaded with computer parts.. and if it's not moved soon I will do it and there's no telling where they may end up. (garage sounds good though!)

Last night right before bedtime Katelyn went downstairs to put her clean clothes away, and Samantha called down to her EIGGGGGGHTY (Katie). She kept calling down eighty, eighty.. then her voice filled with the cry of tears ei-eighhty. I get up to look and here she is with her head stuck in the banister. The poor kid wanted her big sis so bad she got her head stuck trying to get down to her. This isn't the first time she has done this. She did it earlier today when Hamburger (Katie's cat) went downstairs. So anyways, I couldn't help myself and snapped a picture.

Their not very good I had to move quick!

Daddy to the rescue.

SO a PSA to all moms out there, pick your kid up to remove their head from the railing... it doesn't look like it but, it's actually a little wider at the top part.

BBL, have Samantha to put down for a nap... and maybe just maybe I can scrap!
Oh yeah.. got my new scrapping kit from The Red Lily, all the papers and embellishments are gorgeous! I can't wait to play with it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


is what I should be. Amy wrote something in her blog that just made me realize how thankful I should be. (Thanks Amy.. I totally needed the light turned on)

I'm thankful for... Doug. Even though we have been struggling lately, and things seem like they won't get any better - I'm still thankful to have this man by my side. {I love you}

I'm thankful for... Being able to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of my kids. True - I don't like it when I'm not getting my beauty sleep... but thankful I am for being able to wake up.

I'm thankful for... Having three wonderful rambunctious children. I don't remember much of my life before having my children, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've been blessed and sometimes it takes something so small as a reminder for you to realize just how lucky you are.

Luck isn't just in forms of winning the lottery, or catching the plane right before it takes off. Luck I think is a matter of perspective, so minute - so small if you blink an eye you will miss it. I've been warped in my thinking by venting all the crappy parts to my day, the one thing I seem to be really good at focusing on lately, when I should see that 'the crappy parts' are just as important and needed as the happy, good parts. Yeah, I understand this now... I think it's called having an epiphany.

Thank you God for my MANY blessings.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

one month

and he is growing like a little weed.
I forgot yesterday Cameron was one month old... terrible that I forgot, but I just wanted to put a picture up here. I was playing around with manual settings.. this is the best I got, and he was fussing at me to be fed. I don't blame him one bit... hurry up already mom!!

Stress Management

I saw this on a message board this morning and wanted to put it here for safe keeping. It certainly is worth reading once in awhile.

A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, "How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out ranged from 20g to 500g. The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long you try to hold it." "If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm. If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance. In each case, it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes."

He continued, "And that's the way it is with stress management. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy, we won't be able to carry on. As with the glass of water, you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden." "So, before you return home tonight, put the burden of work down. Don't carry it home. You can pick it up tomorrow. Whatever burdens you're carrying now, let them down for a moment if you can. Relax; pick them up later after you've rested. Life is short. Enjoy it!"

This really does make one feel better about their day. Although I wonder, how does a SAHM let go and leave her worries behind for the day? Maybe a nice shower and a cup of coffee? Something to ponder that's for sure.

While I was sitting here pondering the above, I noticed it got quiet, I get up and this is what I see.

Samantha pulled down her coat and curled up. I couldn't leave her like this...but I did long enough to snap a couple of pictures. :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

{challenge from WT} Music

Amy asks: What kind of music do you prefer, what are you currently listening to, what songs/artists put you in a good mood, favorite song/artist/album of all time, do you have an iPod, songs that mean something special or remind you of a special time...The possibilities are endless!

My absolute favorite song this month (and I think many months to come) is You're Beautiful by James Blunt. This singer is amazing. I first heard the song on Smallville when Clark finally realizes he will never be able to tell Lana about his true self in order to protect her. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear/sing it. I love singing this song. It makes me feel melancholy, sad, happy, hopeful, warm, expectant all rolled into one emotion. This song is in my playlist for windows media, I usually listen to it once a day.

