Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ODDIDOL & New Digi!!

Good evening friends.. I wanted to pop in here real quick with a couple of reminders.
ODD IDOL.. super mega competition, and the OPEN round is going on NOW.
It ends tomorrow.... go check out some more amazing goodies from a NEW sponsor.. the overall prize package is incredible.. you won't believe your eyes.

Next up... NEW Digi Tuesday has arrived... sweet Pick a Posie Mae is in the store.. and she is most gorgeous!! I can't wait to buy her myself!!
So.. go get your odd idol entry in and join me back here tomorrow for the new, May Some Odd Girl Challenge.

Ps.. fun photo of Manda.. 13 weeks pregnant 

See ya back here tomorrow, friends!!
Have a great night. xx

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Monday, April 29, 2013

New layout, old paper

What a busy weekend, it feels like I was just getting excited for Friday to come along and bam.. here we are on another Monday!! Soooo, Happy Monday friends!! 

Today I am up on the Clear Scraps Blog sharing how I decorated the title and frame in the layout below. To see the Clear Scraps products used head over to the Clear Scraps Blog.

These two paper lines are old.. remember who it's from?
It's one of those lines I LOVED but didn't want to use, so I held on to it..
give up?

Rusty Pickles Candyland and Pop Star collection. :)
The frame and title are Acrylic from Clear Scraps... I just love using their products!!
I alcohol inked the title and then edged it in white paint.

and a little closer look at the frame. It's roughly 6" x 9" and houses a 4x6 photo beautifully. I thought this line went so well with Amanda's Rainbow birthday cake she had on her birthday last year. :)

That's it for me today.. I'll be back on the 1st with a brand new challenge card from Some Odd Girl.


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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Painter Mae!

Happy Tuesday friends..
I have some fantastical news... I'm going to be a grandma!! :)
Our oldest daughter Amanda is 12 weeks pregnant, and we are going to move her in (again.. haha) this weekend. Hopefully, she takes this chance at a fresh start seriously this go round.. not only herself she needs to be thinking about, but her unborn child too.
Good thoughts associated with this new change is appreciated. :)

On to more fun news, Some Odd Girl has a new digital release today, actually two, but I only worked with one of them.. 

She is tooo cute!!!
I colored her to how I normally look, which is paint pretty much everywhere.. in my hair, on my nose and cheeks.. and definitely on my shirt!
Hair - Y23, YR23, E35, E39
Skin - E00, E02, E11, E13, R20, R21
Toolbelt/paintbrushes - E74, E77, E00, E02, E04 (toolbelt) Y19, Y38, E30, E33, RV21, RV23, RV25, Y02, Y08, B00, B01, B02 (paintbrushes)
Shoes - T3, T4, T5
Shirts - T3, T4, T5, V20, V22, V25
Pants - BV23, BV25, BV29
Eyes - YG25, YG63

Pattern Paper is Glitz Uncharted Waters
Bling - My Minds Eye
Ranger Ink
Copic Opaque White
I believe the ribbon is Maya Road

Go check out the Some Odd Girl Blog to see the new Clear Stamp releases this week!!
and go over to the NING site to get your entry in for ODD IDOL!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

One of a kind

Happy Friday blog peeps!
It's weird, this week has flown by so quickly it kind of feels like Wednesday to me... sure don't know where I lost a couple of days, but I would like them back please. ;)

Today, I'm up on the Clear Scraps Blog showing off this gorgeous album. I made it for Katelyn in memory of Hamburger.
It's a Mixable album.. it has three acrylic pages and two chipboard pages.. and it is holding a ton of pictures, which I love!

On all the acrylic pages I spray painted glitter on the backsides, then adhered pattern paper.

 To see all the album pages, visit the blog post here at Clear Scraps.
There are some fun interactive pages, go leave me some love. :)

Oh.. and if you are totally into having a chance at winning over $500 in craft goodies, I suggest you go check out Some Odd Girl's ODD IDOL competition HERE.

