Friday, January 4, 2008

I need to scrap

2.5 hours of sleep last night
4 hours of route work this morning
lying about the house with the kids today
needing to shower
and to do laundry
and not one thing done..eeks! and I really
want to stay eligible for the grand prize over at BPS.
Maybe I can squeak in a 6x12 real quick.


  1. Come on girl you can rock out a layout for the BPS class!!sorry about the no sleep thing I hate when i get no sleep!!take a shower than do a layout it will refresh you a bit and make you smell good :)

  2. Well my dear your life sounds sooooo familiar LOL best of luck,Hugs, Rosa.

  3. Wow! Leah you've realy had it rough. Sorry I wasn't able to help you. Just vent with me anytime. I understand where you're coming from. Penis Head? Hummmm.... funny.


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