My absolute favorite era of music is from the 80's. So many wonderful one hit wonders... rock, rap.. love it all. Songs that come to mind are Lady in Red, Pour Some Sugar On Me, TNT, Oh heck.. did I say just 80's. I love the early 90's too. This music just makes me feel HIP and YOUNG again... back to my teenage years. I also like the songs on the top 40 playing on the radio... I think I need to get a karaoke machine so Katelyn and I can pelt out these songs at the top of out lungs if we want.. we really enjoy singing, even if it does sound like a pack of cats in heat... *laughing*.

I made some cards and

I kinda liked making them. Worked on some of these Sunday while Katelyn and Doug went out and had a day to themselves. I made 5 thank you cards for family/friends (and one today) and now I just have to mail them out. I took a quick picture of them as I was too lazy to scan them in, the middle kidlet wouldn't have let me without lifting up on the scanner lid anyways, and did I mention I was too lazy? *smirk*

For my 1st time... I am pleased ;)

I won a kit at WT on the 18th. I couldn't believe I actually won something!
I can't wait to get it... it will also be my first kit ever. I did subscribe to a kit club and did a tryout membership of 3 months. It's gonna run me around $21, and if it keeps me out of the LSS, then I can tell myself I am actually saving money. (I really think I am!)

Next on my wishlist is the WISH BLADE.

I keep hoping I will see Doug walk through the door with a box in his hand and say, "Here you go honey, I love you more than ever and you SO deserve this." ahhhhhhh then I wake up....

I went to target today to pink up a couple of ink cartridges and a gallon of milk. I must admit I peeked in the SB section and saw some cute stuff, I didn't buy it though and I am proud of myself. I am printing out pictures at home to get some motivation to get started on our family album. I'm not real sure how I should go about starting it. What should I include in the family album? Should it always be ALL the kids and us in it for each page? Can I do individual pages on each of the kids in the 'family' album? I know I want to have individual albums for the kids... I don't know... and this is what stops me from getting started. If you have any idea's... lemme know :)

Oh, and thanks to Karen and the girls at 2peas who took a moment to let me know how to go about cutting and folding the paper to make my cards :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New scrap stuff


I got new scrappin' goodies. I went to AC Moore this morning with my 50% off coupon in hand... and well, it got a little out of control. I spent so much $$ but I enjoyed every second of my shopping spree. What to get, what NOT to get... I was actually surprised it wasn't a lot more. DH wasn't so mad about it, which is good. *wink* I got sucked into another message board this morning. Looks like a great group of women, totally nice from what I can tell. I think I am going to enjoy hanging out at Willow Traders.

Just us goofing off last night.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

~challenge~ 5 Favorite snack foods

Here's a challenge from BonnieRose: List 5-10 of your most FAVE SNACK FOODS ( You know,the ones that make you say: " I JUST GOTTA HAVE EM!" and share any stories/why you love them so much!
1. Peanut Butter Cups - LOVE 'EM!
2. Pepsi (not a snack, but still gotta have it). I used to be a diet coke fanatic while pregnant with Cameron but, as soon as I delivered him I couldn't stand the taste of it anymore.
3. Pepperoni - Weird I know, but I love to grab a bag of pepperoni and eat it.
4. Hulless Cheese Popcorn - My mom got Samantha addicted to these. She loves them and now I do too.
5. Ice Cream - preferrably w/ peanut butter and chocolate


Here I sit throughout the day, and one thing I have missed over the last couple of weeks is a message from you from work. Would be nice if you thought of me and said HI. I want to contact you, but that would be giving in and making you think I was ok with you again. It sucks trying to be mad at you when I love (and miss) you so much. Hmmmph!

Blow me away

I think the title should be more like Calgon take me away, but whatever.

The baby isn't sleeping longer than 15 minutes at a time without me having to pick him up, Samantha isn't wanting to take her naps (we'll see how this afternoon goes), and my house is a disaster! I swear, I don't know why it looks so dang junky. I would post a picture, but I am too embarrased to show the disaster area.