Have a blessed, safe, HAPPY weekend my friends.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Parade

Good morning friends!!
Time to break out some more cuteness with Some Odd Girl... it's Tuesday, and you know what that means.. a new digital release!!

I liked them a lot before I colored them.. but I can definitely say I fell for these cuties HARD after I colored them.... total cuteness overload!

Colored with Copic Markers
Hedgie - E13, E15, E17, E19 (prickly fur) E30, E33, E34, R21 (body)
Ducky - Y15, Y18, Y19, Y38 (body) YR15, YR16, YR18 (beak/feet)
Bunny/Clover - R21, C00, C1, C3, C5, 0 (bunny) YG21, YG23, YG25, YG09 (clover)
Pattern Paper - Glitz (Hello Friend), Amy Tangerine Stamp, Ranger Distress Ink

Go grab this cutie up for yourself in the store and check out the Some Odd World ning site for more cuteness and fun! Don't forget to check out the SOG Blog for sneak peeks of upcoming stamps for the next 3 months!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Friday with Silver

Happy Friday everyone!!
Since I stepped down from Tiddly Inks I never got to show my card for Throwback Thursday.  It's a super cute one called Silver, I'm Sorry.

I colored this little honey up a couple months back, and have been waiting and waiting to share it.... but now I can't find my coloring list of the copic markers I used Or the paper.. but If I had to guess I'm thinking MME... I have a lot of those 6x6 paper pads.

I absolutely love this little guy from Tiddly Inks!!
Go add him to your wish list.. he's definitely a keeper!!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feathered and Fuzzy!!

Good morning, friends!
I don't know if you caught Kristy's blog post on Friday from SOG, but she is changing up how often she offers digital files. Digital files can be in the form of a cutting file OR a digital stamp. Exciting, right? And the best part, is that this will be a weekly occurrence!

This week leads us to two new releases, and I couldn't say NO to either one.
ONE of them is on the Some Odd Girl blog HERE.. and the other, I will share right here.

Isn't he a total sweetie?
I colored him up using my trusty copics.
Beak - YR15, YR16, YR18, RV21, 23, 25
Body - Y15, Y18, Y19, Y38
Hat/Boots - YG09, YG23, YG25

I used embellies from Maggie Holmes, Crate; Glitz, Love You Madly Whatnots; dewdrops; October Afternoon alphabet, and twine from the twinery!

I would love if you checked out the other new release (it's sooooo cute!!) on the SOG Blog!!  Have a great day my friends!!
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Sooooo excited!!

We've had a lot going on over the last week, so much I forgot to tell you what hubs got me for our eleventh wedding anniversary! I'm super excited.
He bought me three years of web hosting!!

Thank you, love!

Now I get to figure out how to design a wordpress website. FUN!!
If you have any pointers for me, I would love to hear them. :) :) :) :) :)

Some Odd World (our Some Odd Girl ning site) has fabulous new challenges every week... this week is all about the critters of Some Odd Girl!
Check out the challenge here.

AND.. this is HUGE
Keep your eyes peeled on the SOG Ning site come April 19th for ALL the deets!!

I feel like I need a nap, and when I wake up I'm sure we'll be playing some marbles tonight.  We've been playing all week and it's been so much fun.  Our Spring Break is almost over. *sad face*

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Remembering Hamburger

This is not a crafty post.. it's one that is photo heavy.
We brought Hamburger home to us when he was just six weeks old.

He was an early birthday present for our sweet six year old, Katelyn. When we brought him home, he looked like he was a SHE... so his original name given to him by Katelyn, was Butterfly. :) 

About a week goes by and we notice SHE is not a SHE.. but a HE.. lol
So, we told Katelyn she needed to come up with a new name for him...
she blurts out.. Hamburger!
I raise my eyebrows and said, Are you sure?? That's an odd name for a kitty... she said YEP!
So his official name was Hamburger Patty Crowe :)

He was always so tolerant of Katelyn's rough handling of him as she learned how to take care of him properly. Never scratched or bit her..

when we moved into our first house (we're still here.. lol) he rushed out the door one day not long after moving in and became an indoor/outdoor cat.  There was always a worry when he took off for hours... would he make it home ok?
Would he be hit? Will animal control pick him up? So many worries... but keeping him in was no longer an option.. he would keep sneaking out when a door opened, so we finally gave up trying to keep him inside.

