Monday, January 7, 2008

Just chillin with my nerves

Nervous about doing this route on my own come Wednesday.
I've been driving it every day since I started. I did take Sunday off so I could just relax and catch back up on some sleep. Why do we say, catch back up? It's not like you can get that time back, yanno? I caught 2.5 hours before the route this morning. After the route mom came home with me and I made pancakes. We ate with the kids, drank coffee, and eventually combined both her route lists in word. I would have preferred excel, but she doesn't know how to use that, and doesn't want to learn! lol That took two hours between child interruptions.

I made lunch and crashed out for two hours. I feel so BLAH since taking over and learning this route. I have no energy. Hopefully this is just a weaning period and I'll feel better in a week or so. At least I'm still on my game for photo a day. YAY!

*Day 6*
366 days *day 6*

*Day 7*
366 days *day 7*

OHHHH so excited. I bought two books from Amazon and I got them in the mail today... dude free shipping and I thought they wouldn't even ship them out until the 19th! I bought Journal Revolution by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino. Looks like it's going to be fabulous! Lots of techniques in this one. Also, doodling for paper crafters by Maelynn Cheung. Hopefully I learn lots of doodling tips in this one that I can carry over to my pages.

aha.. just the boost of laughter I needed. Katelyn came running over to me just now, holding Samantha's hand, and said, "Sam, tell mommy what you just called me!" I look to Sam, and said, "What did you call sissy?" Under her breath, she whispers, "Penis head!" *snicker*
Lovely.. my 2.5 year old is calling her sister penis head. That's what we get for teaching our children the right names of their anatomy. They use it as a verbal weapon to unleash monstrous proportions of name calling and tattletaling.


  1. *snort* penis head... I love it!! That's what I call my hubby!! lol

  2. good luck with the route!! and hey...I have 2 layouts in that doodling for's an awesome book!!! I need to get that journaling one too....

  3. I hope you're able to find some balance in your schedule. And, I'm happy to see you're still taking your photos each day. That should make you feel good that you're able to maintain some sort of creative outlet. Have a good day today.

  4. Hey Leah....I've got one in the doodling book too! I loved looking through all the inspiration in there!


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