I keep up with the dishes by putting them in the dishwasher, Katelyn & Doug usually will help unload them. I vacuum at least once a day, if not twice. I think the worse part to the house 'feeling' and looking like a pigsty is all the baby toys lying around. I seriously hope Samantha picks up on the 'time to pick up the toys' deal.

I got a little more sleep last night, but still feel cranky as all get out. It's funny that being the mom you have to give up more of your sleep time. At least that's what I am experiencing here. It doesn't matter that I am up for 14-16 hours or more a day tending to the house and children, just because Doug holds a regular job means he gets more sleep time. Doesn't seem fair to me.... but if he just lays there in the damn bed and refuses to get up, what choice do I have in the matter? Listen to my children scream and cry, or get up and take care of them? Oy!

Switching to cuteness, look at Sam... she was posing like The Little Mermaid this morning on her little ride on toy.

I am wanting to make some thank you cards for stuff that I have received from after Cam was born but, I don't know how to go about making them! I should ask the peas for help, but can't bring myself to admit defeat yet from searching on google. If you happen to know of a tutorial for a first time card maker, (specifics in card sizes, how to cut it, etc) could you please pass that info along to me? I'm off to see if I can't get this house looking good again.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh yeah

pictures make me feel BETTER!

I love my camera. I love love love it! The battery lasts forever before having to recharge it. I decided it's about time I do that though, and take the pictures off the card from yesterday.

Katelyn had a project she has to do for school. She has to come up with a new species of an animal, provide a couple examples of its adaptations. A bunch of stuff. After spending an hour working on that, she sits down to read. It was beautiful outside yesterday... I can't decide if I would have rather had her ride her bike or sit down to read. *smirk*

Samantha opened the door and I noticed Katelyn's reflection in the door while reading, so I captured that. Since it was so nice Katelyn eventually decided it was much too nice to sit around doing nothing, so while we waited on the baked potatoes to cook on the grill we took the little kidlets for a walk. Oh, and get this. Samantha the little stinker decided it was high time she played in the toilet... look what I found in there after getting dressed to go on the walk.

Yeah, this was before Doug was home so I had to dig the darn slipper out of there myself! :(

Cameron wide awake this morning. The little cutie is now asleep wearing a reebok outfit that I will have to get a picture of later!

Mood swings are for the birds

I don't know WTH is up with my mood lately, but it sure is raging from loving mom and wife to bitch in .003 seconds. I will own up to my bitchiness, as long as HE owns up to his forgetfulness and crap we talked about last night.

I have figured out this is a good place to vent and hopefully let go of the thoughts and feelings which are stressing me out. The down side is I know that Doug reads my blog when I update it. Do I get a new one so I can really hash stuff out? Will I refrain and think too much about what I write before I publish my entry? All I really know is life with a hubby hasn't been easy the last two days. I hate having this negativity radiating from me. My personality is usually upbeat, and I try to see the bright side of a situation, and I can say this - I am feeling better already just from writing this out... so it's a start on the road to happiness again.

I guess I need to not let the small stuff bug me so much.

Monday, March 13, 2006

~challenge~ All about Blogging!

1. What time of year do you blog the most?
Well, I am fairly new to the blogging scene but notice I enjoy writing about my day as I have gotten use to having a blog.

2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least?
Near the holidays (christmas, thanksgiving)

3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging?
In the morning usually while Samantha (my middle child) sleeps

4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless?
I use twopeas as my blogroll I guess, and visit the sites of those whom respond to an update thread.

5. Do you change your blogroll often?
Don't have one

6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments?
7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker?
If I find something I can relate to, I like to leave a comment.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Crankiness sucks

and I hate feeling pissed off at Doug because of it. I hate feeling like he is getting most of the sleep and me, not so much. I'm just mad this morning. I didn't get much sleep hence the reason for my bad humor this morning, and I look at the pictures from Samantha's birthday party yesterday... and let me say.. I'm NOT HAPPY here!

