Friday, January 18, 2008

Snow blast

We got snow Thursday.. about 5-6 inches here in the country. The kids had a great time. Samantha's boots were too big for her. Twice one of them came off, so we switched over to her cowgirl boots and they worked fine.. just not good for the fake suede finish. It's Friday and we're still waiting on the plow to hit our street. I need to go to wal-mart and get the kids some mittens. I'm tired of putting socks on their hands, and I'm sure they will be warmer for it. Cameron needs boots and mittens, and another sled would be nice as well.

Here's a clip of them hitting the snow yesterday morning. Make sure to turn off the music in the side bar first so you can hear the vid.

I'm going to be putting more photos on my flickr account, you can see them here.

I created a layout the other day based on some turmoil in my heart. This time though, the scrapping was therapuetic. For the most part, I let the negative go, and am scared of my future. I had seen a layout similar posted online a few months back, and when I needed to scrap it, the design stuck with me. I wish I knew who to credit for the idea, thanks to whomever you are!

Hate in my  heart

Time to get off here and switch the laundry.. wish me luck with the laundry - and the unknown future.


  1. WOW! Leah your photos from the snow day are PHENOMENAL! I can't wait to see you turn them into scrapbook pages. SOOOOOo beautiful!

  2. gosh you guys got so much snow!!! love the video...they're too..cute!!

  3. Im so jealous of all your snow! We havent had a good dumping all year

  4. big hugs Leah, I think it's that time of year, I've had lots of things weighing on me as well, things I've had to let go, I need sunshine.

    awesome video!


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