Wednesday, January 30, 2008

crap.. bad blogger, bad!!!

I've been doing a LOT of cleaning. I know Doug appreciates coming home and seeing I haven't let the kids completely trash the house. (he won't be so appreciative tonight.. I've been scrappin'! HA! lol) ALL my laundry is caught up. cha ching. I'm ready for the weekend!!!

I entered into a contest over @ Coordinates Collections called Scrapping with the Stars. I'm new to that message board, but the ladies over there seem very friendly. The contest is a neat one. Each week, you have to scrap in the Style of two Stars. You have a week to create both layouts, and get them uploaded, then your work is voted on. This week our Stars were Ali E & Mahlin from their message board. I had the hardest time with Ali's style.. oy!

You knew there was going to be some beggin' didn't cha? ;)
No.. not begging. But if you would feel so inclined, as to register on the message board as new member before Feb 4th.. then you could vote in the competition! I'd Love you voting for me, but if you don't feel my work is the best.. then I really would want you voting for the scrapper of your choice.

I'll be able to share my work on Tues. the 5th. which I think is when voting begins...

W00T! Guess who is having another cyber crop this weekend?
They have THE best challenges and prizes. Love it there.
Check them out this weekend!

Who you rooting for in the Super Bowl this year?
Doug chose the Giants, which is fine by me.. I wanted to root for the Patriots anyways.
Katelyn said she was taking my side.. GOOO PATS!!


  1. Ok, all an avvy and everything! :)
    Uh, I still haven't figured out how or where to vote, but gimme a minute, lol!

  2. good luck Leah!glad to see you back to updating your BLOG I was missin' ya!


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