Doug insisted.. I mean REALLY insisted about me being in the pictures with Samantha for opening her presents. Fine, but please make sure their not blurry! I mean, sure it's great after all these years to be in the pictures with the kidlets, but don't mess up, OK? Yeah, well their not THAT blurry.. but there are HUGE gaping shadows from my step dad and other fatties shadowing pictures big time. (yeah, I'm a fatty too, I know)

Overall, I know the reason I am feeling so down about stuff is I NEED sleep.
I know it will get better. I know I am enjoying all the little moments with Cameron... I just want to wallow in my misery for a moment this morning and whine like a baby that I want more than two hours of uninterrupted sleep. *sigh*

Vent over. Let's look at happy pictures from last night.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

We need some damn towels

clean... like pronto!

Doug forgot about the towels in the washer, so now I am washing them twice. I actually sent Katelyn down there to wash them. A great fringe benefit of her taking up occupancy in the basement! So I can't shower until later today. Speaking of towels, Cameron got his first big boy bath last night.

Samantha was up before the crack of dawn. The birds were chirping, I still don't understand what their so happy about. All I know is I want to nap and go find party streamers later so I can decorate for Sam's party tonight. So since she woke up up early (Katelyn & I) we decided to go do some grocery shopping and pick up some doughnuts. Katelyn wanted to put a candle in a doughnut and give it to sam this morning... I thought it was cute :)
I'll update later tonight or tomorrow with some birthday cake pictures :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

Picture perfect

I love it when I actually remember that I have a camera. With all the chaos/fun/games, I tend to forget it sits behind my computer chair for quick access. I didn't get anything spontaneous today, but yesterday my sweet darling Samantha got her ears pierced. Grandma asked if she could do it for her, Doug and I agreed. If she doesn't like them when she's older, we can always let them grow closed.
I think you can click on the picture(s) to see a larger size.

I swear those beautiful eyes stopped dripping within a minute, and you were ready for some lovin' from mama and a sucker. (i made grandma hold you getting your ears pierced, as I didn't want to be the bad guy!) :)

Aunt Pat cam earlier in the day at lunchtime and brought Sam the blue outfit she's wearing in the above picture AND a happy meal. This kid must think french fries is a major food group - she loves them so much!

Tomorrow we will be having cake, icecream, and presents!

Last night, Doug looked SO handsome with Cam.... this is one of my favorite pictures so far with them.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Samantha Lynn!!!

Samantha Lynn
born: 3/9/05
weight: 9lbs 12 oz

Here you are with Daddy.

Wow. Where does one year go? Is there a year troll running around stealing them?

I think back and see in my memory still shots of smiles, your 1st try at baby food, you rolling around on the floor to travel from point A to B, crawling, pulling yourself up, huge grins and you raising your arm in the air like Hitler shouting YEA!!!.... teetering with little steps, walking...

I love these little snapshots of milestones embedded in my mind. I hope I never forget them and, if I do, I hope I have captured most of it in photographs.

Here are photo's from the last 3 days.


Here monkey, you drink!

My turn!

Learning to dance

chillin out giving me the 'snort snort'

no more pictures mom!

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Welcome to the World Cameron Douglas

I love you little man!

Cameron Douglas was born Monday, February 20th at 5:27 pm, weighing 7lbs 10 1/2 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long. We ended up being induced around 10:30 am and the rest is history! Cameron was two weeks old yesterday, and things are finally starting to settle down here a bit at home. Samantha's 1st birthday is this thursday (3/9) so we have to get a birthday party thrown together real quick like.
Here are some pictures from the last two weeks while I sit and think about what day to celebrate Samantha's birthday on.

My mom, Samantha, Katelyn, Me holding Cameron.

Last day in the hospital Samantha and Cameron asleep with me.

Doug dressed Cameron in his coming home outfit.

Katelyn holding Cameron.

This was taken a couple of days ago... I had fun trying to get off the floor ;)

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