Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog hop scotch

Facebook has given me this ever so annoying message when trying to access my account today.
Account Unavailable

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The only good thing about this is I get to go blog hopping. I ran into a link from another link, well.. you know how it works!  Denise from This scrappers life is having a huge thickers giveaway!  So very generous... go get your name in the hat and spread the word.. you only have until Nov 7th!

Now, please cross your fingers my FB account isn't down for a week or more... I may actually go stir crazy and start cleaning the house and doing laundry! ;)  Have a great weekend!!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm into long titles

It's funny the little changes that take place in your scrapping over time.
Right now I am big-time into these constants while scrapping:

  1. Ink and lots of it
  2. Folding paper accordion messy style
  3. bling
  4. long wordy titles
Here's some more of my work over the last week.

It's the little things that make me happy
(created for WT THAW [three a week] #7 challenge)
It's the little things that make me happy

It's safe to say they get that weird crap from us!
(created for the WT THAW #8 challenge)
It's safe to say they get that weird crap from us!

close ups:
It's safe to say they get that weird crap from us! -- close 1

It's safe to say they get that weird crap from us! - close 2

(created for WT THAW #9 challenge, scraplift a mag layout)
I lifted Stacey Cohen from July '09 SBEtc magazine page 83.
thaw #9 - sbetc page 83


Sunset in October
(created for Survivor challenge week 5 @ Tallyscrapper)
I had a blast just throwing stuff on here... no thinking about it was the best part and really freed my artistic side.
Sunset in October

close ups:
Sunset in October - close up

Sunset in October - close up2

Sunset in October - close up3

lil cuties
(created for WT THAW challenge)
We were to lift one of the sponsors DT members. I chose a layout from the scraptacular sept gallery.. I have no idea the name of the DT member. It's a super cute layout though!
scraplift for thaw #6 - scraptacular

lil cuties

close up:
lil cuties - close up

Mother's Day '09
(created for WT THAW challenge)
We were suppose to use the colors of our fav treat... mine is reeses pb cups!
Mothers Day '09

close up:
Mothers Day '09 - close up

I think I should add circles and scallops to my constants lately... I seem to be using them quite often as well!

You Inspire me
(created for survivor week 4 over @ tally)
You inspire me

close up:
You inspire me - close up

I am also considering trying out for a Design Team again. I haven't tried out or been on one in 8 months.... it may be time to throw my hat in the ring. Hope your hump-day is loads of fun!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am now the mother of a teen.


You blink and thirteen years FLY by.
Birthday Pie
Happy Birthday Katelyn!

We celebrated with a sleepover birthday party yesterday. Her BFF spent the night last night and K had a couple other friends come over for the pizza pies and the dessert pies.
mini pizza pies
The girls made their own english muffin mini pizza pies... they liked it.
mini pizza pies

I spent several hours on Friday making 11 pies. We bought 3 pies at Walmart last week.... 14 pies in total. Can you believe it? We have leftover pie coming out of our ears. I sent a few pies home with my mom yesterday, and everyone had a slice of pie for breakfast. We had apple, cherry, turtle, key lime, oreo, candy crunch, double layer pumpkin, regular pumpkin, strawberry, pecan, and I'm forgetting one. They were all pretty good. So I hear... I haven't actually tasted all of them yet! lol
Pie extravaganza

Love this photo.
Birthday group
See Katelyn's #13 on her shirt... we found that Halloween shirt a couple weeks ago.. how fitting for her to wear it on her milestone into teen-hood.

Oh... these were a huge hit. Their called ghoulish grins or something like that. You mix up an 8oz block of cream cheese, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Quarter your apples, cut out a lil notch from the red/green side of the apple, and insert the cream cheese filling. Then throw on some slivered almonds to resemble teeth.
ghoulish grins

Hamburger helping K open cards. :)
Birthday Cards

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The scrappin bug bit me

Thanks to the challenges over @ TallyScrapper, and THAW over at WillowTraders, my scrapping bug is back. It's nice to know it still lurks beneath the surface, waiting to jump when I call on it. ;)

Some layouts over the last two weeks.

Fall Imagination

Her love of Pokemon


Domino a.k.a Snaggletooth

my fav from the last week
My little Firecrackers


i ♥ U

I ♥ U close up

Doug's birthday was on the 2nd last month... totally just now edited a few of them this passed weekend. ;) I'm going to play with this next photo a bit more, we had the lights off with only the candles as our light.

36 this year!

Birthday hugs for dad.
Happy Birthday hugs

Katelyn's birthday is coming up on the 18th this month. She'll be having a sleepover with a couple close friends. I made her invitations this past weekend, but I'm totally embarrassed to show 'em. It seems I'm the only person on the planet with geometric shape problems. :P

My mom and dad spent dang near the whole weekend here. They had a yard sale over here Saturday and Sunday. Katelyn made about $15 from her stuff. Samantha grabbed some of hers and Cameron's toys to put out there and sell... then Doug jumped on the bandwagon too. Looks like we'll be trying again this upcoming weekend if it doesn't rain. No more yard sales on Sunday though, just wasn't worth it! I think we had three people come by the whole day. lol

Want a strawberry? I have the cutest little servers.
Would you like a strawberry?

Cameron thought it would be a good idea to serve a strawberry on a hamburger bun.
Strawberry patties, .25!

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