Wednesday, January 2, 2008

get a LOAD of this

Doug went back to work today, (he only had to work 1/2 day on NYE) and Katelyn is back to school. I was a bit sad to see her head back... I think she was ready ;)

Big Picture Scrapbooking has Lain E offering a free class. It's really just about figuring out how to make use of your time. This challenge is to do a layout a day for the month of January. I hope i'm up to the task! so far I'm 2/2!

Here's day 1 & 2

*remember the love*

*nature's beauty*

Also, I joined in a challenge over @ SGK. We've decided to take a picture a day for the month of January. I've taken mine, but haven't pulled them off the camera yet. I need to set up some 2008 folders on my server for layouts & folders.
I hope this year doesn't pass as quickly as last did...


  1. those are so cute! School for the little kids here dont start back till tomorrow, and then I start back on the 14.. so not ready! Glad you decided to do the scrap a page thing , I was going to do that and then ...thought naa wouldnt be able to keep up! lol

  2. beautiful pages - I especially love the nature's beauty lo!

  3. beautiful LO's Lisa!love the colors in the nature's Beauty!i a 4/4 woo hoo that is more than i did in December!!


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