Saturday, January 5, 2008

bummer disqualification

Well, missed yesterday. I just could not pull myself together long enough to sit here @ my desk and work on anything scrappy. I did manage to eek out a card for my mom before we left for her house. 53 years old yesterday.
Jan 4
I have managed to stick to my photo a day.. just not the layout a day. Picking up the camera and editing is much quicker than making a layout!
366 days *Day 5*
Feeling totally tired and a bit gloomy. Finally feeling a bit nervous about what my mom is going to find out on Tuesday. Hoping my stepdad jumps up and actually tries learning this route of moms. Praying. Kinda hoping Saturday could start over again tomorrow when the sun rises! ;)


  1. great card, love the mix of music! you'll get back on track, i've yet to make my lo for today!

  2. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if there's NO ONE left to claim the grand prize! Unless they just upload an old LO when they get in a bind, or scrap 30 in one day...because not only do you have to SCRAP the page, but you have to remember to UPLOAD the page! That's been my downfall...I'm outie! Oh well...I'm still doing the challenge. :)

    I'm SO with you on the paper route thing! I hope your step dad will decide to do it...I have a friend whose DH is absolutely helpless...he's accidentally set the kitchen on fire, then gone to get her because he didn't know what to do! I could NOT deal with a mate that...incompetent. Ugh.

    Anyway, sorry to post a novel in you comment box! Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you!!

  3. cheer up buttercup. i love you. hope everything goes ok with your mom <3

  4. Best of luck to your mom,take it easy,bug hugs,Rosa.

  5. I absolutely love your photo. What a great idea. And, although you may not have gotten a layout done, the card is great. I love the colors on it.

    I hope your week goes well and the news for your mom is positive.

  6. Love that pic. Happy Monday.


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