Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm officially off the route now. Thank God my mom is a spoilt brat and I can sleep in til 6am now. To make a long story short why I took myself off the route so quick is this. Saturday morning we were short 1 paper. You can get those delivered to the customer if you call a phone #. Well, stepdad calls her to call it in to the paper. She says, "I'm not doing it. Y'all have the #'s figure it out!" and hung up. Yep. I wasn't happy. I didn't figure it out, and would have refused if asked by stepdad. and that's it. Told stepdad I will help him one more day on Sunday, that I don't want mom lifting papers on Sunday, and then I'm through. Guess who still hasn't called me yet? Oh well. I'm good.

Can you see me sticking my tongue out?? teehee

I have some NEWS!!
and I can't share til the 1st.
and it has something to do with my first post of the new year... it's in there somewhere *lol*

see my sexy thang?
This layout has some glimmer mist on it.. got it from Tally.. oolalala it's awesome!


  1. *hugs* I'm sure it was hard for you to put your foot down...but You don't need to allow yourself to be taken advantage've got your hands full already!! And a Woot Woot is in order....YOU GOT PUBBED??? not surprising to me at ROCK!! so...who, what, when....details missy!!!

  2. yes, details woman! glad you stopped the route but here's my question..did you tell your mom why, so that she can either see how she took advantage of you and so she could see how she hurt her daughter? otherwise it could happen again! Just wondering. Congrats on the pub! not surprised!

  3. another thinking pubbed as well!! W00t! Can't wait for details! glad you stood up for yourself! WTG woman!

  4. I can't confirm or deny the guesses ;)
    I knwo stepdad told mom why I quit... aunt called to eek some info out of me as well, and I know that was passed along to her. Probably not the best way to handle it.. but usually when mom and I are pissed at each other, she refuses to answer my phone calls. LOL


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