With the new freedom of roaming the neighborhood, he also took to waiting at the bus stop with Katelyn each morning. I always thought that was the sweetest thing.

He even waited at the bus stop with Samantha & Cameron when they started school.

He would let us dress him up in ridiculous clothes... 
Put him in things like purses, back packs, riding toys outside... 

he was very tolerant. :)
He would bring treats to Katelyn in the summertime in the forms of birds and mice on the driveways near the house... she never liked having to clean the presents up.. haha

He also thought he was King of the Hill around the neighborhood.. which means he came home with his fair share of booboo's over the years.

He was the perfect cat.
Yes, he scratched and kneaded his claws in on our brand new couch 3 years ago.. broke it right in.. could not get him to stop clawing it... in his defense, we believed the salesman when he said a cat's claws could not penetrate the leather.. we're we dumb or what? I think Hamburger took that as a challenge... until we buy new,  I now feel pretty blessed to see his presence in that way in our home now.
This was at Easter two years ago.. we had an egg hunt outside and he was meowing at the screen like, Hey you left me inside, I want ooooutttt! ;)

He would sleep anywhere.. on top of the couch, in the kids closets, under my bed (which was a no-no, hubs is mildly allergic,) car seats, and his most favorite spot.. his mama's lap.
We're going to miss him so much.

and the last pic is a picture of our furry angels that used to be the best of buds..
Hamburger, Weiner, Domino

Watch this blog.. I'll have a giveaway posted in the next week.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ain't no foolin'!

Good mid morning friends!!
Happy April 1st also known as April Fools Day!

Are you a prankster? Do you know a prankster who fooled got you today?
Fortunately, my kids like trying to prank me, but not in great big ways yet... phew!

I did oversleep by a couple of hours this morning, and in just a few minutes have to rush off to a doctors appointment with my youngest. Before I left, I wanted to share some NEWS.. I have sensationally good and sad news to share today.

The sensationally great news is..
I am on the Some Odd Girl DT for my third term!! YAYZ!!
Which means I have a sketch to share with you.. :)
Isn't it awesome?
Here is my take on it.

I used Smell the Flowers Tia and mostly stuck with the sketch.
The reveal of some of the team is up today.. go check out the new oddies!

My other fabulous good news... working with Creating Made Easy April kit.. my
Easter Album is being featured this month! Which means with every kit will come with instructions on how to create your very own Easter album.. step by step just like mine.

Here's a look at the packed April kit from Creating Made Easy kit club.

 This kit is packed to the gills and I had a blast working with it... as will you! 

now.. on to some sad news I have been holding on to...

Yesterday marked my last day as a Tinker at Tiddly Inks.  With spring and summer coming up, my time was being divided just a bit too much, so I opted to step down. I will miss working with those ladies so very much, but it's been one heck of a ride.... and this month would have marked being with Christy at Tiddly Inks one year... I consider myself very blessed to have worked with such an amazing team and designer!

and the reason for my silence on the blog over the last several days is because we lost another of our furry family members friday night, Hamburger.

Hamburger was my daughter Katelyn's sweet boy. He was 11 years old. We don't know what happened to him, but this loss is hitting me hard. Not only do I grieve the loss of having this gorgeous man around, I grieve the loss Katelyn is feeling so heavily... sometimes I wish I could take the pain for her.. needless to say, it has made celebrating Doug and I's 11th wedding anniversary and Easter that much harder this year. Sigh.

I don't mean to be a downer.. but I had a lot of news to share... and you guys know I share a lot of my family life here too.... tomorrow I will be sharing more about Hamburger.. lots of gorgeous pics of him.  

Thanks to my blog friends who take the time to stop by and leave me love, it's all very much appreciated, and as time allows, I want to get better at doing that myself.
With love,

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