Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year World!!
Yeah, we were slackers last night. Made it up until about 11:15 and went to bed. I could have made myself stay awake, but I didn't want to. I just really pray this year is MUCHO better than last.... the whole last half of 2007 was uber good. If I could have erased APRIL of '07 I would. Period.

We always strive to do better though, and I feel it.. this is my year!! I'm going to acheive something this year. What I would really like to do is quite daunting on both counts.. - lose some weight - get published - becomes LESS of a procrastinator.

I think the first and last will be the hardest, as I've been mostly huge my entire adult life... and of course, I've procrastinated as long and far back as I can remember.. must be in the genes.. *snicker* Hmmmmmm these are not resolutions though.. we will nickname them oh8goalies.

So anyways, I need to hurry up and do this, my kids need to be fed... *LOL* We moved the littest two into their freshly painted room last night.

Still needed are the valances back (their purple and I'm using them) and I need to make some or buy some curtains... I think I may take Melissa's suggestion and find some stamps to play with in their room... but not today! They seem to like the setup!

Layout I created yesterday

and finished this one up the other day..

outies for now!
Hope you have a happy, healthy New Year!!


  1. ooooh, i feel a scraplift coming on! i love the title of the 1st one... so great and perfectly fitting!

    leah, i can't imagin you "huge" you sure don't seem huge to me! good luck, i too am going to really snap down this year and be a 14 by the end (i'm a 18 now)

  2. love it and what the heck happened last april? whatever it is you seem, well, pretty alright to me!

  3. Happy New Year Leah!!!!you all did a great job painting the room really love the color again..love both of the layouts defintely will be lifting your first layout title just too perfect!

  4. i'm right there with you on the procratintor thing! happy new yeah leah!!!!


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