Thursday, January 31, 2008

even OF's can hurt your feelings...

OF's would be online friends...

So, you can't always be the most popular.. and you can't be friends with people who don't want to be friends with YOU.. but it still hurts.. even if you're not vested in them real deep like. And you know this because you've made friends with them twice and they keep deleting you from their friends list.. sigh.

On to non hurt feeling news... for those that are signing up over @ Coordinates Collections, voting starts February 5th.. (I think) so until then... I don't even know how that will work :) You ladies mean so much to me, you know who you are!! *mwah*

I've been scrapping and damn it feels great!!
I can't wait until this weekend... movies with the fam on the couch, and scrapping in between.
I think a call in for Chinese & Pizza are in order this weekend too.

Here's one from yesterday & this morning.I Love Me

Christmas '07
Gotta love that glimmer mist.. ok.. well I do ;)


  1. MAN!! I love you, baby!! I consider you MORE than just an OF.

  2. Oooo....I hadn't seen the Christmas one yet...I LOVE it!!

    Okay, who are these haters, and where can I find them so I can kick their virtual tushes?!!! Big, squishey hugs from me, and YOU are an AWESOME FRIEND!!!

    Well, that settles it. I'm calling you today.

  3. well I am soo sick of you talking about glimmer mist i feel like i am being left out!i SOO need to get me some!i don't even know what to do with it! LOL

    love your 2 layouts and girly you know I LOVE YOU!and for the haters well let me just say i am giving them the so not "nice"finger!who wouldn't like you???you are a great friend I wish we lived closer so we can hang out i think we wouldhave a blast!!and you don't need people like that in your life you are too good for them!they have some BALLS to take you off your "friend" list!whatever, if i ever come across any Leah "haters" i will kick there a$$ preggo or not!!(((hugs))) xoxoxooxoxo!

  4. Okay, let me just say, the friends list doesn't carry the same meaning for everyone, so don't take it too hard. I bet the person you are talking about likes you just the same as always. I know, for example that being on my friends list means you asked. That's it. So really there could be some ax murderers on there and I'll never know!

    But I do want you to know that I think you are fab and I count you as real OF, not just someones name on a list.

    Got it chicky! I mean I even gave you your own nickname (not that you lvoe it, but still!)

  5. i won't ask since i get the feeling you want to leave it at that and i don't want to be considered "gossipy" but know that you are loved! hope you have a great day!

  6. awww my little leah!!!!
    I love you with all my hear , you are more than an online friend , even thoughw e havent met or talked in real life , but you inspire me soo much with your kindness and your trully amazing work and gotta love your mini books ! Just yesterday I was on here and over at tally showing my mommy all my wonderful friends and their amazing work , dont let NO ONE get you down , cause YOU are the BEST!!

  7. Sorry you are feeling hurt Leah. There are plenty of people that love you.

  8. Well...I'm sorry...but you're stuck on my friends list! Big hugs to you!!

  9. Love you Leah!!!! (((HUGS)))


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