Friday, January 25, 2008

My 2008 Calendar!

Completed this the other day. I'm so happy to have it completed and hung on the wall. I used some papers from my stash, and the January 2008 Tallyscrapper kit.
Here's the cover.. and a lil mosaic. It's out of order, starting with December first, and ending in January. Still need to figure out how that flickr works.
Calendar 2008 - cover

1. Calendar 2008 - Dec, 2. Calendar 2008 - Nov, 3. Calendar 2008 - Oct, 4. Calendar 2008 - Sept, 5. Calendar 2008 - August, 6. Calendar 2008 - July, 7. Calendar 2008 - June, 8. Calendar 2008 - May, 9. Calendar 2008 - April, 10. Calendar 2008 - march, 11. Calendar 2008 - Feb, 12. Calendar 2008 - Jan

And I've been doing a lot of surfing the web the last couple of days. Nada much going on here.
The drama is flipping over.. thank goodness it won't be another repeat of April of last year. So thankful.
Hope my tallyfriends who are sick, get well soon.
Happy Friday!


  1. beautiful--just stunning!

  2. love your calendar!!and love this song makes me wanna shake it!!!

  3. stunning calendar! great job!

  4. your calendar is rockin' and so are you!


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