Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WOOHOO got one!

I figure since MFM went outta business I could still get a kit fix through Tallyscrapper. Maybe I should have discussed this with you first, Doug? teehee I swear, I'm doing laundry as I type! *wink*
You have to see it though.. yay!! I got one.. *dancy dance*

Oh.. called my mom. She actually answered her phone. Thought I may be off the hook from talking to her for the next week, but she surprised me! She was happy to talk to me, and thanked me for training stepdad on the route. She was shocked he was doing pretty well at it, and even complimented him a few times. He still doesn't "know" the route, but he is remembering a few things. Thankful that even though I can't stand some of my moms ways, we're all good. And that's important too.
Check out Samantha gabbing on the phone this morning with her.
*day 15*
I thought it was hilarious. Drink up to mouth taking sips in between chattering away to Grandma.


  1. Glad everything is cool between you and your Mom!Glad you don't have to do the newspaper route!you are a better daughter than I!!!I was checking out the TS kit looks super yummY!would love to get it but i have to USE all the UNUSED kits i have sitting on myself before I even buy another kit!very HARD to do!oh and check out my blog i posted a picture of my big ole self ;)

  2. so happy things between you and your mom are working out. so sad when things like this happen and I can TOTALLY relate, my dad and I didn't speak for 2.5 YEARS! yikes!!

    I love TALLYSCRAPPER they have awesome kits!

  3. oh so glad that has worked out!!! now you have time to scrap MORE!!! yaha!

  4. I'm glad everything seems to be working out with your mom. As much as mine drive me NUTS, I'd rather have that than not have her. Oh, and about that kit....I thought you WON that one??!

  5. Hey Leah!
    Just letting you know our first comp is up over at www.masculine-scrapbooking.blogspot.com
    Hope to see your work!!


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