Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my 1st lunchbox

altered. Love it.
It's not complete yet, I still need to get ribbon that will match, that'll come later.

It's going to store my marbles & dice for this game we play called Aggravation.
Now I need to play!!

1st day of school..

4th grade to be exact.

We were playing around outside this morning before the bus came. She loved her new shoes... can you guess what size she's wearing??

Ever since 1st grade Katelyns' cat Hamburger waits at the end of the driveway with her until the bus comes. It's so funny. He started greeting her at the end of school last year too.

Samantha waving bye bye, bye bye!! She wanted to run up the driveway and go with sissy.

It was cool, Mrs. C the busdriver kept saying bye bye back to Sam, told her she would bring sissy back this afternoon Sam kept waving until you could no longer see the bus.

Oh, and katie was super excited because Mrs. C is the only bus driver to designate area's for grades on the bus. This year she gets to sit towards the back more... look out next year - it'll be all the way back

Monday, August 7, 2006

$56 drink

The below story actually happened about 1 month ago.. I'm just now getting to the layout ;)

Doug put an ad in the newspaper for the weekend to sell one of our laptops and 2 monitors. So anyway, he got a phone call about the laptop. He asks the guy to meet him down at our corner convenience store. Doug gets down to the store and the guy gets out of his car and sets his drink on the hood of Doug's car.

Doug pulls out the laptop for the guy to boot up and look at, and next thing you know, Doug picks up the drink off the hood of his car, opens up this guys drink and takes a big ol sip. Brand spanking new drink and Doug opens her on up. HILARIOUS!! The guy just started laughing and then BAMMO Doug realizes what he did. (Where's the hysterical snorting smiley when you need it? )

He came home so red in the face. So we're calling it the $56 dollar drink. hahaha Ok.. what's your most ever dumb can't believe you JUST did THAT embarrassing moment?

Merry Christmas!!!!

Yes, I realize it's AUGUST... but at WT we are having a gift exchange!!
I lurked in on the last one and made blinkies for everyone. This time there are two different exchanges going on. One for EAST Coast and one for WEST... just so you know, the east coast team rocks ;)

Jingle bells
batman smells
robin laid an egg
lost its wheel
la la la la laaaaa la

Gotta go get Doug up..

Saturday, August 5, 2006

{Snapshots of Saturday} August 5

Wow, where did the week go?? It feels like I just did this a few days ago.

Doug, the babies, and I are getting sick. Went to bed last night feeling kinda yucky. You know sometimes you just get that feeling like you're coming down with something? It was much worse when I woke up this morning. Haven't done anything today except play with babies and run to wal-mart. Oh, we got sam a POTTY chair!! Had to put it on the credit card.. but we will try it out. She was playing with it this evening, kept sitting down on it, lifting the lid up, sitting down again... funny stuff. I'll get pics of that soon.

These I took before morning naps :)

Sam playing with her raggedy ann doll. Katelyn figured out Sams 3-6 month clothes will fit on this doll. Katelyn dresses the doll up, and Sam undresses her :)

Cameron fighting sleep... he loves this swing. He's getting so heavy, his bottom is almost touching the ground now... won't be able to use it much longer!

My shar-pei Weiner. Sometimes it's hard to remember her real name is Serina. On her papers it is Serina Weiner Crowe... too funny. I don't think she hardly knows her real name anymore. Her birthday is coming up in October, she'll be 8 years old. She's a good girl.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Ch ch ch CHANGES

My little man is growing by leaps and bounds. He is eating baby cereal mixed w/ fruit two to three times a day. He's sleeping through the night, (for the most part, has woke up twice in two weeks) and he's starting to really rolly polly around on the floor. He's moving quick!
Found a hat the other day, and tried it on him... too cute for words ;)

Open that picture up full size and take a good look at my little man. SWEET I tell ya!

I've been a bad friend to Stacy. I've not called her since Sunday, and I really don't know why. I mean, I haven't called *ANYONE* this week.... Just feeling very anti-social and I feel badly about it.... but it's not making me want to call and talk to anyone. She stopped by this afternoon for like 2 seconds. Dropped off a few dice and was right back out the door. I know she's mad at me, and I can't say that I blame her :( I don't know what's up.

I haven't had a problem chatting away online... maybe I'm just not a good friend except to hubby and online friends? I don't have to meet up with them, don't have to make plans to meet them anywhere, don't have to worry about a babysitter for my kids, or leaving Doug and missing time with him. Ever since D & I've been together we've been each other's best friend not needing any outside contact with other people. We hate to be away from each other, even for a little bit. Some say it's not healthy - to us, it's normal and we're HAPPY with it.

Ugh. I hate letting people down though and having them feel mad at me :(

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

~challenge~ My scrap space

This challenge comes from Lisa.

What's the best thing about your scrapping space? It can be how your organized, it can be where your room is located, anything about your scrap space that makes you love it.

Oh, I guess the best thing about my scrap space right now, is also the worst thing about it. It's out in the open in my sun room. Samantha my rambunctious 16 month old loves getting into my drawers and pulling stuff out. Drives me insane like. Some days she is really good about not touching, but most days she in those drawers like white on rice! The good part about my space being in the sunroom, is I don't have to wait for Doug to get home to scrap. If Sam is playing good, and Cameron is chillin', I can start a project and finish when they go down for a nap. Wish I could get inspired to scrap... but it's too hot. Yeah, this is more about what I don't like I think. There's no AC in the sun room, so when the temps are in the high 90's, you sweat your booty off in there! It's like a oven.
Here's a glimpse of my drawers, oh and my lil trouble maker Samantha ;) I will be happy once I get my own room for scrapping... it will be wonderful!!
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